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[CPAP] 15 days, tolerate mask okay, but so tired
On my last post, I attached the only results I can get from the DME.  It's a bar chart showing everything is near perfect. 

Because I was feeling so bad, I have, for the last two days, had a blissful 3-hour afternoon nap without  the mask.  I wake up rested and refreshed.  I continue to use a mask at night.  

I switched to a nose mask instead of nasal pillows and seem to be having less irritability and depression.  I'm still tired but not hysterical. 

Can anyone give me a general idea about air pressure.  It was suggested that a change might do me good.  Up or down? I'm at 8, which was determined during the sleep test.  


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the AHI readings on your report seem to be in the right area for satisfactory treatment. until sleepyhead or something like that can show you better refinement of data, I would have a hard time deciding if any change would be effective.

at least we know that the tiredness isn't because your settings are way out of whack.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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A couple of ideas from my own past.  You are using it 8.8 hours on average.  That is a lot of sleep.  Is that all at night without the mask?  Maybe try sleeping less.  I was accustomed (well, still am) to sleeping long hours before to try and compensate for the low quality sleep.  Now it seems like I get a good cycle of deep sleep and am ready to get up before I want to.  So I roll over and eventually go back to sleep.  When I get up, it is from the middle of a sleep cycle and I feel tired the next day.  I know that If I get uyp earlier I will feel better, but I have a hard time doing so.

Your average AHI is 2.4.  That is good, but I know that I feel better if mine is closer to 1 or below.  If you increase your pressure to 9 or 10, it may reduce your AHI.  I doubt that is why you are feeling so bad, but you may want to try and see.

What I really suspect though is that you are still just too new to this and your brain is not quite ready to relax and sleep.  Stating CPAP can make things worse for some people.  It took me many months to get consistently decent sleep and more than a year and fixing some other issues to get mostly consistently good sleep.  The first year was a lot of incremental changes for the better then worse then better again.
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Yes, I seem to be getting good results. I'm still confused and frustrated by the lack of rest though.   I wish I had a video of myself sleeping to see if I'm waking up without realizing it.  I don't entirely trust the ResMed data; DMEs want to sell products.  I can't get sleepyhead.  I will plug along with my naps so I don't go nuts. 

AHI during sleep study 24.8/hr.  
Now, 1-3/hr.

I am keeping track of the days I felt horrible.  For instance on a bad night: 8.5 hours use, 3.3 events per hour, but mask off 7 times. 

Does "hours used" mean "hours sleeping"?  I don't think so.  Sometimes it can take an hour or more to fall sleep; other times, it's 5 minutes. Wish I knew how much I'm sleeping.
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Thanks, Chill.  These ideas are sure worth a try.  I have gone back to sleep after 1st awakening because it seemed to be too early to get up. The 8.8 hrs. average is with wearing the mask, but I'm not sure if the mask is recording only sleep or when I have the mask on but am reading.

Last night I switched to 7.6 pressure to try something different.  I'm very tired today.  I'll try the 9 tonight. 

Being a long sleeper does make it seem counterintuitive to get up earlier.  I'm going to read up on sleep cycles again.
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(07-12-2017, 01:04 PM)Tess Wrote: Wow. A year.  I'm 66 and worry I don't have years and years left though apparently I am improving my health.  Congratulations on your progress and I will try to remember patience, patience, patience (not my best attribute!).

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