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Ashamed and humiliated......
If your doctor or his staff do anything to embarrass you, say something. They may see dozen of patients a day and might need an occasional reminder that each one is an individual.
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If this was a stainless steel surface flush with the floor surface it would have been what many clinics now use for convenience with wheel chairs as well as for persons with arthritis and other conditions that make it unsafe and uncomfortable to step up on to a smaller elevated surface. If staff referred to it as a freight scale that was insensitive and should not happen. We will see more of these in the future. The first time I encountered one of these my reaction was similar to yours.
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(10-14-2016, 07:19 AM)KSMatthew Wrote: If your doctor or his staff do anything to embarrass you, say something. They may see dozen of patients a day and might need an occasional reminder that each one is an individual.

I agree completely. Too often people get upset and don't mention it. The doctor is in business and making customer uncomfortable or unhappy is not good for business. Any time you are unhappy or dissatisfied with anything at at doctors office, mention it to them and/ or the staff. Not in a argumentative or angry way, just as a comment about how you feel.

I frequently comment on wait times, cleanliness, size, condition of equipment and chairs, etc. My comments, hopefully, are equally positive with the negative - ie. I make I ta point to compliment good service, short waits, clean equipment etc.

Do you pay compliments?
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I was just going to mention that I do give praise to physicians and their staff.

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(10-13-2016, 11:21 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: It could also be a scale larger and closer to the ground so that those in wheelchairs can roll up onto them.

Yup that is what it is for. So no need to feel bad about it. besides, some of those other scales have too narrow platforms for those of us who can't see our feet. :0

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Hi GrammaBear,
Since you really like this sleep doc, I would ask him/her about this and see what is said to you.
If you found another sleep doc, you might not care for the new one as much as you do this one you are seeing now, give him a chance to redeme himself.
I'm sorry this has happened to you.
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trish6hundred, If everybody was as considerate and gracious as you, what a nice world it would be!

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My bet it a Bariatric Wheelchair Scale they look the same but are different in the exactness of the scales and readouts you can also input the wheelchair weight to get the results good with people with walking sticks as well as Mobility walkers.

Good medical scales can cost thousands so probably just one size fits all.

I prefer them, I actually fell off my scales at home lol the bigger one at the nursing home I worked at was so much easier for a Big Willy like me :-)
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(10-13-2016, 08:49 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: I'll repeat. You have the right to decline any measurement, test, procedure or medication. Your health, your choice. Just say no.

I completely agree with Sleeprider on this. You shouldn't have to do anything that makes you feel bad.

During my last sleep doctor visit, I refused to fill out the updated questionnaire as I felt it was a useless tool in describing my situation. I got a lot of pushback and the staff kept saying the doctor required this. I simply said that I was the patient and had the right to decline to fill it out. They didn't like it but that didn't matter to me.

Finally, I know you didn't ask about this but in case you are still looking to lose weight, I would google low carb RN as she discusses the advantages of a low carb, high fat diet for people with diabetes. Many people (not all) have found going on this type of diet causes them to not need insulin.


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I honestly can't remember the type of scale my doc uses. They just remodeled. I am pretty sure they had two, side by side. One was the small platform that you had to step up on, and the other fit flush to the floor and had a larger surface. I'm sure that was used for anyone that would have trouble stepping up onto the smaller one. I think in their new setup, they just have the one type of scale, one that's flush with the floor.
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