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Big variations in nightly AHI numbers
Hi - Any suggestions for trying to understand big differences in AHI numbers? After a month where my average was 3.5, the last several days I've had 3, then 9.5, then 0.4, then 8, then 7.5. One night 2 obstructive apneas, the next night 45. No apparent differences in my daily routine, stress level, sleep on my side, etc. - can't figure out why the fluctuations.

I've tried to upload SleepyHead data before but can't figure out how to upload it. Tried following the instructions but no success.

The good news? I still feel great in the day. Very little afternoon fatigue, which was my main symptom.

Thanks forum members - I always appreciate your thoughts!
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What problems are you having uploading your data?

Follow these instructions, it's fairly self explanatory.


Fluctuations in AHI will vary. Do you roll on your back during the night? You may not realize you do this. Are your obstructives showing up in clusters?

We can offer better advice if you would show us some data. What has your 90% pressure reading been?
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Check the leak levels on those nights.
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Get Sleepyhead and check the timing of the apneas. I can go the first 6 hours with an AHI <1 and end up with a final AHI over 10. Not any good sleep the last 2 hours.
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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Thanks for those links OpalRose.

I can get my SleepyHead charts all set and uploaded - until I'm at the Imgur screen where I've clicked on the Large Thumbnail and seen the linked BBC Code. But then what? Not sure how to get the images onto this forum board.

The Imgur instructions seem to just stop after I highlight the BBC code.


And yes - I can see my OSAs usually come in clusters. Maybe those are times when I roll onto my back.
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Once you highlight the code, copy the link.

Then come back here to start your post, click in the post where you want the link to appear. Then paste the link into your post.

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Last 6 nights of SleepyHead data - any ideas why the AHI #s jump around so much?

[Image: kfiskTy.png]

[Image: AhIH7SFl.png]

[Image: HmyECsql.png]

[Image: 8P6foTGl.png]

[Image: FyX8Vvwl.png]

[Image: yBYKmnLl.png]

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Most graphs are too small to read. Be sure to select Large Thumbnail in Imgur before selecting the URL. https://sleep.tnet.com/reference/tips/imgur I have no idea why the graphs are all in black and dark colors.

From the one graph I can read, events are primarily obstructive, and your minimum APAP pressure of 5.0 is not going to be the solution. You have a median pressure of 9+ with 95% pressures at 13+. With the Dreamstation, the machine simply does not increase pressure fast enough, and that is why, even on the best night, you have flow limitation and RERA. Consider your long-term average pressures, and do not set your minimum below that level. I think you will find the machine is much quicker to respond.
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Thanks SleepRider. Here are some of the graphs again with the large thumbnail selected:

[Image: 8P6foTGl.png]

[Image: kfiskTyl.png]

[Image: AhIH7SFl.png]

[Image: HmyECsql.png]

[Image: c4a5MZFl.png]
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Jane, is this how your graphs look on sleepyhead? I've never seen graphs that are blacked out like that.

Although, I do agree that your minimum pressure is too low. Just from the little bit I can read, the min pressure should be no lower than 9cm.

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