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CMS-50F Recording Oximeter Questions.
CMS-50F Recording Oximeter Questions.
I have used a CMS-50F Recording Oximeter that allows you to monitor your Sp02 levels thru the night. You can also print out a Summary Report. Cool

The unit costs about $100 on ...... yes.... EBAY, about $250 from CVS, Wallgreens, Walmart,.........

A Res-med recording 02 meter that plugs into my Resmed S9 cost vary from $900, to $1100.

Both the large sleep center in my area........ and the large Medical Supply house that sells all the CPAP equipment say they have never prescribed or issued a SP02 recording unit for a CPAP user.

I wonder if this is because it is not of importance ?........ or because no one else is as "obsessive" as I am about data ?, or is it a money issue? or is it simply because it is not what is "usual and customary?, or something else? Huh

Moving along..........I have used the unit for 9 months now.

I am currious as to what others who use the device are finding for values, effectiveness, etc.

I have noticed that if the summary report gives the below readings, I am likely to feel wors and have less energy.

1. Sp02 "total"events" greater than 10 or 15,

2. Pulse "total events" greater than 80 or so.

3. a event(s) that drops lower than 87%

( I get upf first, eat breakfast, etc and note how I feel; I then fire up the computer to download the data ....so that I am not biased to the data)

The arlam is great; However it also disturbs my sleep; although it is meant to warn/wake you when your SP02 drops below the value you set it to. ( I figure it goes off about one in 3 nights....... and sometimes 3 to 5 times on a "bad" night)

So which is "worse" being woken up with the arlam several times in the night............and perhaps changing sleep position .................... or turn the alarm off and let your SP02 drop ?

It is interesting to note that a friend who has ongoing AHI 3 times my values....... has Basel Sp02 about 1.5% greater than me using my recording meter.

My old DME did not see the value of a recording 02 meter and dismissed it and simply said the "sharp peaks" on the graph for a entire shows that the unit is not correct and the graph must contain mostly "artifacts" ( ie unit not contacting finger, bad data, etc)

My % artifact per the report is usually less than .2% and historically if my 02 levels are high, I feel better..........

New DME seems to like the data...... but is new to a patient recording this kind of information ......

In conclusion I would like to see what others who use the device are getting for the various types of data. Big Grin

I realize every body is different, and the data will vary; however I do not have a baseline to judge myself with.

So what is your ..........

Total Sp02 events
Total Pulse events
% artifact
Basal Sp02 %
Events below 88%
Do you use the alarm feature?
How low does your Sp02 go?
How well accepetd is your use of a recording Sp02 meter to your DME?

Thanks again,


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RE: CMS-50F Recording Oximeter Questions.
I have been using my CMS50-F a good deal.
Initially to verify that I was having sleep issues.
Since I was going to desats below 89% half the night, it really saved my butt.

I suspect the reason the DME's are igoring these devices is because they see no profit in them because
a lot of them are mass produced consumer electronics now.

To make things more complicated a lot of the lower priced ones are junk and if anything are prone to
not detecting a more serious event when it happens.
(false negative)

Now I use mine to verify that I am staying *above* the 90% mark all night.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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RE: CMS-50F Recording Oximeter Questions.
I showed mine to my sleep doc and he was amazed at the price and the fact that the software was free. I don't know what he is doing with it but he bought one. The accuracy of both his and mine were comparable to his $800 units.
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RE: CMS-50F Recording Oximeter Questions.
Simple mass production.
Granted the CMS50 family are not industrial quality and cannot take the same kind of beating, but they do work fine for the home user.


Big Grin
"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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