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Backing up ResScan data
(12-22-2013, 11:15 AM)drgrimes Wrote: Mick, you are having some fantastic results especially considering that you are just starting. Congratulations!!

As far as your SD cards go. I think your best option, if you are wanting a second SD card for backup is this:
Copy your primary-locked card to the second backup card via your computer. You can do this a couple different ways. I doubt that your computer has two SD slots. Simplest way in my opinion is to copy SD to a folder on your desktop. Eject the SD via windows then put in your unlocked backup card. Then drag/drop, copy paste to backup. This way you are really double safe-on SD card and on PC desktop. Then you can use your backup SD in Sleepyhead or Rescan without fear of data loss.

After you have met compliance and you have looked at data many times, you will become less intrigued with it all. I look at mine about twice a week now unless something weird happens.

drgrimes you've done it again, solved my dilemma in two or three sentences.

I like your way of making a backup SD data card.

I'm doing all my work in Sleepy Head, which is a wonderful, wonderful program. Its is so easy in many ways, but especially using your backup system. Its never any problem losing the flow data, and I have it from my first day on the Auto Set on 12/19/13, many days past the 7-day limit ResScan keeps the flow data.

I've been having more difficulty lately (I'm PM you when I get the time), but I had a draft of the following weird problem getting data from my backup folders into ResScan.

You might already know about this "weirdness," and that's why you exclusively get data from the SD data card via ResScan's Import function.

Any way, if you haven't already, open ResScan and click on the Import function and browse to any folder. When I do that on my computer the Import Box is missing, as is a To window!

You can plainly see (in the below Attachment from ResScan's Help section), not only the To window, but the all-important Import Box that starts the actual importing of source data into ResScan!

If you want you can look above at my previous post (that has two attachments), and click on either until you get an image that says Import, with a window, but no Import Box.

That's my computer using ResScan to import data from a backup folder containing files that came directly from the SD data card that came with the machine when you got it.

Its truly amazing the lengths ResScan has gone to make life difficult.

You would think that any professional, who needs to look at all your data, would instruct you on how to make backups!

However, from what my DME and Sleep Center professionals tell me, one should never take the SD card out of the machine. You could lose all your data, and besides it will just make you more anxious and that, in and of itself, will keep you from sleeping.

There is a lot of truth in being blind to your condition, being a good patient, and following orders. Its much much less stressful; however, the well-publicized deaths due to mistakes in hospitals, as well as an era of patient's taking more control of their health has made things much different.

My first human biology teacher/scientist told us on the first day of class that all new doctors used to be told that: Remember, as long as you don't kill any of your patients, 2 out of 3 will get better!

If you notice the inefficiency and laid-back demeanor of staff in hospitals and doctor's offices (excepting ICU, operating room personnel, etc.), the truth of what he said still seems to ring true.

Its been shown how slowly (in terms of generations) that any culture changes, and so it's no wonder that ResScan was designed as a "clinicians only" program (from the horse's mouth when I called ResMed directly to get backup information).

Finally, I apologize for letting a brief post expand so much, and I want to emphasize what I said above, that there is danger in both letting patients delve too deeply into their treatment AND keeping then ignorant and blindly following orders.

For anyone else who wants to expend a lot of time and frustrate yourself (as I did), don't use drgrimes simple, recent above post and use ResScan exclusively, avoiding Sleepy Head, or thinking that "maybe" you'll check out Sleepy Head after you've mastered ResScan.

Even if ResScan has all the information Sleepy Head provides, its a maze compared to quickly getting around in Sleepy Head.

The only thing I'd like to see in Sleepy Head is a way, (after narrowing down a shorter time frame of a few events) to click on a particular event and have a vertical line drawn down through all the other charts at that exact time. It would be so much easier to see exactly where its occurring in, say, the charts that show flow, leak, mask pressure, pressure. etc.

I, for one, am very satisfied with all the help I've gotten in this thread. It has offered me the security to look at anything in my data and totally relieved me of the anxiety that my one SD data card would be damaged. I cannot know, nor can anyone else, if that flow data would be crucial to my doctor's decisions on how to treat me.

I suppose most everyone believes the "party line" that the really important data is the AHI, etc., and that is preserved on the machine; however, just during my 7 days on ResMed's S9 Auto Set, central apneas accounted for 93% of the AHI!

Bear in mind that my sleep study showed Obstructive Sleep Apnea, chronic, severe with centrals events and a complex picture!

Man! For a few days I could only take solace in robysue's distinction between the machine finding central apneas when awake, as opposed to when asleep.

When I drilled down and started looking underneath the AHI number, I found upwards of 80% of the central apneas (scary stuff) were artifacts that exclusively occurred when I was lying in bed awake, trying to get back to sleep!

A sleep study includes an EEG to show when you are asleep or awake. I learned from ROBYSUE that the machine does not have an EEG and is programmed to analyze asleep breathing, not awake breathing. It's normal during the day for you to hold your breath briefly when surprised, scared, or for many other reasons. But, the machine assumes you're sleeping!

For the past 2 weeks or so I am forever grateful to robysue for explaining this most critical point.

However, I would never have been "brave"enough to do so much with the data coming from my machine's one and only SD card, if it had not been for DRGRIMES who has both been a succinct expert and spent as much time helping me as would a close friend, who I am forever grateful!

The reason I was first asking about taking the card out of the CPAP (during the time I, a newbie) was using it during the day, was my worry that I would contaminate the data. Remember, this was in the context of the Sleep Center (who did my sleep study) recommending I use it at least an hour during the day to more quickly adjust.

What I had not read was how that could also apply to lying in bed, awake, trying to get to sleep; although I probably missed somebody else's post explaining that.

This post has gone on much longer than I intended and my stomach is rebelling; so, I've got to "go feed the beast." Rolling laugh
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Some have indicated that putting the card in without locking it can cause problems when it is returned to the machine.

This seems both possible and unlikely, so I will follow the rule about locking before putting into the computer (or computer external card reader); there are instructions and a picture here of an UNLOCKED card: SanDisk site

I can't post CLICKABLE links yet (new user) so you can just Google for something like this [ write protect sd card ] until I can make my required minimum post count.

There is also a short video 2:30 minutes which shows the normal locking and unlocking in the first minute but also shows how to use tape on some camera cards. I have used the tape method to make the regular slide lock stay in position (use high quality "magic tape" or something that is thin and sticks very smoothly.) "How to remove write protection from SD Card" - YouTube

When I get my machine, I believe that I will try imaging the card (making a full image into something like an ISO file) and then mounting the image to see if that is possible and to provide a quick backup.

Likely I will also (at some point) experiment with the idea of locking it or not and determine if the PC causes any problems.

Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

"We can all breathe together or we will all suffocate alone."
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I never had problems with my SD card but once I heard all the problems others had, it was so simple to lock the card before putting it in the slot. A word of warning: Those that I hear it happening to a lot are those that have windows 8.1 on their computers, so, if you are using that OS and version, better lock your SD card.
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If you are on Windows, ResScan stores your data here:

%PUBLIC%\Public Documents\ResMed

A good idea would be to back this data up regularly.
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