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Anyone use a Dental Snore Appliance with their CPAP?
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Anyone use a Dental Snore Appliance with their CPAP?
Several years ago I had a sleep study and was diagnosed with moderate apnea. I was prescribed a machine but also allowed to purchase (insurance) a professional molded dental appliance that holds the jaw forward to open the airway.
I used this for the last 3 years with fair success.

I recently had another study done (because I was getting worse at night) and scored ahi 63. I now have a System one - series 60 PAP. I use a Eson wisp nasal mask.

I tried a chin strap at first to keep my mouth closed and had AHIs in the 4.0 range.
I then decided to try using the dental appliance in place because I had trained myself to keep my jaw closed to keep the appliance in.
AHI went down to about 1.0. The two together seem to work pretty good.

Just wondered if anyone else uses a setup like this?
01-22-2015 10:29 PM
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RE: Anyone use a Dental Snore Appliance with their CPAP?
I did that when first trying to get used to cpap pressure. I had previously used the device to try to completely avoid having to get the flow generator but it worked about the way you described yours.

I put it back into service when I found that I needed at least 10 cm H2O pressure from the generator to quell my OAs. With the SnoreRX in place and using the ResMed Mirage Quattro mask, I found that I could get full effective therapy with the pressure set at 8 cm. Then using the EPR feature set at #3, I had no problem tolerating the therapy. I didn't have to continue this for very long (I think less than a week) before I discovered that I could get by without it. It amazing how fast a person can accept breathing under cpap pressure and not even notice a pressure that at first was overwhelming. Someone described it as if "drowning in air" and that pretty well does the job.

edit. I see you are using a nasal mask. That would make the dental appliance lots more acceptable than the way I used it, with a FF mask. I'd say you have a winning comb there.
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01-22-2015 10:40 PM
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RE: Anyone use a Dental Snore Appliance with their CPAP?
I use a mouthguard solely to prevent bruxism. I had a mandibular advancement mouth guard before I managed to get a sleep study but found my thwarted grinding effort was pulling my lower teeth out of alignment, and it didn't help with the nocturnal bugling.
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01-23-2015 06:59 AM
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