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Automating FlashPAP/SleepyHead Download
Hi All,

I've been playing around with configuring FlashPAP and SleepyHead to automatically download data etc for use across systems. Most of this info can be found in other posts, but I couldn't find a single step-by-step guide so I thought I'd create one.

Firstly, you may need to change/modify for your own circumstances, this guide is intended to downloading your cpap data on a server (I'll refer to it as server - but basically a PC that's holds the data as the primary data source), and it being available to multiple PC's/Laptops on the same network. Also - I'm not going to go through the configuration of FlashPAP (and all the requirements to use FlashPAP) - already excellent guides on here for that!

1. Install and Configure FlashPAP on your server.

2. Create 2 data directories on the server, one for FlashPAP data and one for SleepyHead Data, and share the Sleepyhead Data folder.

3. In FlashPAP, point the data location to the data folder created in step 2, and ensure you've setup the location of the SleepyHead.exe so FlashPAP can open sleepyhead.

4. Install SleepyHead onto your server, point the data location to the sleepyhead data folder created in step 2 and create a new profile (or copy the sleepyhead profile/data across from another installation if you wish).

5. In you FlashPAP install directory, create a FlashPAP.bat batch file containing the following -

start "" C:\FlashPAP\FlashPAP.jar user=Profile_name startapp=yes shimport=yes exit=yes log=yes
timeout /t 60
c:\windows\system32\taskkill /IM SleepyHead.exe /f /t

You'll need to change the above location of FlashPAP.jar to where you've installed FlashPAP and change the profile_name to the name you setup in flashpap. Also - I'll explain each line of the batch file after the instructions.

6. Open Sleepyhead (once you have a profile created) and in the preferences, may sure you tick both "Skip User Selection Screen" and "Import without asking for confirmation".

7. On the server, setup a new daily scheduled task (google scheduled tasks if you're not sure how to do this) to run in the morning at a time of your choice (a time after you're always up, but before you want to check the data) that executes the FlashPAP.bat file created in step 5.

8. On each PC/Laptop you want to run Sleepyhead, map a network drive to the shared Sleepyhead data folder from step 2.

9. Install Sleepyhead (if needed) and point the data location to the mapped drive.

Sleepyhead data will now be automatically downloaded and loaded into sleepyhead for viewing on any PC you want on your network.

I'll now give a quick explanation of each line in the batch file.

start "" C:\FlashPAP\FlashPAP.jar user=profile_name startapp=yes shimport=yes exit=yes log=yes - this of course executes FlashPAP, downloads the data from your CPAP machine, loads sleepyhead and tells sleepyhead to import the data. I had to use the Start command as it omitted, the batch file tended to hang after execution.

timeout /t 60 - this is purely a wait to allow time for the download/sleepyhead to import. You can put however long you wish, 60secs was ample for my setup.

c:\windows\system32\taskkill /IM SleepyHead.exe /f /t - this command kills the current execution of sleepyhead. As I'm doing this on a server, I didn't want sleepyhead hanging around after it's imported the data so I just kill it off after the timeout period setup above.

And that's it. I hope someone finds this useful!
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Thanks, this guide worked for me!
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