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[CPAP] Advice on high pressure in night
Hi, I am trying to start using my Resmed S8 machine again after a gap of several years and would like your advice on getting my setup to work

Day 1 I went to sleep ok, but woke up after an hour with high pressure blowing through my mask. I lay there for a while trying to breath normally, but there was no change, so I cancelled the session.

Day 2 having read that EPR can sometimes assist, I changed this from "Off" to "2" and on full time. Pretty much the same thing happened again.
Day 3 I changed EPR to "3" and the same thing happened after 1.5 hours sleep. I cancelled the session and tried to start again, but was woken up a little later with the same thing.

Sadly I'm struggling to get the data off my machine (Resscan worked on day 1, but since then it says it can't see the card). I'm guessing there are some valuable clues in there.

Can anyone help with
  • Advice on coping with high pressure during the night?
    I assume I stopped breathing & it upped the pressure.
    Are there any reasons it wouldn't then reduce the pressure once I'd resumed breathing again?
  • Tricks to get your PC to read the data card?
    I'm running Windows 10, an ACR38 card reader and the Resmed card is around 3 inches by 3/4 inch.
    I've tried using both Resscan and Sleephead (which got no response at all, though only it says it works with the S9 machine). Resscan worked on the first day but since then says no card is inserted.
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I've found that the pressure change was my main problem. I see you as having a couple of variables, pressure range and EPR. I would seek to minimize them to aid in seeing if any of your problems improve or get worse. Since you don't have any data as to your "sweet spot" on pressure, I suggest that you try a constant pressure of maybe 10 (midpoint in your current range), turn off the EPR and see what your results yield.

Again, this is only a suggestion. . . Good Luck!

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Your machine will eventually reduce the pressure, but it goes up faster than it comes down (wants to make sure the events don't start right up again)

EPR is only for if you are having problems exhaling into pressure and not really for if you are just having problems with the pressure level.

Make sure your mask is adjusted for you max pressure before you try and sleep. set the machine for your max pressure and get the straps adjusted for while your laying down. My guess is that the air blowing that is waking you up is from leaks.
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I'm not sure if Sleepyhead works with the S8 machines, or if the S8 gives much data. Possibly someone else can address that.

With that said, it is an older machine that you haven't used for several years, so I would be concerned that is is even working properly.

Your pressure range of 6-16 is somewhat wide. Since you are waking up and noticing the high pressure, why not bring that max pressure down a bit, mabye to 12, and see if that helps.
Or try Crimson Napes suggestion and set to a constant lower pressure until you are used to it.

Don't know if you have insurance coverage, but it may be time to try a newer machine. If no coverage, you can buy a good used apap or an open box apap from Supplier #2 from the supplier list above.

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(06-09-2016, 04:03 AM)CJM99 Wrote: I assume I stopped breathing & it upped the pressure. Are there any reasons it wouldn't then reduce the pressure once I'd resumed breathing again?

These machines don't work like that. They don't fix an event that is happening, they increase the pressure in response to an event (e.g. not breathing) so that it does not happen again in the future. It takes a while (more than a few minutes) for the pressure to start to reduce.
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Sleepyhead does not work with the S8 machines. Try cleaning the contacts on the card with an eraser. Make sure all eraser dust is gone before re-inserting the card.

It does sound like mask leakage is a problem. The silicone seals (pillows) may have lost some of their elasticity from sitting around for several years. I would recommend getting a new set and adjusting your mask to the highest pressure as PoolQ suggested.
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