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Blood Pressure etc
Hi y'all
I'm a very new user (4 nights) after a whirlwind diagnosis, sleep study and seeing a physician because of severe health problems. My AHI on my back was 69.7 and on my side was 39.4 so after the first night with my S9, seeing the AHI on my machine down at 7.9 was wonderful. Last night it was 1.1....even more fantastic. However, when I did my blood pressure this morning it was still very high. How long do these sort of symptoms take to rectify.....I guess I'm just very impatient. I was dreading cpap but it's not nearly as bad as expected and given the immediate results, I'm really happy.
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RipVanWinkle, welcome, because we are all different, everything take different times for symptoms to rectify themselves and in the odd occassion they may not be fixed. Most people get a sudden burst of energy which can last a few days, they then go back to where they were and over the next 3 - 6 months slowly feel the affects. Some people feel better staright away and some take longer. A lot depends on the serverity of sleep apnea and how long you have been undiagnosed. Just keep at it and keep a positive attitude and ask any questions, good luck.
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Your high blood pressure could be caused by many things, and improved by many things. For instance if you are a high salt eater, reducing your sodium may help. If you are overweight, then of course losing weight and exercising will help. Possibly you need meds to control it as well.

The point is your apnea can create massive problems with your health over a period of a number of years, and it takes awhile for the body to respond to changing conditions. So enjoy your new sleep therapy, and do whatever is required to get the rest of your symptoms in hand.
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Hi RipVanWinkle,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
CPAP therapy can take some getting used to. Your body is still getting used to this new way of sleeping, give it time.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Don't expect overnight improvement of symptoms, even those directly related to sleeping.

Many people report it takes weeks or months, sometimes longer before they feel noticeably better.

You do start healing as long as you get effective treatment.

Also, OSA may not be the entire cause, only a contributing factor, to some of your symptoms.
Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

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My heart issues (Caused by my OSA) took roughly ten years to resolve. But the heart Doc didn't think it *ever* would, so I am pleased. Some folks see changes in a few weeks, others in a few months - it will honestly depend on how long you have had this condition untreated. I had a resting heart-rate of 122, that would not go down. It took ten years of CPAP and heart meds (one, or both - who knows), and now my resting heart-rate is in the low 70s. And, I am off those meds now.
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

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A few years, my blood pressure went bonkers. We had it wonderfully controlled for years and then it just shot up. Went through a lot of heart tests then finally the sleep doc was consulted. After a night with the oximeter, my CPAP pressure was increased and within I guess 3 months, my blood pressure was back to normal. Best reason right there to advocate for a data-capable machine. If I had one, I would not have had to go through all those expensive and frightening tests.

Anyway, it will take time. That is if CPAP is the main cause of your hypertension. Mine isn't but it does make it worse.
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Thank you all for your replies and support.
Due to my thyroid, my blood pressure us usually very low, so when I saw the BP after my sleep study, I was shocked. It does how down during the day, but the am one is still very high.
Herb....it was because of being hypothyroid that my SA wasn't picked up earlier. Doctors seem to have tunnel vision and put every ailment down to the one cause....hence his panic when the sleep study results came through.
I'm so glad that I seem to have chosen the best machine and mask for me, so I've taken to it well.
Glad to be a member too....many thanks.....I'll now work on the " patience" bit!
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I have a high BP issue due to non sleep issues, but the medicos are hopeful that PAP therapy will help bring it back down to pre-accident levels. Currently taking medication to control it and monitor it daily so hopefully with weight loss and PAP therapy I will dump the meds, but it will take time. Even after 3 months of PAP, my BP did not drop naturally so the meds were prescribed, hopefully as a short term solution. It may take some time to see some improvements, some will be more immediate.
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Welcome RipVanWinkle. You are so lucky to have taken to your mask and machine so early on.
As most people have said patience is important. My motto is one day at a time. Be thankful for all the small positive changes you feel.
Your AHI results are excellent and you seem to have a great attiude so just keep doing what you are doing and take one day at a time.
Sleep Tight...
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