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Auto-CPAP settings - bad?
I have a autocpap. My settings are 6 to 12. I had another sleep study today because mymy smart card read that I still stop breathing. Now my settings will be 12 to 20. TheThe Dr. Said I may have to be on a Bipap after the next study if these settings don't work. Is 12 to 20 considered bad?
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It is above average, but not at all unusual. Right now, I'm running 11 to 20. The reason your doctor said that you'd need a BiPAP if 12 to 20 didn't work is because 20 is as high as a non-BiPAP machine will go. However, undoubtedly your doctor is using the upper limit of 20 because the auto machine will only go as high as it needs to, so why not let it use what it needs.

I wouldn't worry if I were you. If your doctor initially thought 6-12 would work, I'd bet money that 12-20 will work.
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I have the new settings of 12 to 20 start on Monday. Then in 4 weeks to determine if I need to do the Bipap instead. They said I don't snore much at all it's central sleep apnea.Thanks for replying .
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I'm running 15-20cm and it looks like the sweet spot for me right now.
Some nights I turn in an AHI of zero. It took quite a while to get here though.
"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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(07-20-2013, 11:03 AM)Lindy Wrote: They said I don't snore much at all it's central sleep apnea.
Is that from the sleep study report or from the machine reporting?
The reason of asking, CPAP is not treatment choice for central sleep apnea

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It's from a sleep study. They said 'somewhat obstructive but mostly central'. I hope I don't have to do a bipap. Just because they say it forces the air a lot to breathe. They say it may be uncomfortable .
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Hi Lindy,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck to you.
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(07-20-2013, 11:03 AM)Lindy Wrote: I have the new settings of 12 to 20 start on Monday. Then in 4 weeks to determine if I need to do the Bipap instead. They said I don't snore much at all it's central sleep apnea.Thanks for replying .

Just an FYI---
Some people with central sleep apnea snore
Some with obstructional sleep apnea dont snore.
Whoever told you that is misinformed or you misunderstood them.
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Lindy, Welcome, just try to get used to the CPAP and see how you go, I have complex sleep apnea which is both, my auto treats my obstructive and in turn reduces my centrals, any that I still get are 1/3 obstructive and 2/3 central, but I'm only getting a small amount of each per night. You need to use your machine for a few weeks and see what the results are like. Hopefully you are using software so you can see your results as well and take your treatment into your own hands. You need a few weeks worth of data to see how you are going, keep us updated and good luck. The other thing you need to consider Lindy is how you feel during the day after using CPAP versus before you were diagnosed, figures are important but the most important thing is whether you are feeling better.
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Yes, I have to use the cpap every nite for 4 weeks then take the smart card to the Dr. where they read the results then determine if I need the Bipap. Thanks for your advice and info.
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