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BiPap to Cpap? Confused and why???
It sounds like your machine may pre-date the M-series. If it is a M-series, then there is a slot in the top rear with a credit-card sized Smartcard that has a chip that does have your efficacy data. It takes a special reader, so if you have that, let us know. Otherwise, I kind of agree with your logic. With good insurance you have no choice but to follow the failure protocol where you must progressively fail CPAP and BPAP to get to ASV. You may do fine on positive pressure alone, but with data, you will know within days if you are having CA or mixed apnea events. If your insurance has very high deductibles, then I would wait until the first of the year to start the process unless you have already met your annual deductible. This could take a while.
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I have read everyone's replies and I really appreciate it!

I finally got some answers from my MD.

My original sleep study showed I had both apneas, obstructive and central thus why I was put on the ASV right away. I have been on that machine for the past 5 years! They did say in the notes that it's possible that my morphine causes my central apneas. I have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, endometriosis, etc etc.

So fast forward to my last sleep study and now it's showing no central and just obstructive. So that's why they want me on the CPAP. Nothing has changed with my health and I am still on all the same medication. So I don't know if that's normal to originally show central and then now no central. My machine obviously has been doing well because I do remember from my original sleep study I never went into REM.

I have been really busy the last couple of days and haven't been able to look into the sleepyhead info. So I will do that and I am pretty sure my machine is capable because it does have the sd card and all of that.

Thanks so much again!
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The use of opioid medications was relevant information not provided here previously. Here is an article just for you: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4031404/

Even though your sleep study showed only obstructive apnea, it is unlikely that was representative for your problem. You might want to print that NIH article for your doctor. Meanwhile, get a data machine of any kind and at least you'll know whether it's effective.
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I concur, use the new machine and keep informed on what is happening when you use your equipment. Use Sleepyhead or ResScan or both. You can get downloads via this site.
I had to start all over again myself. First told CPAP would work for me, I checked with DME and asked them to provide me with the aircurve 10 auto for her. I really liked the machine, but most nights, I would get periods of CA's occurring one right after another, with not even a full breathe between them. When you get a dozen in a row I get very concerned about oxygen levels at that time.
Oh, if you can afford a oximeter, I would look into getting one. I started with a cms50d+ and got tired of replacing batteries and trying to keep it on at night, that I upgraded to the cms50F. I am waiting for a different disposable probe which tapes onto the finger to arrive the end of this month and will try to give a review of it on here. If oxygen drops below 88 you need better treatment.
most people do not go below 92 before mental ability is affected, but insurance wants below 88.
I ended up having a second titration for BIPAP, because I knew I needed better and insisted.
Insurance doesn't want to pay any more then they have to. ASV machines are very expensive. But if needed they can save your life. I almost died almost a year and a half ago. My body had gone into sepsis and I could not breathe. Spent almost 2 weeks in ICU unconscious and family not knowing if I would live. Hospital did not want me to leave without a bipap machine, insurance refused even with an entire month of oxygen vitals being recorded. So they got rid of me by sending me to a nursing home with orders for a machine, which they did not provide and wrote in their paperwork that I refused the equipment because they did not want to pay for a rental. That plus doctors whom did not speak english made me want out of there as soon as possible.

I have had to insist that I get equipment I need. Including oxygen during the day.
Please take care of yourself and monitor what is going on. This new equipment is amazing. Like having a sleep study every night. The old days of providing equipment only to monitor time you used it sucks.
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(08-18-2016, 12:44 AM)MeghanRx Wrote: So I guess my therapy has been working the last 5 years?

When you do get a chance, looking at the data will tell you for sure.

You can also download the manual for your machine. It's very likely that you can simply set it to CPAP mode with 8 cm of pressure.

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OK - I am a little confused by the thread myself, but let's try to parse some of it out -
1) Your SV machine does not need to be replaced for you to receive CPAP therapy at 8cm h2o, the "new" suggested level. It just needs to be reset.
2) I am unclear as to which model SV you have, but it has to be data capable with either an SD card or the older "credit card" size data collection card, either of which can be easily read. You said 5 years, which would suggest to me the SD card would have already been in use.
3) If you have already been prescribed with the need for an SV, and you have had this one for 5 years, and you are "compliant" under the usage guidelines your insurance company dictates (i.e. % of nights greater than 4 hours, or whatever), you are due for a replacement machine. You do not need to go through the get the brick, get re-titrated, get the bi-pap; get re-titrated, fight like hell for months to get the SV.
4) Now, I am not saying that somehow you do or do not need just cpap and not bipap auto SV advanced, I just am pointing out that people are making this a little more difficult than it should be equipment wise, probably because they do not want to pay for it.
Good Luck, and take a deep breath.

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