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Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
My sleep study showed some low saturation levels and I am considering adding an oximeter device. I currently us an Airsense Autoset 10 apap, if that makes a difference

What is the best unit that works well with OSCAR?

Thank you
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
If you are using Windows then either the Contec CMS50F, or one of the Wellue's, SleepU, O2 Ring, or Checkme O2 Max will work,

If you use Mac, the Wellue is the only one with software for Mac. You could always use a VM with Windows 10 and run both brands, but it may be overkill just to run one program. Your choice.

For both units you use the supplied software to get the data off the oximeter, then import it into OSCAR.

The Contec only stores one night of data at a time, so you need to download it every day. Tha battery lasts about 3-4 days. You use the supplied cable to get the data onto your computer.
The Wellue SleepU stores 4 days of data but the battery only lasts 2 days. The Check Me is supposed to last 6-7 days. These use Bluetooth to transfer the data to your phone or computer.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
thanks for that comprehensive answer, I will look at buying one of the Wellue/Viatomtech devices, as I have started using Oscar as part of improving my AHI score.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
While looking for oximeters with logging capability, I stumbled on the Beurer PO 80, which you connect to a computer with a usb cable. Have you heard of it?
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
I have not heard of that brand. Remember, if you want to integrate your oximetry results with OSCAR, stick with the brands and models listed.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
I did a comparison of the Viatom/Wellue products and the CMS50F - the link is in the description, and I've added some stuff in the comments too,

The CheckMe O2 (the basic model) which is the same as the Visual Oxy - that battery lasts for 16 hours easily, and did so even though I used it for nearly 3 years every day for 14-16 hours a day. The CheckMe O2 Max lasts for 72 hours, so a week for most people, and it also allows recording to roll into a second session if you give over 10 hours, which the CheckMe O2 doesn't, you have to manually restart it. I've not personally used the O2Ring or the SleepU products, but I know others have.

Personally, I go Viatom even though I've tried both. The ring sensor is way comfier and less likely to fall off your finger than the duckbill sensor of the Contec products. But the biggest issue I have with Contecs is their tendency for the LED screen to fade to almost unreadably dim after maybe 6 months. On the other hand, as I said, I used the Viatom products for the best part of three years (probably closer to 5 or 6 years of "normal" use based on 8 hours overnight).

The Contec CMS50F is, however, probably the cheapest option available.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
FWIW I'm (one of the many) Viatom ring users. In general, I'm pretty satisfied with it, and integrating with OSCAR is straightforward, when you know the incantation.

My slight concern -- which I've already raised here -- is that it seems to read a little high, compared to similar devices. I believe other people reported the same thing. In most cases it probably doesn't matter but, if you're looking at SpO2 levels that are already hovering around 90%, that small error could be significant. This isn't a very accurate technology, in general, though; I don't know if another unit would do any better.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
Yeah, the standard for any pulse oximeters is about 2% on either side, so if it reports 95%, then you can be reasonably sure your oxygen is between 93 and 97%. That's normal, and they all make an estimate based on how much light is reflected from/through your finger and that can be altered by a whole bunch of things, including how good your peripheral blood flow is, the size of your fingers, if you're dehydrated, if you're anaemic or a smoker, anxiety, the colour of your skin, other drugs that you may be on, certain health conditions etc... the only accurate way to be absolutely sure is to have an ABG performed (which is painful and only a spot check at the moment the blood is drawn).

Personally, I didn't see an overall difference when I ran a night with a viatom on one hand and contec on the other, but YMMV. I would imagine the O2Ring might also be more prone to movement interference than the wrist-worn Viatoms with the lighter ring sensor.

Of course, if mine is running high, that's pretty terrifying for me! LOL It would mean even on supplemental oxygen, my average sats are about 89 while asleep. That said, the hospital unit that I am currently under (which is specifically for non-invasive ventilation using BiPAP and ASV, primarily those with more severe COPD, emphysema, post-infection lung damage etc.) use Viatom CheckMe O2s on their wards and to lend out to patients for reviews overnight. So use that info as you see fit.
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
FWIW I'm increasingly inclined to think that we can't really rely much on the absolute value that these units record. Depending where you are on the oxygen dissociation curve, that +/- 2% could mean a difference of 10%, perhaps even 20% in blood oxygen concentration.

I would expect that changes in SpO2 would be more accurately reported than absolute values. At least, I hope that's the case.

Best wishes, DS
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RE: Best Oximeter Device to use w OSCAR
Yep exactly. Generally speaking, your sats SHOULD remain pretty steady, all things being equal. The odd drop down isn't usually a big deal (I can spike my oxygen levels really low holding my breath), it's when you see a big change downwards, that's when it's a problem. And personally, if your sats are hovering in the low nineties all night, you're probably still going to feel that, if that's not normal for you. It's about knowing what is your "normal" and noticing when things change. But when you're getting to long stretches around or below 90%, that's definitely a time to be seeing the doctors.
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