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Back Sleeper
Not really apnea-specific, but kind of related.....

For well over 15, maybe 20 years, I was a side/belly sleeper. Just couldn't go to sleep on my back.

25 years ago, I was mostly a back sleeper; that changed over time to being the dedicated side/belly sleeper in spite of the more comfortable (at least more comfortable for my back) supine position. I suspect the change had to do with weight gain and gradual onset of apnea through the years (Some girls told me that I SNORED - LOUDLY AND A LOT - when back sleeping). Side sleeping probably some subconsious defense mechanism as a way to moderate the effects of apnea which are often worsened or made more pronounced by supine sleeping position.

Well, for the last ten or fifteen years, I have been totally UNABLE to fall asleep on my back. Sleepy, go to bed, put on CPAP, lie on back miserably wanting to go to sleep for an hour, sleepy as all get out, but unable to sleep. Roll over, fall asleep in less than five minutes. (Honestly, my interest initially in CPAP therapy was partially an attempt to reclaim the supine sleeping position).

Well, a couple of weeks ago, got to having some bad back pain and the only position I could find that was not acutely painful was flat on my back with a pillow bolster under my knees, so decided to just lie on my back even if I got no sleep. Took a while to GO to sleep that first night, but back was very painful on side, worse on belly, so those were out. Finally fell asleep. Next night on back was better. And thus far, I have slept on back all night, every night. Less moving around and better dream activity (at least I am remembering dreaming even if details escape me).

Expected more AHI events and higher pressures for longer time, but am just not seeing it in first couple of weeks. Will check again this weekend and see if there is any trend away from that.


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Sounds great. Whatever works best.

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I too don't like sleeping on my back, and think I might have slept on my stomach (80%) when I was much much youger.

Today I never even lie on my stomach unless my massage therapist makes me do it -- sinus always let down ad I can't breath for one thing.

My side works, my right side works better.

Even with last weeks RIGHT total hip replacement I slept on my side and as much on my right side as much as possible.
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been a stomach sleeper all my life, since using the FF and cpap, have been trying to sleep on my back. its only the last month or so that im able to some of the time. im hoping at some point i can train myself to sleep on my back fulltime. the leaks would be completely gone if so
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I always slept on my right side and that is my preference. I am just the opposite of you. I can go to sleep fast on my back but I can't fall asleep when I am on my right side. I miss sleeping on my side.
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One of my great joys about the CPAP therapy has been my ability to sleep on my back. I'm loving that. Lay there, stretch out head to toe as far as I can. It's great. I couldn't even think of sleeping on my back pre-cpap. Did I mention I'm loving it?

I spend my night flopping around between my back and my left side. I can sleep equally well either way. But on the right side I get to get all pretzeled up into a little tight ball. That's good. Then I can turn back over on my back and stretch out head to toe....... Did I mention I'm loving it?

Never sleep on my right side of course. Or my stomach. I tried sleeping on my stomach once but the miserable cats thought I was a teeter-totter.

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Like you, I had to start sleeping on my back on purpose due to back and hip pain. The first few weeks, the AHI was very high. But as I adjust pillows and the like, the lower it got. It still stays at about 3.x and sometimes up at 4.x but as long as I wake up feeling like I slept well, I'm okay with that. Letting go of the "gotta fix that data!!!" was hard for me, let me tell ya!

I have a feather pillow for my head. It goes from neck up and I mold it to where it needs to be (I have neck issues, too). Then I fold my body pillow in half and tuck it under my knees. We looked at some wedge set-ups to sit me up slightly, but that was cost prohibitive. Same with getting an adjustable bed.

If this is something you have to do long term, you may want to raise the head of your bed a bit. That should help a little.
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I am a back sleeper due to back issues in the last year. Before my back issues I lived sleeping on my stomach and slept that way most my life. It looks like I am doomed to back sleeping because of pain otherwise, but with my bipap it works well. I have a small nasal mask and don't move around hardly at all.
I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea so I do t even know if I slept on my side or back if it would be much better.(I guess it would.) I sometime want to "give it a try" sleeping on my stomach. However, currently the back pain is too bad to try it.
Kimberly from HonoluluSleep-well
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I'm a back sleeper, with a pile of pillows behind me so I am half sitting up.
I was really afraid when I started using a machine, I didn't think I would be able to sleep on my back anymore but thankfully I've had no real problems.
I thought back sleeping was a big no no for cpaper's?
Sleep Tight...
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The only time I sleep on my back is if I am having an afternoon nap. Otherwise I am a side sleeper in the recovery position.
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