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CMS50K Oximeter
I have not used an oximeter with Sleepy Head as of yet. Contec appears to have recently come out with the CMS50K. My question is in regards to sleepy head and whether it is possible to import this data. There is next to no information available that I can find from Contec and I cannot tell what format the data comes in. If it is not possible to import directly, do the other models from Contec export data that could be edited easily by importing to excel (or similar) and exporting from there? Or better is there any knowledge of future support from Sleepy Head? The Sleepy Head literature mentions nothing of this model from what I could see.

I'm mostly curious to look over the heart data, but it may likely be worth going with the 50I instead. Any insight would be appreciated...thank you!
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I purchased the CMS50k a couple weeks ago for monitoring my apnea. The build-in SpO2 meter is a bit tricky but either way not suitable for monitoring apnea during sleep. The plug in monitor does seem to work okay. I wore it the whole night long.
but now the problem: I am unable to retrieve any of the data from the watch. The software that goes with the watch downloads some data, but it certainly doesn't display any of the data obtained with the SpO2 sensor; for the build-in sensor it only displays an average value. Same for the ECG data. I am rather disappointed. If someone knows how to get the data out of this thing???

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I basically forgot about my post above on this subject its been so long. After not hearing any feedback I decided to gamble and buy the CMS50K. It just came in today, however, no disk was included with software and I have not found any place that has it posted for download. I will be working through the details this weekend myself and will post again as I work through this. If you have learned anything in the last week, please share. It might just be us two who has just went for it.

My perception when reading about their other Contec devices was that they could typically export data from the software to a csv file. I was putting my money on that export file for the ability to import to Sleepy Heady for a side-by-side comparison. That said, I will be working this until the end to get this to work. Hopefully sleepy head will eventually support this unit though.
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Hi; the instructions are indeed poor (I hope that Contec is reading this and reacts; a mail to them has gone unanswered). For both apple (apple store) and android there is an app (harder to find): PHMS, which can be installed. Once installed you need to set up an account. In my case I gave a user name and a phone number (required); found out after a lot of fiddling that actually the phone number was set as my login, and the last 6 digits of it are the password).
To connect to the watch, hit the scan button and also 'activate' the watch: make sure the time is shown. Once connected, the Bluetooth icon on the watch blinks.
Upon collecting SpO2 data it takes a lot of time to synchronize data, implying that the data are transferred. However, I can't access those data. The only SpO2 data I can access is that observed with the build-in SpO2 sensor, and then only an average. ECG data are also not transferred.
Note that the app works poorly; quite sure that the data are uploaded to a Contec server in China, with a poor connection (from where I am at, which is far away from China). This server can be accessed directly as well by going to contec365 dot com. There you can download some stuff but also log in using the same username and password. Again, detailed data I have not been able to retrieve. If you find the solution, please let me know.
On this server you can also find a program called PM10 which is for retrieving SpO2 data (not specifically for the CMS50K). Downloading is a challenge because of the poor connection; eventually I succeeded, but I am still unable to retrieve data. It looks like it that PM10 doesn't recognize the CMS50K watch.
Contec, if you read this, please fix the software. The watch may well be a cool new device, but the support software is terrible. Shame.
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I had a bit of an email discussion with Kevin Cooper of Supplier #19 last night. Aside from the pulse oximeter section of the site being under revision, we discussed some of the newer Contec devices. He hadn't yet heard of the CMS50K, and said that the CMS50I and IW hadn't yet received FDA approval for sale in the USA, even though it is four years old. I haven't (and won't) looked into this aspect, but possibly the FDA would like to see that same documentation we would like to see.

As i mentioned elsewhere, I am not very impressed with the Contec's device support, but they seem to be the only affordable game in town.
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Has anyone been able to visualize continuous Sp02 data from the CMS50K watch?  

I downloaded Sp02 Assistant software from Contec which runs on my Windows 7 computer.  However, the software does not recognize the watch.  I have confirmed that the watch is on and is broadcasting as device Sp02092088.  I can see the device on the add devices Bluetooth menu, and double clicking on the device makes the Bluetooth symbol on the watch turn blue - so the computer is "seeing" the CMS50K and the CMS50K is reacting to the pairing request.  However, the pairing fails with a generic notice, suggesting the pairing code may not be correct - however, there is never an option to enter a pairing code or to press any particular button on the watch to complete the pairing.  

The watch is advertised as allowing real time Bluetooth monitoring of Sp02 on a windows computer.  Also, I want to review overnight oximetry.

Has anyone had success with this watch?  Ultimately, I want to get oximetry data in Sleepyhead on a mac - seems like I have a long way to go because I cannot even get it to work on a PC.
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