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Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
My sleep is not always great, so I occasionally try out new supplements to increase the length and depth of my sleep. I've been reading about people using Glycine, Gaba, Magnesium and Melatonin to improve their sleep. I also came across some posts outlining that Glycine could improve airway patency, thereby reducing Apnea events. Personally, I don't believe it, but I am attaching the results of my experiment. Apart from having zero Apnea events, the SPO2 levels were spectacular for me, they were stable, with only one slight dip below 90%. The other thing to note is that my leak rate was good for me, given the number of masks I tried. I did tighten a strap at one point, as I was imagining air on my face, but I don't see any evidence of this change. The low leak rate could also be a factor in my results, but MyAir still had the Smiley Face when my AHI were 8. I did wake up a couple of times and had to force myself back to sleep, but my Fitbit said I had a good night. LIAR!  Wink

Don't try this at home kiddies, YMMV.

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RE: Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
I'm curious... Were you taking all 4 of those supplements or just Glycine?
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RE: Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
Sleepy Willy,

For the past month I've been taking 400mg magnesium glycinate daily, but I haven't noticed any change in my sleep or AHI results. I started taking it because I have become plagued with night time muscle cramps, mostly in my hands, calves and ankles. I still have an occasional muscle cramp, maybe once a week, but before the magnesium glycinate I would have one two or three times every night. And when I do have a muscle cramp I am now able to get the muscle to settle down in just a few minutes, where it would previously take up to an hour.

According to what I found on the net magnesium glycinate is the form that is most readily absorbed. For decades I have taken a daily mega-multi vitamin and mineral, but it provides only 75mg, which is about 18% of the recommended daily dose. That worries me a bit, because when an over-the-counter vitamin pill is low in something it usually means that higher doses may be harmful for some people, so they cut the amount way down to be safe. I searched all over for some contraindications for magnesium, but found nothing. So far I haven't noticed anything evil, but I wonder if I'm setting myself up for some organ failure a few years from now.

In the past I've tried gabapentin and/or melatonin to help with occasional difficulties falling asleep and multiple awakenings, but neither had any effect. Yet many others swear by them, so it's just one of those individual differences. These darn human bodies are so variable!
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RE: Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
Given that I would gladly take something natural rather than another prescription from the doctor, I have tried several supplements; some with no results or bad results, others have produced good results. Being neither a doctor nor an expert, take the following for what it is worth.

I used to take melatonin to help with sleep, but found that I required more and more of it to get to sleep. One day, getting tired of being in a constant fog, I did a bit more research and found that melatonin is a hormone. Apparently, the brain and body require only 0.25mg of melatonin for sleep. Taking a 3mg supplement is 12 times that amount and I was taking a 10mg supplement. More is not always better and when the body’s natural process is obviated, the body will quit doing what it is supposed to do. I quit the melatonin supplement and in short order the fog from excess melatonin lifted and at some point my brain and body quit being lazy and started regulating it’s own melatonin again.

Tart Cherry
Reportedly, some people benefited from better sleep by taking tart cherry. I started taking it in capsule form and realized some modicum of benefit.

Magnesium Glycinate
Just as mentioned previously by JJJ, I experienced some cramping at night (e.g., hands, feet, calves) that would disturb my sleep. I figured this was likely due to insufficient electrolytes because I drink water all day long.  After a bit of research, I purchase some unflavored electrolyte packets that contain sodium, potassium, and magnesium; I find the flavored ones cloyingly sweet and don’t want any extra ingredients.  I mix several packets into a gallon of water and place it in the fridge. I have found this beneficial and have no recent recall of sleep disturbance due to cramps.

Further research on magnesium lead me to believe that Magtein (Magnesium L-Threonate) may help me in the middle of the day and Magnesium Glycinate may help me sleep.  Both have proven to be helpful.  I take the Magnesium Glycinate about an hour before bed and it has helped me relax and get to sleep.

After reading about Glycine, I ordered some in powdered form.  The first time I used it (a level 3/4 teaspoon), I discovered it was cloyingly sweet, but it did help me get to sleep.

As of late, I have developed somewhat of an evening regimen:

  1. Abstain from eating for a least several hours before bedtime.
  2. Ensure that drink some of the electrolyte water regardless of having consumed some during the day.
  3. About an hour before I intend to go to sleep, I make some chamomile tea and sweeten it with the Glycine, and I usually stir in the contents of a Tart Cherry capsule and a Ceylon Cinnamon capsule (I usually have Ceylon Cinnamon powder, but ran out).  
  4. Take the Magnesium Glycinate and my sleep meds with the tea and in due time I lay down and go to sleep.
Over the last couple of weeks, with the help of other posts from this forum, I’ve made some adjustments to my APAP that have been very beneficial.  That coupled with some dietary changes and the evening regimen described above, has had a very positive effect on my sleep, which has had a very positive effect on how I am when I am awake; I am now awake and wanting to participate in life again and I’ve been able to abstain from the heavy-hitting sleep aid that the doctor prescribed for those nights when I couldn’t sleep, which was practically every night.  I used to go to sleep and my brain would decide after about 2 hours that I was done and I would be up most of the night until I could fall asleep again.  That hasn’t happened in the last two weeks and I’ve shed 20 pounds.

Many thanks to all of you!
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RE: Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea

I think the Glycine and Gaba help, but I cut back on the Gaba as it was leaving me drowsy the following day. I not sure the Melatonin does much for me, as your body develops a tolerance pretty quickly.

My AHI have been all over the map, 0 one day and 8 a couple of days ago. The mask has been bothering me again lately, so I'm not sure what's up with that 

I'm waiting for them to score my baseline sleep study, so I can book the titration study
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RE: Amino Acids and Sleep Apnea
I think we're pretty much on the same page, except that I'm taking Gaba and the occasional antihistamine.

I need to stop sleeping in and normalize my sleep schedule to see if that helps.
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