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Anyone else freak themselves out using SleepyHead the first time?
(12-16-2014, 11:50 PM)Galactus Wrote:
(12-16-2014, 08:30 PM)Amie87 Wrote: Unfortunately I can't tell when I'm awake and when I'm asleep

If that's the case you need more help than just the PAP! Dielaughing

lol Tongue
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Serious questions;
So how you feeling after these first few days?
Well rested? Ready to take on the new day feeling better?

Not too serious questions;
Ready for breakfast? How about some pancakes with that coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate?

[Image: breakfast-inventions14.jpg]
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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(12-17-2014, 11:26 AM)Galactus Wrote: Serious questions;
So how you feeling after these first few days?
Well rested? Ready to take on the new day feeling better?

Not too serious questions;
Ready for breakfast? How about some pancakes with that coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate?

That's a pretty sweet frying pan!!

Sadly, not as energetic as I was hoping Sad. But I'm still optimistic. The last two nights I was able to keep the mask on the whole night, with the one night being for about 6h and last night I believe was about 8h!

I'm still having episodes but they are under ten, hovering around the 5. But I can see on sleepyhead that I have a lot more "episodes" but they don't last a full 10 seconds and therefor are not counted. I'll have to wait until next month for another sleep study to see if my oxygen is affected or not.

I also realize that it's not an instant cure. With my increasing chronic fatigue, I have become less active and more tired. Simply being less active will make a person tired, so I think the better sleep and being more active will go hand in hand. --And the first three nights I didn't sleep much, it was only the last two that I had decent sleep, but I still woke up a few times. I'm sure in time I'll be sleeping through the night Tongue
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Doesn't this look weird? I'll long periods where my breathing is pretty uniformed, and then I get a lot of theses, where's random, and a lot with long pauses. If it counted pauses of say, 7 and up or so, I bet my AHI would more then double, if not triple. Idk, I guess we'll see what the dr says next month Tongue

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after a few more days you'll recognize that the strange feeling you are experiencing has a name - "rest".

I have been gradually getting better but also showed AHI in the high 6's, thru low 10's, lots of events all clumped together. Just like you, I had a lot of shorter pauses. I created a user flag UF1 that was 8 seconds, and this got most of the remaining 'events'.

I thought - this has to be affecting my oxygen level. So, I got a pulse oximeter to check. About the time I got the pulse oximeter, my activity settled down a little bit. The remaining activity is not reducing my oxygen level beyond the established limit of 88%, and usually not even as low as 90%. So, no O2 danger, and I am happy enough with my 6 - 10 AHI to see if time will heal. Not freaking about my numbers, cuz way better than 27 AHI overall, and 55 AHI on my back.

update: The trace you provided shows 18 respirations evenly distributed in 83 seconds. Looks fine to me, having your insp time of about 2 seconds, and expr time of about 2.6 seconds. The machine seems to pick up the hint you are shifting from insp to expr because it is reacting and giving a pulse of 4 to 7 and back to 4.
Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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