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Bad Infection, smelly CPAP
I remove tank every day, drain, only use distilled water.  After initial infection, I replaced everything but unit and tried to clean the base unit the best I could but i think it reinfected almost immediately.

When water gets low, smell gets terrible and sometimes even clear slimy coat in bottom. 

I've been on 4 types of antibiotics with a couple showing a little improvement during the 3-4 weeks now getting worse again taking cefuroxime. Interestingly it only seems to be the right nostril, sinus and ear (is this possible?)

Does my CPAP machine sound like it's infected?  I was living in a old house that had a mold issue before I moved in.  I'm reaching here lol.  I know it's rare, some doctors say impossible, for bacteria to grow in distilled water.  

First, any hints on treatment, i mean, we've tried all antibiotics? Second, any way to clean the fan unit?  It is definitely in the non "serviceable" part of it.  I've called the company and they say it's not possible, but it clearly is.  I mean, it's gotten so bad that I can smell it.  I am not using the CPAP at all currently.

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Remove the humidifier chamber, remove the lid and put in a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide, and swab with a cue tip or other small object that can get in the corners. Rinse and repeat. Refill with tap water, and dump it every day, allowing the tub to dry. Every two weeks repeat this cleaning procedure. Problem solved. This problem is because you are letting water sit in the chamber and refilling. You need to dump it daily. There is nothing sanitary about distilled water. If you have good drinking water, use it, and dump anything remaining every day. This will prevent any infection from establishing.
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How often do you clean your hose and mask? Since you’ve been sick, it would be good practice to clean weekly.

Also, change the filters in your Cpap.

I use only distilled water, but dump any left in chamber every morning.

Good luck and hope you start to feel better.
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I wouldn't worry about the inside of the machine. If the problem started in the humidifier then that's down stream from the inside of the machine. Agree with the cleaning steps above. I'll go one further you maybe better off using a new hose. Unlike the humidifier tray it's hard to completely clean the hose.
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I would soak everything in warm water with 30 ml of bleach or so, let soak 20 min, rinse. Will kill everything.
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I used to clean my house, tank, mask, everyday.
For couple yrs now I dump the tank every couple week or so. Throw in some white vinegar, let it set during that day. Rinse it out well and done.
Hose less than that. Mask probably once a week or so.

I've had sinus polyps removed, a bone removed from my sinus cavity some fairly major surgery on the old snoze.
Didn't change anything except go to a Fitlife mask for a couple days. No infections and kept using the machine as usual.

Your cpap isn't causing the infection.
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Mask monthly and hose bi-monthly.  I'm currently not using the CPAP since it keeps reinfected everything (including me) and has gotten to smell so unusual.  It's actually not a bad smell if you like wine/vinegar lol.  It still smells with the filter, hose, tank and all other removable parts, well, removed several weeks ago.  It's in the innards, the fan...

I dump the water every morning, leaving the tank out upside down.  I have replaced the entire tank and downwind peices with brand new (after sterilizying the outside and all I could reach with rags/qtips) and the smell may improve for a couple days but always returned and kept getting worse.

I don't mean to be rude but most of the suggestions so far I tried to say I've done in my original post- I probably didn't make it clear.

To stress this point- I have removed the tank/hose over a week ago and the unit still, well, reeks of bacteria even without having anything attached or being dry for months.
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Also, looking at the bottom, there is crud/dark smelly liquid leaking out of the bottom.

I've just got centrals, not obstructive and so it really doesn't help in my opinion. The docs keep telling me it will but I'm thinking when I wake up to start breathing again I probably jostle the bed, bedstands, CPAP...
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You have smell liquid leaking from the blower section? Perhaps the machine suffered a spill or overflow.

If you have centrals, a CPAP is not an appropriate device. What kind of AHI and CAI?
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If it's under warranty I'd try getting a replacement. If not you can either crack the case open and try to clean it or buy a new one. If it were me I'd buy a new one.
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