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Bloating with Aircurve 10 VAuto
I was diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea a little over 6 months ago. MD started me on CPAP and had a few great nights initially and was feeling more rested. Events per hour and AHI began creeping up and machine changes were made accordingly. Now I'm on BiPap 15-17 and AHI varies from 4-12 with most in the higher ranges. I've used my machine consistently for 6-9 hours a night since I was diagnosed. BUT, past few nights I'm getting painfully bloated and have to get up and walk around for some relief. I use a chinstrap with my Amaraview full face mask. Because of scheduling conflicts I won't see my MD til Sept. Any tips? Should I adjust my EPAP to a lower setting? Sorry bout the long message!
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Hi John - Welcome

I see that you're using SleepyHead. What does it show? . . . Any large leaks? What type of apneas and duration times are being reported?

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What types of apnea are reported? If you decrease EPAP, you may induce or increase Central Apnea.
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The bloated feeling is likely aerophagia (air ingestion) which is a consequence of the higher pressure. We have several members who have dealt with this problem successfully. Your bilevel machine is capable of providing a wide range of therapy including lower pressure on exhale. Without seeing the Sleepyhead data it's hard to make recommendations on your needs.

When you were on CPAP, what pressure were you prescribed? What AHI did you have and what types of apnea were indicated that you were switched to bilevel? Have you tried lower EPAP pressures or auto mode? If your machine is currently set to fixed bilevel, as suggested by your pressure 17/15, then auto mode could provide you considerable relief. With auto mode, you could use a lower minimum pressure, and let the machine increase pressure as needed to resolve obstructive apnea. In addition, the pressure support (difference between IPAP/EPAP) could be increased to provide additional relief.
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No large leaks last night. I've included a screenshot:[attachment=2666]
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Centrals were 2-2.5 before increasing pressures from 13-15 to 15-17. With this pressure centrals run 0.5-0.6. I've tried the tongue behind the teeth maneuver and have the chin strap as tight as I can and not wake up with a deep ridge across my scalp. I'll try changing from S to VAuto , thanks!
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Seeing your OA's and Hyp's, by chance are you a back sleeper?
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(07-16-2016, 10:08 AM)John Turner Wrote: I'll try changing from S to VAuto , thanks!

Don't just change the mode. You'll have to set minIPAP, maxEPAP and PS. In my opinion, I would go back to the earlier Vauto setting in your screenshot: minIPAP =8, maxEPAP = 18 and PS = 4. Then look at new data and perhaps up the minEPAP to as much as 12 -- but not all in one step. S-l-o-w-l-y while following the data.

Why did you switch from the original settings? Present settings defeat the purpose of having a bilelvel machine.
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"Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe." JFK Jan 20, 1961
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If your bloating is caused by swallowing air you could try using a cpap pillow. When I started on bipap over a year ago I had a big problem with swallowing air. In the morning if there would have been a farting contest I would have been a clear cut winner. I would pass air for an hour or two . I saw a cpap pillow in the therapists office so I purchased one. From the very first day I used it I no longer swallowed air. It was a remarkable and welcome change. The pillow was not cheap . I paid about $100 for it but that was money well spent. Good luck.
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Thanks all....I'm using a CPAP pillow and really like it. I'm a combo back and side sleeper probably mixing it up pretty well during the night.
justMongo, the current settings were dialed in by the RT with my sleep doc's (Cardiologist) approval. ( FYI,I don't have any cardiac problems, I have worked with my sleep doc a number of years as an RN in a cardiac cath lab and approached him with my symptoms a few months ago. Saying all that because I didn't won't to complicate my scenario with a cardiac history.)
I've reset machine from S to VAuto...hope that brings some relief!
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