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Archived SleepyHead Discussions [Q&A Thread from Jun-2014 thru Aug 2015]
(08-13-2015, 11:57 AM)Maudessen Wrote: 1. When I trigger the import, Sleepyhead looks for a card or drive. At the same time it offers a button to "Click here to choose a folder." If I click that button, what folder does it want me to choose? Is it the drive itself, the data file nested in the folder structure on the drive, or the data folder that Sleepyhead created and named in my Documents folder?

2. After Sleepyhead sees the drive, it pops my Document folder. Does it want me to point to the new data file it created and named, or does it want me to point to my profile within that folder?

3. Since I backed up my data from the ICON+'s USB flash drive onto my hard drive, is it possible to point Sleepyhead to the correct folder on my hard drive in order to read in the data?
1) Click to choose a folder is an option to use a local directory where your files are Instead of importing from the card. Since you have popped in a card, you don't need to choose a directory. This option is helpful when changing computers and pulling files from the old Computer.
2) don't do anything there (unless you haven't created a profile for yourself on sleepyhead.
3) you can use this directory as I mentioned in
Point 1.
To confirm 2), when the Document folder pops, I just Cancel out of it, right?



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Okay first the SH messages:

* The sleepyhead warning about write-protecting the SD card is one to heed, which it sounds like you are doing. Some computer operating systems write on the SD cards when you insert them. The only machine we want writing to the SD cards is the CPAP machine, so it needs to be write-locked except when you place it back in the CPAP machine.

* the sleepyhead warning to unmount before removing the SD card you can safely ignore *if you have the card write-protected*. Some computer operating systems write data to memory (called caching) and only write the data to the card when the cache is full or upon unmounting. On those machines, if you pull the card out without telling the OS you're gonna do it, then the data written to the SD card could be incomplete and the card could be corrupt. The way to unmount on a windows machine is right-click eject. But you never have to worry about this if you write protect the SD card before inserting it into the computer.

Now, this madness you are experiencing...

It sounds like you have used this SD card for a while and have read in the data without incident. Then all of a sudden one day when you were doing the same routine you always do, it failed. SD cards do wear out or become defective, but let's start with the assumption it is recoverable and go from there.

This rewrite cycle you are describing, is this happening every day?

* It should only take one time for the machine to reformat the SD card and then if you are keeping it write-protected when out of the machine, the CPAP machine should be able to maintain the data on the card and write new data each day.

* I am certain the CPAP machine can format a blank SD card. I don't have experience to know for certain that it will cleanly format an SD card that someone else has written to.

It's possible that you haven't been able to get all the way through a clean reformatting operation yet.

It's also possible that the card is simply corrupt and therefore the CPAP machine cannot properly write to it.

CPAP Machine memory...

The good news is that your machine really does store historical data in memory. A year worth of data could easily be true. That historical data it keeps in its own memory is summary data. The daily deep dive detail data is only written to the SD card.

Here's what I would do:

Make one more pass start to finish to allow the CPAP machine to try and clean up the problem. That means, un-write-lock the SD card and insert it into the machine. When it asks to write data say yes and let it do its thing. Then turn on the machine for about ten minutes (need enough time that it will log a session). Doesn't matter if you put on the mask or not, all we are trying to do is log some detail data on the SD card. After ten minutes, turn off the machine, wait a minute or so, and pull the SD card. Write-protect and read it into Sleepyhead on the computer.

If you see detail data for the session just completed, then you should be all set. Check it again tomorrow and hopefully it is all back on track.

If you do not see detail data for the session just completed, then there is a problem with the card. It may still be recoverable but how to is beyond the scope of this post, and maybe not worth the time it would take anyways.

I might do one more thing that is fairly quick and easy: un-write-protect the card, insert it into the computer and let the computer reformat it. This will wipe out the data on the card and just might make the card usable. So then insert it into the CPAP machine. When it asks about writing the data, say yes. The do the fake ten minute session and see if it logs the detail session. If yes, you are good to go. If no, then I would abandon it there. It's not worth the time to pursue any further.

A new 2GB SD card costs under $10 online. You can get one delivered next-day from amazon for under $20. Or probably buy one locally for around $20 as well.

If the steps above didn't resolve the issue, I would abandon it and go get a new SD card. When that comes in, let the CPAP machine format it, and of course write-protect it any time you remove it from the CPAP machine.

I hope that you get it resolved with your existing SD card. But if not, to fall back to a new SD card is not very expensive.

hope this helps,

Saldus Miegas

(08-14-2015, 12:32 PM)Northerner3 Wrote: My ResMed SD Card is not importing all the data to Sleepyhead when I put it into the card reader. I have noticed this message on Sleepyhead:

Very Important Warning
ALWAYS write protect CPAP SD Cards before inserting them into your computer.

Certain operating systems write index files to the card without asking, which can render your card unreadable by your cpap machine.

As a second line of protection, ALWAYS UNMOUNT the data card properly before removing it!

I have been putting in the SD card into the card reader after sliding the side lever on the card to a "locked" position. I have a Windows 10 system & S9 CPAP machine.

Please explain the next Sleepyhead instruction: "ALWAYS UNMOUNT THE DATA CARD PROPERLY BEFORE REMOVING IT". What does this mean? I take the SD card out of the reader, unlock the SD card, reinsert it into my S9 CPAP machine. But then the trouble begins.

The CPAP screen says "Are you sure? Data re-writing to SD card, press "yes" to continue." When I press "no" it goes to the next screen that says "Remove SD card and press start to begin therapy." I take the card out, turn the machine on and reinsert the card - but then the initial cryptic message comes back about re-writing SD card.... so, this time I push "yes" and then it says "please wait... erasing SD card data" This process of putting the card back into my CPAP machine seems crazy to me.

I have been told by the medical equipment supplier that the machine has one year of data stored in it, whether the SD card is erased or not... but how in the heck do I get this current data imported into my computer so that I can generate the prior night's sleep data into a quick report each morning. Last night's sleep data was only Summary Data, so I couldn't see my events, leaks, etc. I have found this information so helpful in being able to see what is working.

I feel great today, I have a new RT, new equipment supplier, new pillow mask (Airfit P10), use Cover-Roll tape, have very low large leaks and deep sleep is making me feel human again... just need your help in making this transfer of data from the machine to the computer and back as hassle-free as possible. Sleepyhead is a great system, and I need it to keep vigilant tabs over my sleep statistics & sleep health.

Many thanks to Sleepyhead friends!Thanks

Saldus Miegas
Hi Saldus! I wrote a thank you and I can't see where it went in this system of threads... but want you to know that all the material you shared with me was amazing... learned so much about troubleshooting and scientific testing to figure out what's actually happening. None of the people in the respiratory therapist's office or at the equipment supplier were competent or willing to get me even started. I now have the SD card working and the last step you recommended got the data back into the detailed reporting format that I was hoping to restore. You are both a brilliant mind, as well as an excellent communicator.
Sincerely, Jim

Awesome! Glad to hear it worked out.

The last piece is now in place so you can enjoy the new start.

Saldus Miegas
I installed the software on my macbook and put up a profile but when I imported the data from my ResMed machine it only imported useage and dates. The AHI, Flow rate, etc., is all blank. What am I missing. I read the faq two or three times and don't see that I did anything incorrectly but I must have missed some setting or something.

Thanks for any advice.[attachment=1687]

As you can see from the picture, it recorded my sleep times and the dates but that's it. No AHI, no anything. I also tried right clicking and that didn't help. As you can see I have graphs for the dates and hours but that's all.

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Hi Crabitha. I was able to track down the specifications and unfortunately that's all the data the S8 Compact will provide. So you're not doing anything wrong, but your machine is very limited in the information it can give you.

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(08-16-2015, 02:07 AM)DeepBreathing Wrote: Hi Crabitha. I was able to track down the specifications and unfortunately that's all the data the S8 Compact will provide. So you're not doing anything wrong, but your machine is very limited in the information it can give you.

Oh my god, I didn't realize I hadn't changed my profile. I went to a ResMed S9 with h51 humidifier Auto set machine. I will change my profile. I got rechecked after 10 years and should have done so sooner. My old machine was set on 8. My new one is set as minimum 7 and maximum 15 so I think it went up a bit. My provider told me I had gone up to 18 but my machine only has it listed up to 15 so I guess she accidentally told me the wrong number. Anyway, my new machine makes me feel like I've entered this century.
I have finally read my memory card and my sleep specialist will go ballistic when he sees it. He does not believe we should touch anything. I may have to gently remind him who pays who. Smile

It looks terrible, showing few sleep periods more than 3 hours and many nights with three clear sessions. I would love to post a screen shot How do I do that?
Take a look at this post. Should help you.


Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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Helppppp! Oh-jeez

Newbie to this forum. Thankful it is here. I am trying to install SleepyHead on Win7 and am hitting the wall. I am receiving the error message regarding the missing dll file. I followed the link and downloaded and installed the C++ files for 2010. When that failed I installed the 2012 C++ files. I have restarted the computer as well. SleepyHead continues to give me the same error.

maybe I don't have accurate links...idk....

I am hoping this software will give some insight into why I started to feel better after 3 weeks of therapy for my CA and am now regressing over the last 3 weeks. Thanks for help

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