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Anyone using a machine like mine?
At the time that I received the CPAP machine listed in my profile, about 18 months ago, I was totally ignorant of the ability to obtain data about AHI etc. in spite of being a CPAP user for over 10 years. This forum has opened my eyes.
While there is no downloadable software for this machine I can recover data from the SD card by way of icodeconnect.com which provides a fair amount of information; AHI, leakage rates etc. but I can not find such information as the breakdown between CA and OA. Also, it is tedious to get duration of events.
If any other members of the forum are using this brand of machine and would be willing to trade information I would really like to hear from them. I have a straight CPAP machine and am becoming concerned over some apnea events with durations of between 60 and 120 seconds which makes me think I should be using an APAP machine. These events are scattered so that a sleep study would not necessarily show them. I plan to discuss this with my PCP next week and then possibly go for a consultation with s sleep specialist.
I may find it necessary to buy a different machine out of pocket in order to get the treatment I need.
Any and all input will be appreciated.
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How long have you had your machine.... Sounds like you should have a conversation with your doc asap about the efficacy of the machine (and also how you can see that it's bad, but can't see what is making it bad) 120 sec pauses are too long... perhaps you can get an oximeter and bring in some oximetry data to back up the lack of treatment efficacy
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The name Resmart seems to belong to more than one machine. Check the back and bottom of yours, see if there's a model # listed.
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3B is another brand of the Resmart branded (BMC Medical, China) machines. Your ability to pull data will be limited, and clearly this is a low price budget machine being provided to minimize costs. We see Resmart machines here occasionally, and to be honest, I don't know much about them. Your medical provider stuck you with this P.O.S. and I'd complaint (probably to no avail), then if that didn't work out, give them their f'n machine back and get one on my own dime, that gives good data and is not from the lowest bidder in China.

Sorry for the blunt reply, and wish you had found the forum before you got stuck with this crap. That aside, we'll be glad to help in anyway we can. Just for the hell of it, who was your provider? At least we can try to steer anyone new away from them. (no links or .com names)
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Yes, I looked at 3B's website. Their motto: "restoring profitability to CPAP."

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks guys for for the very helpful responses.

I will definitely be looking into a recording oximeter for additional data.

Next week I will be discussing this issue with my PCP.

Checked 3B Medical web site and also noticed the improved profitability slogan. Didn't look for their Mission Statement. They seem to be offering more models than when I got my machine.

My DME provider is Southeastern Medical Supply.

The actively participating members of this forum are amazing.


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Stan, I was just thinking about my rant above. If you do complain, it should be to your insurance company that paid the bill. Let them know what this DME is doing and what you think about it. Sure the equipment meets the minimum standard for your prescription, but customer satisfaction actually counts. The insurance company does not want to lose business (subscribers). They pay good money for this equipment, and some suppliers do a great job and provide the expected quality of equipment. Make sure they know Southeastern Medical Supply, does not.
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I feel so fortunate that I received a top level machine. My doctor and DME provider took care of me. At the time, I had no knowledge of apnea and its treatment.

Sleep is worth the effort.
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