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Any other things to try before I give up and return CPAP?
Me: No Apnea symptoms Went to a Dr. for something different, they tested my Oxygen and then sleep study based on oxygen levels. Diagnosed with a 70. I feel like this is inaccurate because sleep study had me sleeping on my back, but I do believe I could have some Apnea.

Device: Resmed Autosense 10, P10 Nose Pillows Size Large. Set from my provider (Medbridge) at 9-14. Sleep Study thought I should be around 9. Received around 7/22.

Tried using the device for 2 months. I've been able to sleep through the night with it for maybe 5-10 days over that 2 month period. Otherwise I would wake up after having a hard time breathing, and pull it off. I think the main thing that is happening is that one, or both of my nostrils get congested while I sleep, and that makes it harder for me to breath. Without the CPAP, it is easier for me to breath. I can either breath through one open nostril and congested nostril or my mouth without CPAP, but not with CPAP. Anyway... I felt worse using the CPAP. Sleepy.

I have tried different humidity/temperature settings on the CPAP. I have tried turning off ramp. I have tried different pressure settings, and even just set the pressure at a constant 9, 10 or 11.

I also tried to see if I could use the CPAP to just measure my AHI, by turning the pressure down to 6, or 4 (constant) and see what my AHI is. AHI measurement at this low pressure was less than 5.

I haven't used the CPAP for 2 weeks. I feel better in the morning. I did talk to my CPAP provider and Dr, 2 weeks ago, and asked if I could try a full face mask, since I thought that maybe my problem was nasal congestion. Unfortunately, I am outside of some 30 day exchange window and my insurance doesn't provide replacement masks until 90 days (end of Oct). So I can't get a full face mask unless I want to buy it with my own money. I am renting the CPAP from the provider. My insurance requires this, although my insurance doesn't require compliance results.

At this point I really want to just return the whole setup. I'm thinking about waiting until the end of Oct and trying the full face mask though. 70/30 for me currently on returning/keeping until I can get a full mask.

Anyone else have any suggestions? Sorry for the long post.

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#1. Use the full face mask.
#2. Get SleepyHead up and running so you can get an idea of where you are going.

example. You would not try an experts downhill run with a shopping bag over your head, right?

Until you get SleepyHead going you are doing just that. Flying blind.

Just my 2.5 cents worth.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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#1. Try sleeping supine to eliminate nasal problem with lower side nostril (if using nasal mask)
#2. Use a full face mask


ps. Use Sleepyhead software.
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Already been using sleepyhead.

I can't sleep on my back. Tried. That was worse.
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OK,, Then full face it!

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(10-07-2015, 09:25 AM)mogulman Wrote: Anyone else have any suggestions? Sorry for the long post.

Yeah, buy a mask out of pocket - online if you are low on funds. I'm on disability and managed to do that with my extremely limited funds.
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Interesting.. a few minutes ago, the CPAP provider called me about replacement supplies. They said they can order stuff, but that it would be delivered at the end of the month, since that was when my insurance paid for things. I mentioned the full face mask to them. They said I would need to go to the local office, to get fitted before ordering it though, since FFM are harder to fit.
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I feel congested every night, sometimes it's real and sometimes the CPAP pressure makes me feel like I am congested.
I use breathe right strips and blow my nose a lot (well 3-4 times a night)
When I am congested on one side or the other I toss and turn until it clears up

I don't have the option of taking off the mask as that is much worse for me.
I do use a FFM, started with Simplus and moved to Amara View which I prefer
I also started with APAP and moved to BiLevel to get totally rid of the exhale pressure that I could not tolerate

Apnea does not care where the pressure comes from, nose or mouth. I would hang in there and try a FFM, maybe give breathe rights strips a shot also.
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In your first post here, in this thread, you state that in the last two months, that you have only been able to sleep through the night for 5 to 10 days.

If you are pulling your mask off every night, there is no way this therapy will work for you, and it's no wonder you see no improvement in how you feel. It's going to be up to you to find the right mask.

We can't always wait for insurance to take care of our needs. You can try Supplier #1 or any one of the suppliers from the list above for a free 30 day mask trial.

Also, nasal congestion is something a lot of us have. You can try nasal rinses and nasal strips as mentioned above. Be sure your humidity is set right. Too much or too little can cause stuffiness.

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I also vote for trying a full-face mask. Actually I vote for trying more than one full-face mask if you need to -- they're the most challenging to fit well and it often requires trying more than one.

And work on the nasal congestion issues too because they can definitely make CPAP harder to adapt to.

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