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Apnea sudden jump
Last week I have been getting great readings, and Friday night and Saturday it went down to AHI of 2, I was feeling great yesterday and for no reason in the afternoon I started becoming very impatient and In a very bad mood.
I don’t understand what triggered it but when I went to bed my nose was pretty stuffed so I was breathing trough my mouth however when  I was falling asleep I kept getting woken up by my breathing stopping.
When I woke up in the morning I was shocked of having a score of 12.5 AHI, I haven’t had such a score in months.
It’s weird, I went to bed early, nothing heavy in my stomach I was actually just a little bit hungry, and in the same position as every other night.

I do notice the mental and emotional state in which I go to bed plays a huge role in my apnea which makes me wonder if it could be central? or something else since I do have multiple clear airways.
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This is a recurring theme with you and is not unusual at all. You are apparently affected by positional apnea, and chronically have large increases in apnea when you sleep on your back. If your profile is accurate, then you have again dropped your pressure back to a level where obstructive events and hypopnea are at a high level, and your machine does not catch up to the events. Your pressure is uncommonly low, and you have been reluctant to raise it. You have not posted data this time, but a review of your past threads shows this is nothing new. Increase your minimum pressure, and stay off your back; or increase your pressure a lot and don't worry about it.
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I am sorry, I havent updated my profile.

Med clinic raised my pressure to 8-14

I didnt do anything different last night thats why im puzzled since the exact same physical conditions have been giving me ahi of 2-4
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Thanks for the update on pressure. I think we worked on that earlier and it helped. As disappointing as a setback like this is, it's not by itself a cause for changing tactics. If the problem persists or a trend for higher AHI occurs, then it would be important to take a look at what might be causing it. Hopefully tomorrow you will go back to your normal 2-4 AHI. It's an interesting hypothesis that your emotional state might influence your therapy. I don't know that you've exhausted possible solutions in CPAP that would warrant a different approach. I do think you'd benefit from a faster acting auto machine. It's hard to say whether bilevel would produce improvements or make matters worse with CA. With regard to CPAP, I think some trial and error with the minimum pressure might lend some clarity as to whether your settings are optimized, or need some refinement.
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What was on your mind that bothered you ? What changed in your day to affect you ?

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(01-24-2017, 12:28 PM)kwhenrykerr Wrote: What was on your mind that bothered you ? What changed in your day to affect you ?

Not sure, i took your advice and switched position last night brought it back to 3.0,  i must have turned on my back with my neck bent forward that bad night
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If I sleep on my back it will show up. I use a soft collar to keep my head off my chest.


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