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Bipap & Tachycardia
(02-28-2016, 09:16 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: I use the same machine, but I think the nature of your problems, and reaction to therapy changes are beyond my experience. You seem to be on the right track with the changes, and working with your doctor. Your therapy settings can be accessed by pressing the home button and control knob at the same time. Then click the control knob on my options and you will see all the mode, pressure, timing, and other options. It might be useful to document them as a baseline. You can also check if Essentials or Plus is highlighted. This only affects the therapy results display you can see on the machine. You want that set to Plus.

I understand, there does not seem to be much about BiPap and Tachycardia on the web either. I just tried using bipap for 2 hrs without oxygen. All other settings being the same, and I had about 2 dozen Tachycardia events during that time frame. The oxygen does minimize them. Why with so much being exited from the masks, I do not understand. Just know what my results are.
If I raise Ipap, I know it brings on more Centrals. So cannot raise my Ipap any farther. Tachycardia does not follow oxygen levels at all, with some of the tachycardia occurring with oxiometer readings of 98% and most with levels above 95%. I have found that getting off of Bipap and onto on of my Oxygen concentrator will bring my heart rate down, like it did when I went to the Hospital. Just wish someone could give me a hint on why I am having these heart rate problems with this type of machine, and figure out how I should treat it. For some reason the oxygen is helping keep the tachycardia down. Like I said, I almost feel like I should use a canulla as well as the full mask. That way, I believe more of the oxygen would make it into my body.
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Martha, are you under the care of a cardiologist or pulmonologist specialists? These are questions for those guys who are a lot smarter and more educated in the matter than I am. If you are not currently under specialist care, you should consider getting a referral.
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Yes, I am under a Pulmonary Doctor. Her first recommendation was for me to continue using the machine even with my heart racing. When I told her I was not going to do that, and that I knew how to change the setting and had my own oxiometer, then she gave me permission to do my own titration starting at 17/13. Which I did and ended up at 18.4/14/4 with 2L of oxygen. I found that to be the best option. My tachycardia is virtually gone with the use of oxygen. But now I am trying to find out why I get these fast heart rates only when I use my BiPap. Is there something wrong inside my heart that needs to be fixed? My GP was saying she could send me for a stress test, but I have not heard yet where and when that will take place, not even a call to set up an appointment. I am also mobility challenged, and not sure how I can even perform a treadmill test. My thoughts now are that maybe I should take my BiPap into the doctor and use it and when my heart rate goes up, to take an EKG at that time. Up until now, all EKG's have been taken after having used oxygen and my pulse returns to normal and so the EKG reads normal. Next appt with pulmonary doctor is not until the end of April. I am just wandering if any others have had heart problems that do not show up until after they use a machine?
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You need a cardiologist. They can do a stress test without you having to exercise. No treadmill needed.
They chemically induce the cardiac stress using Lexiscan. (They used to use Adenosine.)
You can Google "Lexiscan" for more information.
You would be on a multi-lead EKG; and before and after imaging would be done.

Remember -- no one here is a physician. Your questions are beyond the scope of sleep apnea.
If they are dragging their feet on getting you to a cardio specialist -- call them every day and bug them!

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Tachycardia is within the cardiology specialist venue. I would ask for a referral there. There is nothing apparent in your respiratory features or use of PAP that should trigger tach events. A stress test is kind of the opposite of sleeping IMO. If you can find a cardiologist that is also a sleep specialist, then I think that is who I'd consult.

Edit: I see Just Mongo was here just as I was posting. I want to add for Martha that, you were effectively treated for sleep apnea by simple CPAP. It worked as it should. You moved to bilevel in the hopes of resolving tachycardia that evolved from CPAP use. I really don't see ANY PAP device as a treatment for latent tachycardia. This is strictly coronary or neurological in nature, and there are very specific interventions for tachycardia. I'm a little dismayed that your pulmonologist and GP attempted to deal with this issue without a cardio consult.
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Thanks everyone, I just heard back from my Primary Care nurse practitioner, and they have referred me for a 48 hour holter Monitor, I will be hooked up this after noon. Maybe now I will get some answers.
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