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Backup to NAS over LAN too slow
I backup daily to a NAS over a gigabit LAN. It takes too long.
I wonder if a SATA 3 HDD connected via USB 3 would be faster.

I'm thinking yes... but, I then sync two machines by updating the data files on a second windows machine over the LAN. I would have to use the SneakerNet to do this phase of the daily routine.
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A lot of people have gigabit LAN but then only have old 10/100 cards on their machines. The backup will only occur at the speed of the slowest device. Wireless connections are faster if all devices have 802.11ac capability, and the 5.4 mhz channel is faster.

Your best bet is to directly connect the NAS device for backup rather than going through the router if possible. Also consider upgrading any Cat5 cable to CATe
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Computer, NAS, and router all gigabit interfaces. Lights on router are green when connected to gigabit ports; blue for 10/100.
The NAS has to have an IP address assigned; and that's done by the router via DHCP. The NAS has a static IP assigned for its corresponding 6 byte MAC.
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Yes, no, and maybe. Unfortunately, you have to try it.

You can calculate the theoretical maximum transfer rate, but you rarely actually get that.

How big are the files, and how long does it take? What are you backing up? What OS?

Often the bottleneck isn't the actual electronic data rates. For instance, when backing up lots of small files, the actual data rate is slow because the OS takes a lot of time handling the file creation or access process. There's a little overhead for each file.
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How much drive space is left on the NAS?

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

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What type of daily backup are you making; full, incremental or a clone update? I find using XXCOPY with the /clone switch to be the fastest method for backups if no compression is needed. Not a bootable copy but great for data.

Starting with Win7, all bootable backup times are much slower than previously, even a daily incremental can amount to several Gigs since the system is quite active when doing very little. It may have something to do with the automatic defrag feature although I have never pinned it down to anything in particular.

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I'm using ROBOCOPY to make a copy of all significant places where data are stored.
That's the copy that's slow.
A typical command line is:
ROBOCOPY "%PUBLIC%\Documents\ResMed\ResScan3\Patients\Mongo, Just" "\\%NASNAME%\%MNAME%\%FN%\Mongo, Just" /S /E /R:0 /DCOPY:T /NP /LOG+:%ELOG%

Then, by Wireless N, I update files on a second machine -- it's quick because a date-time stamp is compared; and a copy is done only if a newer file is in the backup on the NAS.

Typical command line: (note the XO switch)
ROBOCOPY "\\%NASNAME%\%MNAME%\%FN%\%XFOLD%" "%PUBLIC%\Documents\ResMed\ResScan3\Patients\%XFOLD%" /S /E /XO /R:0 /DCOPY:T /NP /PURGE /LOG+:%ELOG%

Once a week, I use the Windows backup utility to create a disk image on an exterior drive over USB 3.
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Carry on. It looks like your speed issue will rest with whatever speed is being negotiated over the network based on the load imposed.

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