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Buying CPAP from overseas
Hi, I have been an avid reader for a few days since I had my first sleep test. I am in Australia. Reading what everyone has to say I have worked out I need to buy Resmed S9 Autoset, this is correct?
They are so expensive in Australia. I would be eligible to receive from the Government a Resmed Escape free of charge but what I read on here, they are not very good.
I could scrape enough money up to buy the S9 Autoset from U.S.A. For half the price it is in Australia but I am wondering how I would get my prescription put in to it and what happens when I have to get the prescription changed?
Are there any Australians on here that have bought their products in the U.S.? I would love some advice please.
I have no idea how to read my sleep report. Have had very little help. I was told my AHI was 17.5. I do not know where this figures in the scheme of things. I don't know how long I stopped breathing for.
Sorry for my post being so long.
I have enjoyed reading through all your forums. You are a great informative bunch.
I would appreciate any help I could get thank you.
Sleep Tight...
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Welcome Gabby, you are correct about the price basically we get ripped off, I assume you are going public and don't have insurance (insurance will only cover 20% anyway). When I bought my CPAP the machine and mask cost me $2,500, I didnt know what I was doing so it was the best thing for me. Now I know, the next time I will buy it over the net. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, if you get it from Australia obviously it costs more but most companies will change it if you want and you can try as many masks on as you want. Masks are more important or at least as important as the machine and if you don't get the right mask over the net it can be expensive. On the other side it is around half price but you take a risk of not getting the right machine and mask the first time.
On the settings, your sleep specialist should right you a script with the pressures needed, you can then change them with some help from us.
In the Resmed range there are 3 machines, an Escape (cheapest model) blows constant air and you cant see any real data, the Elite (mid range) constant air but you can take the data off the Simcard and take your therapy into your own hands and the one I and most have the Autoset (most expensive but best) you ahve a high and a low pressure and it goes up and down as you need it and is fully data capable. Aa fixed or constant pressure means say your pressur is set at 10 it will stay at that all night long. Auto means you set it at say 5-15 and when you have an apnea it will raise and then lower when needed.
There are pretty much the same machines in the Phillips range.
In masks you have a huge range, there are 3 types nasal pillows, nasal masks and full face masks, you should read up on the different masks as I said it is the most important part of your treatment.
If you AHI is 17.5 or you stop breathing for 17.5 times an hour for more than 10 secs per time, you have moderate sleep apnea (15-30). Your pressure would be set at around 10. If you want to go cheap and can stand a reasonably high pressure all night and dont want to see your data go the Escape, if you want something that is more comfortable and want to see your data daily or weekly go the Autoset. Your pressure would be set at around 10 as a guess but that would depend on your specialists thoughts. Please ask any questions as it is a big decision and can be expensive but if you get it right it could be the best decision of your life, I'm sure you want a good quality and long life, good luck
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(12-15-2013, 03:02 AM)Gabby Wrote: Reading what everyone has to say I have worked out I need to buy Resmed S9 Autoset, this is correct?
Hi Gabby, welcome to Apnea Board
Both suppliers #2 (new and used machines) and #10 ship to Australia, sometimes not always might ask to fax them a copy of prescription
Suppliers List http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...plier-List
You cannot go wrong with either Phillips Respironcis System One Auto (PRS1) 550 (50 series ), 560 (60 series with the heated hose option) or ResMed S9 AutoSet, both are most popular machines but PRS1 is about $300 cheaper which is nothing sneeze at
Supplier #1 - don,t ship these machines to Australia but is good place for info especially PRS1

Archangle:Machine Choices http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ne_Choices

AHI 17.5 put you in moderate category just above the cut off for mild category
Apnea hypopnea index (AHI) http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=AHI

Check with your electricity supplier, you may be eligible for rebate and Centrelink for "Essential Medical Equipment Payment"

As a newbie, sure you'll have a lots of questions, feel free to ask, lots of helpful folks around here knows exactly waht you,re dealing with
Tips for new CPAP users http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...CPAP_users

Best of luck to you

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Although I haven't purchased xPAP devices from the U.S., I have had no issues with mask, humidifier tubs or tubing purchases from Supplier #10.

Also, even if you're purchasing an xPAP device from the U.S., take the freebie Escape anyway. Having a backup is never a bad idea. Hopefully you also get a free mask - It will be a good guide as to pillow/cushion sizing for when making online mask and/or replacement parts purchases in the future.

Good luck with your therapy.
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Tez62, Zonk and Surly, thank you all so much for your quick informative replies. I cannot believe that you have given me so much information.
I would definitely buy the mask in Australia. I will have a look at the Phillips if it is $300.00 cheaper, that is nothing to be sneezed at. You think it is comparable to the Remsed Autoset S9?
If I did buy machine overseas, when I get the first prescription, who would put that in to the machine? I like that you said Tez62 that after the initial script was put in, that people here would be able to help me, is that right?
Thank you for giving me info on my AHI, it now means something to me and I have an idea of how long I stopped breathing for.
No wonder I want to sleep all day long. I just want to get hooked up to a CPAP so I can start to live some sort of normal life again, I hope.
I don't suppose you can head me in the direction of any where decent to buy my machine from in Australia? Also what do you think about 2nd hand machines?
Surly, good thinking about Escape as back up. Will think about that. Still have to buy humidifier and mask and rent for two months before they give it to me.
This is all such a minefield. I am completely overwhelmed by it all. Thank goodness there are good people like yourselves willing to help the uninitiated.
I am sorry for all the jumbled questions.
Sleep Tight...
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If you get the freebie Escape, you can buy an AutoSet with a humidifier from here in the US and use the same humidifier on either machine...all S9 machines use the same H5i humidifier, so you can switch it back and forth. If you want a spare humidifier you can just buy another from here as well.

If you find out what pressure your machine is supposed to be set to (prescribed) we can walk you through the "clinical settings" of just about any machine so you can set it yourself. If there is no pressure specified or just a broad range like 4-20 on the Rx, then you are intended to have an Auto anyway and the freebie will probably be an Escape Auto, which is a little better than a regular Escape, but still no data - data is very important for making sure your pressure is adjusted right.

Phillips Respironics System 1 60 series Auto is every bit as good as ResMed S9 AutoSet, but the two machines do differ in the way they determine therapy pressure in Auto mode. Some prefer PRS1, some prefer S9 AutoSet...but I think it mostly just has to do with which one you get used to first - then the other feels strange. The only problem I can see with getting a PRS 1 is that then the humidifier would not be able to be interchanged between your main machine and the back-up Escape freebie.

Check supplier number 2 for good deals on used machines as well as new "open box" machines. They are also a good place to find deals on used humidifiers. I've never had a problem with them and I think they do a really good job of cleaning up and only selling stuff in tip top shape.
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Hi Gabby,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I echo what has been said so far.
Best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy and ask as many questions as you need to help you in your understanding.
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Decided to have a look at which make of Cpap machine I have, pleased to say I have a Res Med S9.
The deal here in New Zealand is, once it is established you have sleep apnea, you go to the the hospital and, I was given the above machine.

I note mine is made in Oz and yet you say it costs less in USA.

I have an appointment tomorrow to see how I am getting on.

Suddenly realized I am talking to much.
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Gabby someone on this forum told me that this contrary to some policy or rule concerning insurance, or maybe Medicare, not sure. I got the escape, and soon found out that I really wanted the Autoset. It is miles better for a lot of reasons.

We all know that everything boils down to money. I have gotten to be friends with my DME. It's owned by one person who is there everyday. When I asked he said "your insurance and medicare will only pay for the Escape, AND you also have to get an RX for the Autoset. This part is important, be sure to ask your sleep doctor for the Autoset RX. The DME can only get you what's on the RX.

To get to the point, I asked my DME if I could just pay the difference, which was a little over $100. He said YES!! I had to exert a little pressure at my doctor's office, but got the RX, and the same day got my Autoset.

Rules and policies may be different in Australia, so proceed carefully. You have some other Aussies on this forum that I am sure can be great resources.
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I haven't ever heard of an insurance company that would only pay for an Escape. My insurance company paid for the S9 Elite back in 2011 (no rental; paid outright per contract with my employer). Then my new insurance company paid for the S9 Auto Set but is renting it. As others have said before, a lot of times, the DME says things like this because they make more money from providing the Escape and that is probably the only reason they stock them. Insurance companies have to pay for the script as written in the case of CPAP devices as long as the patient has coverage for that. I had a DME tell me one time that I had to pay an additional $70 for a separate item because they claimed it was an upgrade. I became concerned about that as I had talked to a different DME and what I had gotten was not an upgrade (special order as the DME claimed) but was a stock item. So, I went to that DME and ordered mine and the insurance paid for it and I did not have to pay $70 over and above what my insurance paid. I then reported the DME to my insurance company and the insurance company reimbursed me for 2 of the 3 items. BUT, they did not do anything to the DME provider. We have to be careful and there are some things that are hard to verify. When I was told I had to pay $70 more than insurance paid, I called my insurance company and all they could tell me was that it was filed as a special ordered item and that is why I had to pay for it. The insurance company wasn't paying attention to this as what I got was not a special ordered item or a custom item.
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