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Anybody had surgery for OSA?
RE: Anybody had surgery for OSA?
I have trouble with going under anesthesia and that, in my opinion, is because I am placed on my back.

As an example, I had my 5 year colonoscopy and endoscopy. I had trouble with the endoscopy as far as breathing goes but had no issues with the colonoscopy (of which I was on my side when it was done) and of course, doesn't have any proximity to collapsing of the throat, etc. that happens with apnea.

I was really upset with my doctor and the anesthesiologist as I told them of breathing problems under anesthesia (one time I quit breathing and CPR had to be done) and my doctor told me he would not do the test unless I agreed to be put under my anesthesia rather than twilight. After all I had done to prep for the test, I was not going to walk away without getting these 2 tests. Lo and behold, I had issues with the endoscopy (and to make it worse, my doctor didn't tell me and I had to find out when I requested my test results from the hospital). The very interesting thing is that the doc had me admitted to the hospital for the day to be watched. Even more interesting is that I never got a bill for my portion of the hospital stay, my part of the colonoscopy or endoscopy. I can only guess that was paid for by my doctor or the doctor told them to write it off. When I went back for my follow-up appointment, the doctor did not charge me my co-pay either. Now if I could get him to pay for the anesthesiologist that I was forced to have against my will who used propofol that I was totally against and expressed that. An anesthesiologist is not required when using twilight.

the medical records showed that I had no breathing issues when the colonoscopy was done, only with the endoscopy.

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RE: Anybody had surgery for OSA?
today, once again, I made my views on surgical procedures quite clear in another topic on this forum, so I wont repeat it here, but go have a look at it if you want to - it is response to someone considering having a tracheotomy to deal with SA. And again, while I do not speak in any professional capacity on this forum, and always strongly recommend you go see your own board certified physician in the flesh (and then see two others), take it as read that I have a LOT of experience to back me up on my opinion as expressed here on this subject.
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RE: Anybody had surgery for OSA?
I had UPPP 2.5 years ago. It did not work. In fact my OSA got worse. I was told that in the worst case, there would be no change.
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RE: Anybody had surgery for OSA?
UPPP procedures are notoriously difficult to predict the outcome of - too many variables are in play to know just how it will turn out. If done as a last ditch effort, then it really is just that - nothing else is working, and maybe this can help, but on the whole, there is no guarantee of a good outcome. If you don't need it, I would not recommend doing it. Hopefully your physician would be a good judge of that as well, and would steer you in the right direction, but not every physician manages to explain it all in a way that clearly outlines the risks involved. Some of that is the patient's fault - they may be holding on to hope and only hearing the things they want to, some is definitely the fault of the physician, who often gets caught up in trying to present such an even picture that he utterly fails to communicate the essential caveats. And then there are those who never take into account the post op statistics and enthusiastically recommend the procedure. I am afraid there are a few of them out there, which is why it is utterly necessary to get a second and even a third opinion, and still after that read up on the procedure itself and all the risks and eventual outcomes of it.
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RE: Anybody had surgery for OSA?
The lure of a surgical solution to avoid having to sleep with a contraption every night for the rest of your life seems, at first glance, to make sense. But when you examine the details you find out two things. First, the surgery has a lousy success rate, a long recovery, and irreversible side effects. Second, the contraption ain't so bad once you get used to it. I actually enjoy using mine as it makes it easier to breathe especially when my allergies flare up.

I've had three sinus surgeries. I used to become a mouth breather within a few seconds of lying down, and had trouble drawing air in through my nose most times. People noticed that I made noise when I breathed. The surgeries helped, and the CPAP therapy helps even more.
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