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[CPAP] Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Hi again

Here's the data with the EPR off. The wiki link's been an interesting read so far - waveform shapes and respiratory effort stuff in particular.

Energy levels seem a bit better today. Mental acuity could do with improvement, but a running zombie's better than a crawling zombie. Having air want to come out whilst the machine pushes it back in is a sickening sensation which is still happening.

I like to think long-term I'll see the improvements I want once I get the aerophagia sorted and stop ripping my mask off in my semi-conscious state, which I seem to have done last night again towards the end. It's a funny thing seeing the mask neatly packed away but not remembering doing it.

Doctor appointment is next weekend, hopefully we can find a strategy that doesn't involve meds.

Will keep at it, and many thanks for helping me and all the other souls out there.

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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Good to hear you're feeling some more energy. I suspect that improved mental acuity will follow along. I'm especially glad to hear you express some optimism about the future course of your adaptation to apnea therapy -- that's great!

I'm inclined to recommend that you stick with your current settings for at least a couple of weeks, especially to see whether the aerophagia starts to abate. Later on you may want to experiment with a somewhat higher minimum and with some EPR. But one thing at a time.

I've never done the mask trick, but I've read some posts from other people about what worked for them. One idea is to run some adhesive tape across the mask, anchoring it to your face on either side. The theory is that you'll wake up from the tug of the adhesive if you try to take off the mask. Another idea is to wear mittens (or socks) on your hands for a while. And another is to wear a covering for your head that ties under your chin. If you try any of these, I'll be curious if they work.
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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Clever ideas for keeping the mask on. I may try the tape trick at some point in the future, though I must say being at readiness for some emergency baking or sock puppet performances sounds like an amazing idea. Big Grin

Last night was a bad one - could not fall / stay asleep. Tried to persevere with the sickening sensation, removed the mask a few times to collect my resolve (as indicated by the large leaks) before trying again, controlling my breathing and going through relaxation exercises to no avail. Heart rate went dokidoki.

Shall I keep up daily reports or check in after a week? Is it okay to turn the EPR back on if I find it more comfortable or shall we aim for data consistency?

Thanks again as always.

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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Another thing I think would help the fatigue and mental clarity is trying to get in your 8 hours of sleep. I am absolutely zombified if I do not get at least 8 hours lol
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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Sounds like a lousy night. I would suggest that you try EPR of 1 and see if it makes you a little more comfortable. You're right that seeing multiple nights at a given setting helps you to understand general trends. In addition, treatment-induced centrals need some time to abate. But your AHI is good, and you don't want to be lying there awake night after night. So give it a try and let us know what it's like.

Also, how's the aerophagia going?
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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Thanks for the input, I will switch to EPR 1 and stick with that for a week or so.

Aerophagia is still bad - often find myself awake throughout the night. Trying as best I can to force through it in the hopes my body will adapt to the new normal. Making sure to mind how I breath, not eating fast / late, having bed elevated. Articles say nasal masks are appropriate, so no change there.

Going to track meals with a food diary for a bit and see if there is something to glean. Also going to try a different antacid before sleep, see if it makes any difference.

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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
With your most recent setting of 6.0 without EPR, you had mainly hypopnea and flow limitation. To help relieve aerophagia and reduce the events, just add back in 1 or 2 EPR. This should address the issues.
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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Hi again. Here's the latest data.

EPR 1 Ramp Only didn't help but EPR 1 Full Time was reasonably comfortable, not as much aerophagia. Tried EPR 2 briefly but it turned on too early a few times - during the end of inspirations - and was very jarring.

Will report back in a week to see how consistent it is.

All the best from Down Under.

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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
I'm very glad you're having less aerophagia.

Most people find that the ResMed EPR does a good job of following our breathing, but clearly that's not your experience. And settings that leave you feeling the machine is out of step with you are definitely to be avoided.

I hope the coming week goes well.
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RE: Apnea / sleep / aerophagia? advice
Back again for the weekly update.

Had mostly short or broken sessions, so here's the one with best data. Aerophagia is a bit better, but room for improvement. Tiredness present.

Thinking of going from 6.0 to 5.5 and monitoring the event balance - see if the CAs go down without upping OAs or Hs. Or perhaps another week of acclimation?

As always, thank you for input and kindest regards.

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