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Bernerbits' ongoing CPAP/meds/insomnia saga

Empowering aint' it? One less piece of stress in your life...remember if she calls, "when I want your advise, I'll ask for it".
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I'm still nervous she'll notice she's not getting my data and bug me about it... I'm working with a therapist on not needing everyone's approval.

But I don't think she's looking at it that close unless my doctor or I talk to her.
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Went to the DME and got my full face mask, an Amara View. RT took a couple more opportunities to chastise me for changing the pressure while I was there.

Anyhow breathing seems easier in this thing so we'll see how it goes tonight.
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My neurologist clarified that there is no harmful interaction between Zoloft and Provigil; she was saying that she didn't want to introduce yet another medication at this time with all of these recent changes, and the nurse misunderstood.
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Bernerbits, just curious if you have ever tested for testosterone. Don't get me wrong, I get mine from a syringe.
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No, why do you ask?
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Up to you, but with all the other sh*t you have going on, I thought it might be something like a root cause. It may be nothing, but if it's not where it should be, it might be the (or a) source of the anxiety, fatigue, confidence etc. It is not expensive or difficult to check. Just do a Google search on "testosterone anxiety".
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Pretty sure it's mommy issues Smile But I'll ask my doc next time I'm in for a checkup.
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Slept straight through from 10:30 to 4:20. No leaks with this new mask and it's very comfortable. AHI 3.5.
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hi bernerbits,

that's great news. what a different post than when you first started.

Finding the right mask is half the CPAP battle. You have other battles going on, so isn't it great to have settled on a mask that works for you.

As for the RT, sounds a little snooty, as doctors sometimes get when they learn that patients are doing things they learned about on the internet. If your RT doesn't know how much things have been improving, then RT may think you are desperately turning the nobs in a panic.

But you know that you are making considered decisions and step-wise improvements based on the data. If you do have future near term appointments, might be worth showing the RT the data and asking their thoughts and feedback on how to improve even further.

That might put the RT on your side trying to solve a problem rather than thinking you are randomly changing pressures in defiance of RT expertise. The data is hard to dispute.

And if that doesn't win the RT over, don't let them spaz you out. You have data to back up the steps you are taking and you are experiencing effective results.

best wishes for continued success

Saldus Miegas
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