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I used to 'buy' that 10% market argument but not now. Instead think of the US market as 110% of it's former self....why not? The border is just an imaginary line. We buy most crap from them and China anyway. We sell oil to them cheaper than we pay. Looks like a one-way deal to me. Do we pay more for cell service because our air is colder? That 'market' argument makes no sense but the Canada Post one does. I'll give you that.
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I'm not sure about BC but in Ontario (our provincial medicare provider) provides strict rules that requires vendors to supply an initial CPAP machine at a reasonable cost (about $860.00 Canadian with ~20% cop-pay). They are required to supply a complete system but not necessarily that which the client had used in their trial. Many people have additional health care insurance that will help fund the initial system and pay for additional CPAP supplies (up to a set annual limit). The cost of the more popular masks and heated airlines etc are often pushed as add-ons at a highly-inflated cost (typically 2-3x what you can find online even if shipping and handling charges are included). You may need to provide a copy of your prescription (scanned and emailed) for many items. As with any internet purchase there may be week or so delay before receiving your order so it helps to build up a supply of common consumables. The supplier that I am presently using, Canada CPAP Supply, has an online, Canadian dollar catalogue but ships from a Florida warehouse - which adds a couple of extra days to the shipping delay due to customs/broker issues (so far no additional charges have been added).
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Thanks, GG. Appreciated. But, you see...........I live on a remote island. Very remote. It was suggested I get tested so I went into a town and was tested. I had sleep apnea. 36 times a minute! That seemed too high to ignore. Especially with all the warnings that went with it. My technician was a sexy, busty, attractive 30's something that used charm and an open blouse instead if information to sell me. I was NOT impressed. I have known more subtle hookers (long story). When she then sprang the $2500 price on me, I walked out. I do not have insurance. I do not belong to medical plans. Always worked alone and that is part of the price you pay - no group anything. So, knowing I needed one and NOT liking her, I went out and just bought one. Black market. Craigslist. Learned how to adjust it and have been good ever since. But, of course, you need to renew things now and then. Bought a second one for back-up (just like living remote) and that one needs renewables, too. Prescription? Fuggedabout it. I could get one (it was the visiting GP suggested getting tested) but I didn't. It's been seven, maybe 8, even nine years. Living remote has a lot of benefits - one of them is seeing shysters clearly. And this is one of the more easily seen cons going. So, I am buying but I have to buy as cheaply as possible. There's no money living in paradise.
Jus' sayin'....
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And the provincial medical insurance in BC covers a grand total of absolutely nothing for CPAP unless you qualify for low income assistance.
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I was just in seeing the sleep doc, looks like I may "officially" be prescribed an ASV machine...so, I looked up prices as I need to get a quote for my extended benefits...and I found that the supplier I use from the USA quotes almost the same price in US dollars that the vendor here that I use does in Canadian.

US vendor quotes $4500 US dollars without the heated hose, that is an extra $32.00
Vancouver vendor charges $4550 Can dollars including the heated hose.

all fun and games isn't it???

may we all breathe easy....

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I do not KNOW. I just 'imagine' that I know.....(like Trump) but why wouldn't they be comparable at $4500???!!! A machine that can be mass produced in China (not that I like that) for $25.00 is retailing for $2000.00 and up and, likely double that to insurance companies and institutions still has some price limits. I am guessing that, as soon as they hear the word 'insurance companies', the price goes up.
OK. I am a cynic and a grouch and a know-it-all. I apologize. But I didn't get this way without seeing greed in all it's manifestations for a long, long time and this walks like, talks like and smells like wanton greed to me.
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" I am a cynic and a grouch and a know-it-all." That position is already taken by me! Dielaughing

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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(08-12-2016, 11:24 AM)coastalhermit Wrote: A machine that can be mass produced in China (not that I like that) for $25.00 is retailing for $2000.00 and up and, likely double that to insurance companies and institutions still has some price limits.

No surprise here, it's a feature of Capitalism. The middlemen always take most of the profit.
Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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WOW! CPaP cynics....who knew?

So, trust me...I have a plan to make Canada GREAT again, because my wife is beautiful, you can trust me....and I always win...........unless I lie and cheat but that is the way I win so you can trust me! I am Capitalism. I am greed. I live in a gold plated apartment so you can trust me.

OK........sorry........maybe mixing a few messages there......but I don't have a lot of time...it's quicker this way.

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