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BPAP Titration Sleep Study
I do have those super long apneas, but the sleep specialist seems to think that the length is irrelevant. They're just an event like any other event. She also seemed to think that long stretches of shallow breathing (-10 ≥ x ≤ +10 most of my night) were irrelevant because "we don't like our patients to be looking at every single moment and that much detail".

Can you imagine, she also tried to persuade me to use a different mask! Without any provocation on my part, she decided I should be using DreamWear! I use an F10, which she recommended, and I've told her umteeump times that I'm extremely happy with it, it's comfortable, I forget it's there, the only significant leaks are when I mask off to scratch my nose, my percentage over okay leak rate is around 0.0000000%, and there she is trying to convince me to switch to DreamWear because "the hose comes out of the top." I gave no indication that having a hose come out the top has an iota of benefit or meaning to me. And besides, it doesn't come in mauve.

I was very well prepared for this meeting, and I was in highly articulate mode. I didn't argue with her. I just didn't stop with the detail. I also wrote up and emailed her the points I had made during our meeting. This means it is formalized into my Dartmouth Medical file. (Dartmouth is the big medical center in this area; the sleep center belongs to Dartmouth.). But I did have to cut my losses and do an APAP/BPAP titration instead of a BPAP/ASV titration.

I didn't think of asking her to hold her breath for 77 seconds while I held a timer and then asking her how she felt....
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Certainly keep us updated. Well docs sometimes think they know best. And a percentage of those times, they're right. But hey, we're only the patient. It's not like their decisions affect us or anything. Next mask I choose has to have the hose on top because it helps....

Helpful hint of the day: keep your Ducks in a row. Easier to shoot at. Wink
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Good luck for tomorrow. Hopefully some of those aberrant events will get recorded, and maybe the next doctor will find them relevant.

That's the best line ever, "Too much detail. We don't use that here."

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.
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Details schmetails. Wouldn't want you to have to worry about what's working or not.

Seriously best wishes to ya.
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Thanks  You all are great. I was unbelievably frustrated after this morning's tete a tete, and I got past it. Onward to the sleep study tomorrow. I hope they don't suffocate me in their quest to make xPAP work. Drown me with pressure? Fling me across the room with the blast? Give me a whole 'nother egregious nightmare featuring sleep center personnel who won't listen to me. (I punched them out in my sleep the last time.)
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Quote:(I punched them out in my sleep the last time.)
Riiiight... in your sleep.... Too-funny

Seriously though, best wishes!
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Annoyed-and-disappointed Grrr....

I got to the sleep study, and the tech was a no-show. The sleep study was a no-do.

It's pitch-black outside, icy, deer wandering around on the verges of the interstate, and I'm sleep ready. Bad formula: sleepiness and goshawful driving conditions. One poor woman had been dropped off from 100 miles away. I don't think she even had a coat.

I can't sleep at all with my new (changed yesterday) pressure settings (10-16). EPR 3. She wouldn't listed to me that I couldn't start with 10. I had so much trouble breathing, I threw my mask off at around 2 hours. It was as though I had an elephant sitting on me. It didn't change my apnea rate, but a much higher proportion of clear airway events. That's what I get for going along with the sleep center's idea of where my settings should be.

As a Plan B yesterday, the sleep center person was going to have me go to a fixed rate of 13. I can't imagine that would be productive at all. What do you all think?

My idea is just to change my pressures back to the way they were before yesterday until I get the titration done. 8-15 with EPR of 3. Do you agree that'll be good enough for now? At least I was putting in sleep hours....

I am grumpy as all get out.
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Yes, if your prior settings were OK, I'd go back to them for now.
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(12-16-2017, 09:28 PM)HalfAsleep Wrote: Annoyed-and-disappointed Grrr....

I got to the sleep study, and the tech was a no-show. The sleep study was a no-do.
May I be outraged for you? That is just unbe-freaking-livable.
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Someone should collect all these stories and write a book. Than the next time some Doctors want to do a study on why so many people quit CPAP they could be handed the book. I'd do it but I can't tell a verb from an adverb. Heck I can't even spell.

HalfAsleep hang in there.
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