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Anyone heard from Herbm?
Seems like Herbm has been off the grid for a while.

(I need the Windows expert !)
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Nope. Last thing I knew was he was a "no-show" at our hair stylist.
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I suspect if the three of us were standing together, we'd look like an old fashioned sign for a pawn shop...

[Image: 640px-Pawnbroker%27s_sign%2C_Camden_High...London.JPG]
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Well, Herb and I both have a full head of hair. It's just he keeps his in the closet.
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Mine went down the drain. Bigwink
Apnea Board Moderator

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He last visited June 23. Hope all is ok with him. I do know life gets busy sometimes and time gets away from you.

I hadn't been on for a month which was totally unintended. I was glad to get a recent email from the board about a comment in a thread I had subscribed to. It encouraged me to check in. I do enjoy coming here. Just got busy with work, elderly parents (my 87 year old mom going through chemo right now), our daughter has moved to a big city and homesick & lonely, unclear about her graduate school and making plans to find another ... meanwhile we are helping her financially while she gets on her feet. She has a couple PT jobs now and looking for full time. We make the 6 hour trip once a month to see her and she has come home a few times too. Weekends are far too short when spending time with her. I play a lot of Words with Friends online with her in between. She seems to like that connection.
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Hi Ima,

Do you have other kids at home, or is she it? Sounds like you miss her a lot but are very supportive of her moving on with her studies. So, get her out of school, established in a hugely profitable profession, married with a nifty crop of grandkids, ---- and do the Grandma thing!

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@ImaSurvivor -- What is your daughter's major; and what are her professional goals? (If I may ask.)
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One thing Herb is interested in is Global Warming. He's always excited to get new proof of it. I found some yesterday, quite by accident, and it took Imasurvivor's post above for me to remember it! Yesterday we watched a really old episode of Hill Street Blues. That show was done in New York City (Ima lives in New York someplace). Anyhow it was all about what was happening on a really really hot day. Way hot. Then last night we watched "Rookie Blue." That show is done back there someplace too I think... New York, Toronto,,,, one of those states east of Nebraska. Anyhow there is still snow on the ground. I thought that's amazing. Here we're having a hot spell. Got up to 75 yesterday. So my point is if in the mere passage of 40 years New York goes from really really hot to snow on the ground, that has to be global warming. Or something. If only Herb was here to share this with us.
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Hi retired_guy and justMongo. She is our only child. We do miss her terribly and concerned for her well-being. Our only child, a daughter and living in a city ... I spend a lot of time checking her FB and time stamps for activity to be sure all is well LoL. We live in a small rural area and there are just no opportunities for young adults in our area. She knows she can come home anytime and we all know she really doesn't want to. There are universities she could look into in some of the larger cities nearby but she really does not want to be in NYS. I don't blame her! My husband has been retired now for two years and I plan on retiring within the year. We can't get too far away with my parents health but we are making plans to get away to Myrtle Beach during some of the winter. That still keeps us close to her and we can get home easily as needed.

She graduated this past December from a nearby university where I work. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Clinical Psychology and minored in Criminal Justice. She moved to Washington DC to pursue a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. Before she moved down in early May, she took two on-line courses with the graduate school during the spring semester because she graduated early from undergrad. She just finished an 8 week summer class on site in DC. She has not been impressed with the school since being down there. The main school is actually in Chicago and a branch in DC and there seems to be a lot of disorganization and things that have not set well with her. She is very goal oriented and strives for high academics. She could see that the school was not going to meet her needs and rather than get further into debt with them, she has decided to look into another school in Arlington which is actually where she is living. She is considering a Masters in Clinical and Legal Psychology and possibly a concentration in Intelligence. She won't be able to apply and get into the program in time for the Fall Semester though and will have a lot of idle time on her hands until she can get in.

She also does legal on-line transcription of court cases as a part time job. Between doing that several hours a week and a lot of reading and writing papers for her class, she really was not getting out much and meeting people. She has recently begun hostessing at a restaurant part time to get out of her apartment. She is looking for more full time work. As a teenager and during her undergraduate studies she worked in a local supermarket and eventually got into the bakery department. She has been applying for bakery jobs in DC ... she really enjoys cake decorating and she has also applied for several legal assistant jobs.
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