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Any CPAP users that don't use humidifiers. To use or not?
You won't regret it Gabby. It surely makes CPAP use more comfortable, but less convenient, since you have to change water every day and wash the humidifier regularly Tongue

Regarding the original question, it's really a matter of preference and how your body reacts to the increased flow of air. I tend to get dry and stuffy nose and my room's low RH during winter months doesn't help at all. I just took a nap without my machine and humidifier and it was horrible!
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I took my machine without the humidifier to Brisbane for Christmas break. I slept at my house which was hot and I also spent couple of nights in a hotel room with the air con on with my missus and I must say that I really struggled without the humidifier. Came back to Sydney and use the humidifier which made the air more soothing if that make sense. Next time, I am traveling whether it is hot or cold. I am taking the humidifier with me.

Without it, feels as the pressure is full on even though I didn't change any pressure as it is automatically set at 6-14.
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Cheers Boar, that does help seeing as you tried it without the humidifier in practically exact same climate I will be in for good part of time. I've made the decision to go with it because of the excellent feedback I have been getting.
Sleep Tight...
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Well GreyParrot that is a change from the majority. Thanks for taking the time to tell me though that you don't use your humidifier. Maybe if mine hasn't arrived from the U.S. by the time I start using cpap machine I can find out what it's like without the humidifier and see how I go.
Sleep Tight...
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I use a humidifier set on the highest and still wake up with a dry mouth, so what it would be like without it, I don't know.
At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be 'What Is Hell?' Come early and listen to our choir practice.
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The humidifier is ubiquitous. Originally they were an afterthought, but now they are incorporated into virtually every CPAP machine. Here in the US insurance covers the humidifier as a necessary part of the CPAP machine, along with the hose and mask.
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(12-31-2013, 08:43 AM)Gabby Wrote:
(12-31-2013, 07:12 AM)Steve lowe Wrote:
(12-30-2013, 10:32 PM)Gabby Wrote: Welcom Steve, I feel privileged that I am the first person you have commented to.
I am a fairly new member and this Forum has been so welcoming and helpful, I am sure you will find it the same.
Thanks for your opinion on going without. This is all so new to me and I am thinking should I go one step at a time? Or just jump in boots and all!
Hello I am just realising that there is a cost/insurance issue I am in England so all this is free for us. If I had to pay for it then that puts a different spin on it. Could you "try before you buy"? Option. I would definitely try one first before you have to purchase it. If your insurance will pay for it, get one and if you font like it you could pass it on to a fellow apnea sufferer at a discount!
Thanks Steve, but I have decided to go ahead and buy one now. That is good that it is all free for you in England. I am able to get the cpap machine from the Govt., but have to buy the rest of the gear, but I consider myself very fortunate with that deal.
I was reading your post further up and feel bad for you hating your diagnosis so much.
If you have any concerns or questions make sure you ask the questions on the forum because everyone here is only too eager to put your mind at ease and give you the best possible advice. They have been absolutely great to me.
I am sure once you are used to everything, you will feel better. Do you mind me asking, are you quite young? You don't have to answer that. Also just wondering what your AHI was, if you cared to share?
I wish you all the very best for 2014.

Hi sorry for delay! Xmas and all that. I was 39 when I was diagnosed and before that I used to wake up with my head pounding like I had slept upside down and it was awful, I had no energy ANC was falling asleep all the time, it caused real friction at home as you get labeled lazy. My AHI was 48 but that was only cause my mask was not on properly it would have been higher. Like I said it really affected me and still does as I don't know if this forever now or not.
I think silly things like whist if my relation ship breaks down an I become single again and I meet someone and when we become intimate I have to day sorry I need to put my mask on now!!!! I feel so down about it I am embarrassed about it an hate my partner looking at me while I have it on. She says it doesn't bother her but I think it does and that affects my confidence as well. I feel worse when sometimes I take it off in the middle of the night and fall back asleep without it and wake up terrible with the headaches back and feel rough for a couple of days. Is this going to be forever???? Do people get better?? Hope your ok thanks for listening . Steve
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(01-02-2014, 08:58 PM)Cicero Wrote: I use a humidifier set on the highest and still wake up with a dry mouth, so what it would be like without it, I don't know.
Dry mouth is sign of mouth breathing, not related to humidity setting as such but for some people the higher setting would cause the nose to stuff-up (for others, the reverse is true) and that in turn can cause mouth breathing
Loss of therapy air through the mouth can result in ineffective therapy, chinstrap helps keep mouth closed when using nasal pillows mask or a full face mask worth consideration

[Image: mouth-leak-cycle-english.jpg]
The Mouth Leak Cycle http://www.resmed.com/au/clinicians/comp...nc=dealers

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(12-30-2013, 09:26 PM)Gabby Wrote: I am about to start using a Resmed S9 machine and I was told by a nurse at the sleep clinic and a lady on the telephone from a Sleep Disorders Group, that I didn't need a humidifier.
I don't know whether to get the Humidifer now and have it ready with the machine or give it a go first without and see how I go.
I notice the majority of people here all use humidifiers.
Are there any out there that get by without a humidifier? Would love to hear what you think, to humidify or not to humidify?

Hi Gabby
I too live on the Sunshine Coast and at the moment I dont use the humidifier. However when it cools down I will start using it again. Suggest you purchase it, then you can use it when you need too. Its too humid at the moment for the need of it.

As Zonk says, its what you get use to and now I am use to using Cpap without the humidifier.

Good luck
Happy sleeping
From Worthog in Brightwater (Mountain Creek)Oh-jeez
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(01-04-2014, 02:20 AM)worthog Wrote: As Zonk says, its what you get use to and now I am use to using Cpap without the humidifier.

Good luck
+1 I,m moving to Sunshine Coast
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