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Another camping question
Hi all,

I searched the forums last night as a guest and was unable to find a definitive answer about camping and my set up.

I joined so I could ask a specific question and hopefully become more informed.

My question is: I am going camping in a car in a few days to a tent site with no power. We will be camping for 6 days. I do not have the money for a battery or a marine battery or powerpack for my resmed unit.

What I do have is a Duracell 175w power strip inverter and a car battery through a cig lighter/power point. I will be able to start the car daily if the car battery lasts the night. So will my car battery last the night if I use my resmed with no humidifier?

How long should I run my car to recharge the cars battery? As I said before buying something else isn't in the cards so its either this or just not bring it with unless there is a third option I don't see.

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Hi hammerman15,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there and someone will be alongto answer your camping question.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy and, have a great time camping.
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If going to a remote area, you would be taking a big chance using your vehicle's starting battery.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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You make kill the car battery as they are not designed for that duty.
Does your inverter tun itself off when the battery is discharged to a certain point?
You might want to try this before you leave and at the very least take a jumper battery pack with you.
I use my PAP machine nightly and I feel great!
Updated: Philips Respironics System One (60 Series)
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At the very least you will need a 12 to 24 volt converter. This will be your link between your source (car battery or other 12 volt supply) and the plug in on the back of your Resmed, if it's an S9. More detail on Your machine may be useful here, is there a name beside the on-off switch?

If you've read other posts you should have seen the converter.
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Thanks for all the information. I have a Resmed S9. My inverter power strip has plug ins that will run the APAP. I still am not feeling like my question has been answered clearly tho. Will plugging in my Duracell inverter and then plugging my apap into it work and still allow me to start my car in the AM. Assuming 6 hrs of sleep.

Thanks muchSmile

Here is the specs on the inverter I have bought.

11-15 Vdc
AC output voltage 115 Vac
AC output power (peak) 175 Watts
USB output 5 Volts / 2.1 Amps
Protections DC under voltage, DC over voltage,
output overload, short circuit, DC input
reverse, over temperature

I have a 2014 GMC terrain with original battery.
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You are going to go:

12V Battery ---> Inverter to 120VAC ---> ResMed Power Brick to 24 VDC ---> APAP

You need to know the efficiency of the inverter, the efficiency of the Power Brick, the power consumption of the APAP at your pressure setting. You also need to know how deep can you discharge a starting battery before you risk a no-start condition.

Let's say the APAP pulls 1 Ampere at 24 VDC. That's 24 Watts. And, assume the power brick and inverter are both 75% efficient.
The power draw from the 12V battery will be =24W/(0.75x0.75)=48 Watts. At 12 Volts, that's a 4 Amp draw from the battery.
4A times 6 hours is 24 Amp-Hours of capacity drained from the battery. A car battery has about a 75 Amp-Hr capacity. You'll discharge 1/3 of the capacity. Lead-Acid starting batteries are not intended to be discharged that deeply. The discharge will sulphate the battery plates and reduce the capacity. That's why deep-cycle batteries are recommended for PAP backups.

You might get through day one or two with recharge during the day. The risk is getting stuck with a sulphated battery in the boonies that will not crank the engine.

Cranking currents approach 600 Amps peak during the first second of crank. A sulphated battery will fail to provide that high cranking current.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hmmmmm. Well I am going for 6 days. Shoot. Anyone have a really cheap alternative? I can get from walmart or target? We leave on Sunday 6/21.

Mongo- I finally understand that it will ruin the ability of the battery to even "hold" a charge if I just plug it into my inverter and let it run.

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Mongo gave you something to chew on but no one here can give you the answer you want to hear - if for no other reason we have no idea the health of your battery. Do you life in a hot climate that shortens battery life? Have you ever left the lights on until the battery was dead? See too many unknowns.
Cheap for you will be different from other people. Unfortunately your time frame makes it difficult to help you do some cheap and quick.
If you do the experiment I suggested and get some real world data perhaps we could advise you better. Is this a one time outing? If this is a regular activity you could invest in a travel cpap machine.
I use my PAP machine nightly and I feel great!
Updated: Philips Respironics System One (60 Series)
RemStar BiPAP Auto with Bi-FlexModel 760P -
Rise Time x3 Fixed Bi-Level EPAP 9.0 IPAP 11.5 (cmH2O)
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A 12V 18AH sealed lead battery is about $35. If your xPAP is 12V, and you have the 12V car adapter and mating plug for it, a clip to DC outlet cable and the battery are all you need. A common part number for this type of battery is UB12180 (12V18.0AH)... I saw a 35AH version for $85... but you don't need that much, but it would last longer.

You can run overnight on the $35 battery then recharge it with jumper cables while the engine idles along ... recharge will take 15 to 30 minutes on a healthy alternator.

I have a similar sized battery and it works quite well. The caveat is I paid more for my battery, and it is designed for deep cycle use. While the $35 battery is AGM, they are generally used for starting applications, but it'll probably last several camping trips used this way (think of it as a disposable multi-use battery). So if you have the DC cable to fit your xPAP, and can find the battery and the clip on DC outlet, you should be good to go. Just be sure to fully charge the battery before you leave home. You'd hate to wake up that first night to a new but dead battery.

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