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Archived SleepyHead Discussions [Q&A Thread from Sep-2011 thru May 2014]
archangle Wrote:
rmeyer23,(time=1321107291) Wrote:No matter what folder I select. (P-Series or any subfolder) I get "Import Problem", "Couldn't Find any Machine Data at this location. Under the subfolder p0 I do see files with consecutive create dates.
Go up one level. Select the folder that P-Series is in, not P-Series itself.

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jedimark Wrote:Hi All,

Just letting you know I've uploaded another Windows build (0.8.7).. Still a pre-Beta, but it's getting more solid..

Available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sleepyhead/files/

Jimbo said he will update the Mac build soon..

The major bits:
Can now jump to the correct daily view date by shift+clicking on an overview graph.
Added some basic CSV export functionality..
Better support for S9 ASV/VPAP models.
Live count, duration & "ahi" for the selected area, shown above FlowRate graph.
Optimisations/Speed improvements.
Lots of little bug-fixes, and a few new preference options..

Daily printing is still not done, and oximetry is still flakey.. Need a clear head to tackle those two..

My apologies for not tracking this thread as well as I should.. I've been a little out of it the last few weeks.

jedimark Wrote:
JonEdanger,(time=1321370451) Wrote:Just downloaded the most recent version. Now I get the "Machine file not found" error on any folder. Any ideas?

OSX Lion 10.7.2
Hmm.. I have not seen that happen before.. I'll ask Jimbo on that one..

I haven't got a mac to actually test this with.. I write the mac specific code blindly, and Jimbo tests it.. Not an ideal software development practice, but Jimbo is a very good and reliable tester.. Smile


I created a Wiki on SleepyHead's sourceforge page. It redirects here from the project web page.

Breathe Jimbo Wrote:
JonEdanger,(time=1321370451) Wrote:Just downloaded the most recent version. Now I get the "Machine file not found" error on any folder. Any ideas?

OSX Lion 10.7.2
Quote:"Machine file not found" error

Try the latest build, 0.8.7-1, put up yesterday:


Which CPAP (or whatever) machine do you have?

What exactly are you doing when you see that message? When exactly do you see it?
Breathe Jimbo Wrote:For testing purposes, it is important always to have the latest version, whether you download a binary or build from source. Mark is fixing bugs all the time, so it is not terribly useful to report problems from an outdated version. Always get the latest version!

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jimb Wrote:Update:
1. Got "git pull" to work by renaming all files I had modified.
2. Tested import for the Resmed VPAP Adapt S9 - works great.
3. What are the "Ti" and "Te" charts?
jedimark Wrote:
Sleepster,(time=1322161828) Wrote:SeepyHead reports that my machine is "Phillips Respironic System One 650P Unknown Model". I can confirm by looking at the label on the bottom of the machine that it is indeed a 650P. The model is "BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex".

I hope feedback like this is helpful.

Neat, I'll add it to the list..

If anyone else has unrecognised System One or S9 numbers, please let me know, and I'll add yours too..

Edit: Oops.. To do so on the PRS1, I need the ProductType number line from Properties.txt file..
jedimark Wrote:
Sleepster Wrote:ProductType=36

Thank you.. it's now added..

So far for PRS1 I have this:

ModelMap[0x34]="RemStar Pro with C-Flex+";
ModelMap[0x35]="RemStar Auto with A-Flex";
ModelMap[0x36]="RemStar BiPAP Pro with Bi-Flex";
ModelMap[0x37]="RemStar BiPAP Auto with Bi-Flex";
ModelMap[0x41]="BiPAP autoSV Advanced";

If ProductType is different to these it will show "Unknown Model".
jedimark Wrote:
jimb,(time=1322420561) Wrote:Another question about SleepyHead version 0.8.7:

The Event flags graph shows my (numerous) Hypoapneas and Apneas. Above these are the (CA/OA) Central/Ostructive apnea charts. But these charts are blank. Are these not yet implemented? Or is this data not provided by my particular model (resmed vpap asv S9).
Do any show up in ResScan? if not, It's very likely they are indeed blank..

Your expensive ASV machine definitely has the capability for them.

The CA line show all the time in event flags, because it looked boring with less than 3 things showing.

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jedimark Wrote:
jimb,(time=1322448862) Wrote:In ResScan 3.14, my Event graph shows the time and length of events, but does not classify them as central vs obstructive. This is true even when I use their so called "high data rate mode".

The ResMed 3.14 clinical manual says..."Apnea or Hypopnea events—can include classification of different apnea events: obstructive,central, and unknown"...

Maybe ResScan "can" classify, but for my new VPAP ASV S9, ResScan is "not" classifying.

All you ResScan experts out there, am I missing something? If ResScan "can" classify, events, then how can I get ResScan to start doing so??

Could I perhaps get a zip of your data card (or at least a few session groups EDF files), just to make sure there's no EDF annotations being missed for your machine?

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