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Best mask
Hi everybody!

New to both the forum and using Cpap.
I´ve got mine last Tuesday and has soon been using it for a week.
It is amazing! I sleep better, don´t wake up with a headache, not beeing tired all day are some of my problems that has just disappeared.

Now to my question.
I´ve got the Airfit N20 nasal mask. It feels good and works great when I am sleeping on my back. But I often change while sleeping to lying on the side and then the mask does not fit any longer. It starts to leak and I wake up.

What is your best mask for thoose who are side sleepers?
I want a nasal one since.

Many thanks!
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Ask for the Resmed Airfit P10 nasal pillows. End of story. Much easier to seal, lighter, quieter, and works in any position.
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Welcome! It is often suggested that we don't sleep on our backs as it can make the events more frequent and/or worse. So if you can learn to sleep only on your side that could be better for you. It also means that you can adjust your mask to not leak when laying on your side. That might work anyway.

As for what you actually asked Big Grin I am a side sleeper and the F&P Eson works well for me. You also need to train yourself to sleep with your face on the edge of the pillow so that the mask does not get mashed into the pillow. You want as little mask-pillow contact as possible. You can also find some pillow specifically made for CPAP, either based on a cut-out profile or the filling (e.g. buckwheat hulls or a combination filling). I have a buckwheat and form filled one that... I really ought to remember and try one of these night. I have too many CPAP Toys.
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I also started with the Airfit N10, after a month or so I switched to the F&P Eson mask which I found to be the mask for me, I can smash my face right into My Pillow
and have great success, I know you do want to stay on your back as Chill said.
I however flip from side to side and stomach ( must be like a fish out of water)
but the Eson stays put very well.
I liked the N10 but struggled to keep it from leaking. I have not tried the pillows yet as I have had great success with the Eson mask.
Good luck!
Maybe I should try the N20 , Masks are a very personal thing.
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The N20 is a brand new mask. Perhaps the PP is thinking of a N10?

Masks are personal. For example, I'm hoping to order a N20 next week.

Of the other two masks mentioned in the thread, the Eson (while it worked) drove me crazy due to the plastic nose bridge. This made it very hard to wear glasses or watch TV, and made me feel trapped by too much mask.

The P10s, while way cool, raised my AHIs. I'd still like P10s to work, as I love the minimalist design.

But my numbers are better with a Wisp nasal mask.

Although a relative newbie, I can see masks are a personal thing.


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Fisher and Paykel have a new F&P Brevida nasal pillows mask out now. I have not read any reviews from CPAP users yet, but it looks good and has some nice features. I have been using an Eson nasal mask for the last ten months with success however I am keeping an eye out for the Brvida nasal pillows and I may get one early next year if the reviews are good.

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Hi Cribbe,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the most challenging part of this therapy, so don't be shy about asking to try different ones 'till you find one that works for you.
Good luck to you on your CPAP journey, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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The Resmed P10.

Ultimately, all of us finally get a P10 after experiments with esons, f10, N10, swift, etc etc.

Resistance is futile!!
PRS1 Auto & Dreamstation Auto w/ P10 and straight pressure of 7cm. 
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"It is often suggested that we don't sleep on our backs as it can make the events more frequent and/or worse."

A couple of years ago my dme mentioned that with a mask, back sleeping shouldn't be a problem. I was never a back sleeper so I put this aside. Now, for a variety of reasons, I've trained myself to be a back sleeper, using a wedge pillow. After adjusting my minimum pressure up a bit, my ahi has never been lower. In short, for me, back sleeping has had no effect on my apnea/hypopnea events; quite the contrary. And leak issues are far less of a concern. I still roll over to my side from time to time.

I was a stomach sleeper and even with my face over the edge of the pillow, I had more leaks than now.
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Big thanks for all reply!

I have the N20 today. The hospital I am going to got it last monday and I was one of the first patients to try it.
It fits very well and are really nice to wear during the night.
Today I got the F&P Eson 2 and I will try it for a few days and see if it fits better than the N20 when I sleep on the side.

Many of you talks about the P10 and I have tested it but it does not fit my nose very well. I have tried both the small and medium.

I will also try another pillow, but I dont think the CPAP pillow will work for me.

I´ll keep you all updated if you want about my reviews of the masks in a few days.
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