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Best method for Heart Rate monitoring/correlation
Good Morning,

I am wondering what method people use to monitor continuous Heart Rate and correlate with Sleepyhead data.

I have an oximeter but have had issues with keeping it on my finger all night as well as problems with getting the time to line up correctly with the data from my machine.

I also have a garmin chest strap HR monitor that I use for cycling but I don't know if there is a way for it to collect data while I sleep and then correlate it with Sleepyhead.

I also have a Fitbit which will record HR while I sleep but I don't know how I can see the full graph of this data to correlate with Sleepyhead data.

Does anyone have a method that has been useful for monitoring HR and correlating with Sleepyhead data? Any tips or suggestions for what I can do with what I have?

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Good question ... I hope someone has some experience to share, as I am also curious.

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Time correlation was the biggest problem when I was trying to compare. Don't know about the ResMeds, but on the PR machines neither the user nor the clinician can reset the time on the clock if it is incorrect. I was cut and pasting graphs to allow time shift until I had a "duh" moment and just set the pulse/oxi clock to the same time as the cpap. Didn't matter that they were 23 minutes off from real time, so long as they had the same relative time.

Sleepyhead will import from the CMS-50F which is available from Supplier #19 among others. Keeping the sensor on your finger tip... when a bigger hammer doesn't solve a problem I generally resort to Gaffers Tape. Seriously - you may need to resort to using a surgical tape.
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Could you put the sensor on your toe? I can't stand the silicone one my finger, so I figure for future sleep studies I'll just put it on my toe (the sleep tech had told me that would be fine).
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(03-05-2017, 10:43 AM)doickle Wrote: I have an oximeter but have had issues with keeping it on my finger all night as well as problems with getting the time to line up correctly with the data from my machine.

The trick is to start the cpap at the exact time as the oximeter. I do this by setting the cpap to auto start, get the oximeter ready to record, mask up and hold my breath, start the oximeter and start breathing thus starting the cpap. Once you get both started at the same time it is easy to download the file by using the time stamp that Sleepyhead uses to record the beginning of the session. Whatever that time might  be. Right down to the second if you get them started together.
CPAP is a journey like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a long slow journey. You will face many problems and pick up many friends along the way. Just because you reach the poppies, it doesn’t mean you are in Kansas. 
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It's actually pretty easy to sync recorded information from your pulse oximeter into sleepyhead. I tried to find the explanation that I originally used to set mine up but couldn't located it. Basically you first have to load the SP02 software (mini CD) that comes with your recordable pulse oximeter, I have a CMS50D+. After you have recorded the data overnight follow the directions that come with the device to transfer the information into the software on your computer. It's important to use the cable that comes with the device. Once you have the data file created by the software, remember where it's located so you can find it again. Then open sleepyhead and follow the Oximetry Wizard to bring the information into sleepyhead. You will be able to select the start time and date manually which you can get that information from the Daily tab in sleepyhead for the day you want to sync. At times it can be a little bit confusing but once you've done it a couple times it will seem easy. Sleepyhead will then show graphs for SP02 and Pulse Rate as well as information in the Statistics graph on the left.

I'll keep looking for the tutorial I originally used. Even though I'm sleeping much better I still forget things like where I found it. I guess it has something to do with age  Oh-jeez
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I have been able to import oximetry data from my new CMS50F into Sleepyhead, but I am not able to find any graphical info presented by Sleepyhead. I see Oximetry Statistics on the Statistics page, but no other oximetry info. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
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In SleepyHead, look under File->Preferences->Waveforms->Oximeter Waveforms. Make sure that you have a checkmark in the Pulse Rate and SpO2 % parameters.  The other two have are not used on a "F" model.   You may wish to have it reported on the Overview screen. If so, check th boxes to the right of each parameter listed above.  Additionally, look at the Graphs dropbox, lower light of the Daily screen, and see if the graphs for these parameters are on (Green).  If not, adjust accordingly.
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Thank you for the response, but both the the Pulse Rate and SpO2 % parameters were already checked under waveforms.  The Graphs dropbox at the lower light of the Daily screen does not list Pulse Rate and SpO2 % so I cannot turn them to green.  Any other suggestions?
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They appear only on days with SpO2 data.
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