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Any advice before my appointment?
Hey guys, new to the forum. Here's my story:

So I had a sleep study done about 8 or 9 years ago. Tried a cpap and I couldn't get used to it. I felt as though air was being forced through my nose as I was trying to exhale, making me feel like I was getting the wind knocked out of me(even though it was getting knocked IN to me). I could not adjust. So I went on a crash diet and lost 30 lbs real quick and stopped snoring and stopped apnea'ing(sp), from what I could tell.

The weight is back but I've done fine stomach sleeping. I got sick a couple months ago(swollen throat) and the apnea came back with a vengeance. Even though I'm well now, it has been kicking my butt no matter what position I sleep. I fell asleep in my bosses office as he was talking to me! I fall asleep standing up, while I'm texting, typing, on hold on the phone. It's insane.

Did a sleep study the other night, came back as a 107 AHI.

I'm in the process of being setup to get my cpap. I asked for a bpap considering my previous issues and they told me I would have to do another sleep study, showing them the cpap wouldn't work for them to move me to a cpap.

So, any advice before I go into my appointment to be "fitted"?

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Sounds like the choice of machines is being insurance driven? Maybe ask about paying the difference out of pocket, or ask your doc to modify the prescription. The supplier is only able to give you what was prescribed, at the best cost.
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First, make sure that you get a top-of-the-line machine. You want one that gives you ALL the data, not just some of it. These machines also allow you to have less pressure for breathing out - up to 3 cm less which very much improves the comfort.

My recommendation for machine is an S9 Auto, an Airsense Auto, a Respironics Auto (either the 560 series or the new DreamStation). I would insist on an auto machine even if you are not going to be using auto to start off with. The auto machines give the most data to perfect your therapy and they do have the option of cpap (straight pressure) or auto (multiple pressures). Since you will have this machine at least 5 years, you want what is going to be the most flexible, especially since therapy didn't work for you before.

I also recommend asking for a heated hose - the power supplies are different. If you later wanted a heated hose, you would have to pay out of pocket for that power supply.

Lots of info to read, but when you are dead tired, it's hard to go through it all.
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Hi jessamnda,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you much success on your second time around with CPAP therapy and good luck at your fitting.
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Hi jessamnda,

Another "Welcome to the Forum" . Mosquitobait has some very good advice about getting the best machine to start with. I have had 3 machines and 5 sleep studies before getting it right. Using an "Auto" and Data Capable machine will allow for more adjustment ability to help fine tune your therapy. You will want to read your data using Sleepyhead Software. Or, at least be able to post snippets of your results to get very helpful advice from this Forum. Getting the right mask is at least half the battle. If the first one isn't right keep trying.

Apnea Board Member RobySue has posted a Beginners Guide to Sleepyhead Software here:  http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...SleepyHead

Download Sleepyhead
Organize your Sleepyhead Charts
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hi jessamnda,
Welcome to Apnea Board,
All I can suggest right now is to educate yourself as to the newest machines available.
Don't let a DME or supplier give you what we call a "brick"...a machine that produces little or no data.
And defiinetly ask your doctor to write a prescription for a fully data capable APAP. Here is a link to guide you in
your decision.

Apnea Board Moderator

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Machine choices

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Best advice before picking up a machine:

"You never have more power than just before you take the machine." -- Mongo 2016

Translation: It's sort of like haggling when buying a car. You have to show them your willing to go elsewhere to get a machine.
An MD will have written a prescription. Get a paper copy of it and your sleep test (polysomnography) before you haggle over machines.

Oh, and stop eating the clam chowder at the Crab Cooker... that will put weight on you. Cool

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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I second (or third) the idea of requesting a machine that has full data capabilities and 'Auto'. There is an enormous amount of helpful information stored every night on those type of machines. The Auto machines can always be programmed (sometimes remotely) as a standard CPAP, but not vice-versa. I also recommend that you get the humidifier option unless you live where it is extremely humid, year-round. Turning the heat on in the winter drops the indoor humidity to desert levels and the machines are blowing a lot (excess amounts) of this dry air directly into the mask (and maybe out the mask vents in some cases).
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Thanks for all the replies!

I mis-typed in my original post, it should have read:

I'm in the process of being setup to get my cpap. I asked for a bpap considering my previous issues and they told me I would have to do another sleep study, showing them the cpap wouldn't work for them to move me to a bpap.

I have a feeling they'll try to dump a "brick" on me first round so I'll be sure to negotiate.

I'm really hoping this works out, they basically said if the cpap doesn't work that the wait for a sleep study to move on to a bpap is several months wait. Maybe they'll have something like Mosquitobait mentioned that eases up the pressure on exhale.

I'm pretty stressed and feeling a bit rushed. What prompted this was my wife recording me sleeping, freaked me the f out since it looks like I'm gonna die every couple minutes. I dread going to bed every night now.

Thanks for all the info...thanks for the link, OpalRose. I'll report back after I meet with the provider.
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Give her a big hug. My wife would have told me I was fine and raised my life insurance pay out. Dielaughing

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