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Bug: Viatom data reappearing in OSCAR after deleting oximetry data
Bug: Viatom data reappearing in OSCAR after deleting oximetry data
Hi there. 

This is a bit of complex one but I think I've tracked down the issue.

Since I've figured out (thank you Crimson Nape!) how to tweak the oximetry time/date in the Viatom binary files, I've discovered that if you delete the oximetry data for the day, there are times when the OLD files will reappear - not just for THAT day but EVERY day where you have deleted a file for any reason.

After much fiddling around, I have a workaround (for now) but the bug seems to happen when you import more than one data file at once. I think perhaps it's keeping a cached copy (or path) of the binary somewhere and reimporting ALL the missing files somehow? The trouble is that the original files need to stay in the viatom folder so that they can be read into the Viatom software, and I can't upload them from another folder, or I don't get the correct device info/serial number (which as OSCAR can't display 2 different devices of the same type on the same day means that you can only see one or the other, but not both). Either that or it's not actually deleting the data, it's just hiding it, and something is resetting the display option to show it again.

How to replicate:

  1. Open OSCAR and load up a profile
  2. Upload the relevant CPAP data for several days
  3. Import more than one Viatom data file for any number of days.
  4. Go to the data menu and delete the oximetry data for one of the days.
  5. Restart OSCAR and check for sure that the data has been removed (this isn't necessary to recreate, but it demonstrates that it's not simply a display issue where it appears to be deleted but isn't).
  6. Import at LEAST two more viatom files into a new day.
  7. Restart OSCAR (this may not be necessary but I'm not sure).
  8. Go back to the day where you deleted the Viatom data from. You should now see the old files have reappeared. 

Expected behaviour:
Once the data is deleted,  it shouldn't reappear when further data is uploaded.

  1. Upload the viatom data files one by one. Not a huge issue if you do your data session by session but a bigger one if you do it once a week or so.
  2. Simply leave the "old" files unticked so they aren't displayed.
For reference, I've tried this with and without running OSCAR as an administrator, I've tried purging the whole day, CPAP data and all, I've tried all kinds of combinations and I THINK this is the actual trigger - uploading two or more viatom data files after you have deleted some. I thought yesterday that I had fixed it simply by running as Administrator but today I waited until before bed to upload my data and uploaded two files at once and boom... back comes all the old data again. For reference, the deleted files' data is displayed on the charts (which is interesting when it leads to overlapping data) and unchecked data boxes (where the state normally persists) is reset to redisplay them. So if you forget and upload two again, you have to go back and delete/hide the data all over again.
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RE: Bug: Viatom data reappearing in OSCAR after deleting oximetry data
The current OSCAR Viatom code will import every file in the directory when you select more than one file to import on Windows (i.e. the file selection is ignored). On Linux you can only select a single file and on MacOS you can select a single file or directory (and if you select a directory it will import the entire contents of that directory).

This is clearly confusing behavior and I'm hoping we'll agree to change this to allow multi-file import and only import the files selected (which is what I've done for the Somnopose loader in the next version and hope to extend to the other non-CPAP file loaders).
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RE: Bug: Viatom data reappearing in OSCAR after deleting oximetry data
Ahhh Wow ok thank you for clarifying. I was going CRAZY trying to figure out what was going on. Thanks for the clarification. Easier workaround then - temporarily move the other files out. LOL Thanks for letting me know, and yes, hopefully, that will change in future.
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