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Another 95 Percent Pressure Question
I hope one of you experts can explain some of this to me below. I might add I finally tried Remzzz after 3 years and my hours per night has increased.
I am not sure about the AHI and especially the 95 percent pressure part. I am guessing my pressure, or the pressure my machine putting out, is higher than average users?
Any general comments about these numbers will be appreciated. Thanks. Jeff.

CPAP Statistics as of Saturday, February 23, 2013
463 days of CPAP Data, between 11/12/2011 and 2/23/2013
Details Most Recent Last 7 Days Last 30 Days Last 6 months Last Year
AHI 5.62 5.00 4.25 3.96 3.59
Hours per Night 06:13 06:22 06:31 05:43 05:57
Average Pressure 15.96 16.26 15.39 3.05 1.13
95% Pressure 19.54 19.66 19.64 19.64 19.64
Average Leaks 0.00 1.15 0.45 0.09 0.03
95% Leaks 0.00 84.00 82.80 66.00 60.00
To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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Hi Airstream,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I don't know the answer to your question but hang in there and someone will be able to help you soon.
Best of luck to you.
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95% pressure and 95% leak means you were AT or BELOW that number for 95% of the time
AHI: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=AHI

I don,t use SH, someone who uses SH can chime in
zero 95% leak is excellent, other periods seem high but cannot be certain without one knowing median leak and see leak graph
S9 shows excess leak (unintentional leak). Acceptable leak 24 L/min shown below the red line in ResScan

Even at zero 95% leak, 95% pressure just the same above 19 as in high leak periods
Again without knowing median pressure and seeing detail data graphs, cannot be certain

Congrats. Keeping the mask on at 19 and above is not easy feat
Normally folk who need higher pressure on bilevel machines
Bilevel: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bilevel

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Zonk: What is "SH" you refer to?

So that 19 is a high pressure and I was below that 95 percent of the time? I averaged 15 though, right? I wasn't over 19 a lot?

You are right, I was on a BIPAP machine before the S9 and I think that was set even higher. I had to ask my doctor to lower it.

To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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(03-04-2013, 08:26 PM)Airstream Wrote: Zonk: What is "SH" you refer to?
Sorry. I type with two fingers , it take so long to type one sentence

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Ok Zonk. Thanks.
Have to sign off for tonight. Will check this post tomorrow evening.
To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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This may help with some of the alphabet soup that flies around.


And this is for forum acronyms/abbreviations
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Okay, I don't use Sleepyhead and I don't know the exact definitions of how it reports data. I'll do my best.

Average is fairly meaningless, 50 percentile is the point that half of the readings are above and half of the readings are below. Your machine gathers data on an interval, say every 5 seconds. you can have extreme readings that will skew the mathematical average, but not the percentiles.

So, 95 percentile means that 95 out of 100 of the readings fell within this limit. It is a fairly good value to use. Say your mask came off at night. That extreme reading will vary the average and maximum, but will have little effect on the 95 percentile. The 95 percentile is what I use for reference for how effective my treatment is.

Now, the time frame. We change over time. We gain weight, eat more or less, drink more or less, and other physiological changes. Seven days is a snapshot, 30 days is a picture, anything over that is just a trend. I'd focus on the 30 days portion of your data.

Now, that said, you AHI is good, and your pressure is about 19 cmH2O. That is not good or bad, it is your situation. Your leakage looks good. 6 hours sleep a night, I've been there (and less). Not good, but 6 hours with good xPAP beats 10 hrs without.

So, your numbers look good, not great, but show the therapy is being effective. Give us some more detail, or more questions. We'll do out best.
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(03-07-2013, 09:04 PM)jdireton Wrote: So, 95 percentile means that 95 out of 100 of the readings fell within this limit.
That one sentence made it clear to me. Thanks for explaining it.
I have downloaded ResScan and am going take a look at my data there this weekend.
One question: Would you agree my pressure setting is rather high, or should I say my machine is working hard because I think the S9 can't push more than 20 cm, right?
Thanks again for your explanation. /Jeff/

To err is human, but to really mess things up, you need a computer.
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20cmH2O is max pressure for regular APAP and CPAP machines. Other machines can go higher. Mid 19s is pretty high for 95% pressure, but some of us just need more pressure to keep the airway open. My 95% pressure runs about the same as yours.

I don't know what I'll do if my pressure needs get higher as I get older. I can't really lose any more weight - I'm just barely over the target weight on the BMI scale and I would just about have to lose muscle in order to lose weight. My neck isn't very large. I think my apnea is so bad because of jaw structure. I had a "deep bite" as a child and instead of trying to move the jaw forward like the Dentist wanted, the Orthodontist waited until I was a teenager and moved my bottom teeth forward. At the time he said that it was the best route because my jaw already looked normal from the outside. I still have my tonsils too, that might have something to do with it.

Anyway...mid 19s is high, but if you have more OAs and Hs at lower pressures, then that it what you need.

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