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Any Prepper CPAP users out there?
I figure that I need/want two weapons; 12ga open-choke 18" barrel shotgun with 500 rounds of 00 (heavy) | A .22 scoped Ruger semi-auto with 10 mags and 3 cases of ammo. Light, accurate head-shots and you can carry lots of ammo with less weight. Would love to suppress it somehow - but beyond my skills, and worry about the legal issue.

I added 20 boxes of slugs - just in case? Am thinking to add one pistol but just not sure which way to go?

Be sure to learn about these tiny flashlights that run on 9v batteries - very small, last forever, run times are amazing
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your Soul, the other for your Freedom."
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Thanks for the responses... I haven't had a chance to return to my own post and it hasn't shown up in the daily posts function.

In any case, a few words about "prepping" might be in order. There are as many different types of people who prepare ahead of time for natural, political, environmental, and social disasters as there are people alive in the world, but most prepare at different levels from "I've got a cell phone and a credit card, I'm good..." to "I have 4 wharehouses scattered around the nation, each full of supplies to last 100 years into the future..." Do a bit of gardening and can your produce for later in the year? You're already a prepper of sorts because you are working to be independent of the stores and to raise quality foods for yourself. Keep an extra 10 gallons of gas in the garage? Same deal. However, it generally takes a systematic view of stocking or preparing ahead of time to actually qualify one as a prepping type. Some folks just hoard stuff, but have no plan, and they often fail to USE what they have hoarded because that would violate some unwritten internal rule. Sounds weird, but I've seen it.

As to "how many rounds?" All I can say is to each his or her own. I cannot imagine living through whatever scenario that presented itself that would cause me to expend tens of thousands of rounds. It seems that having to fire that many rounds would almost automatically cause one to be dead eventually as no person could likely withstand the onslaught of a zombie horde of that level (and zombie is a term used for those who are akin to walking dead, i.e., they have no supply, no hope, no food, no nothing).

I'm more of the sustainable sort myself. I know how to do things, practice doing those things, live daily off the things we grow or gather, and I don't really horde much of anything. I'm the sort of guy that would walk into the woods with a pocket knife and come out a year later happy and the owner of a decent log home. I've lived off-grid multiple times in my life and know that I (we -- I'm married) can do it well.

Getting power supply to a CPAP is one of the challenges, however, and I'd like to continue CPAP therapy if possible. If not, like others have already said, my life expectancy would likely go down dramatically. I'm looking to solar and wind power to a battery bank for the short term and water power for longer term. With a decent creek and some "fall" in the land, I could see a smallish hydroelectric plant that could run my home as if the power were still on.

Let's continue the conversation!
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