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[CPAP] Beginning My Journey and a Big thank you
I have been lurking this board for years....researching and waiting to pull the trigger on a CPAP machine...Well,. that day came last week and I purchased a new Resmed Airsense 10...and f10 face mask. Wish me luck, tonight will be my 1st night of CPAP therapy and I feel prepared. Many MANY thanks to all of the posters here, both regulars and new users. WIthout your posts I would not have my machine set up next to my bed right now , waiting and actually excited to try it... I will post an update or two. I am sure that for every person like me who posts a thank you note, there has to be duzens or a hundred or more who continue to lurk. I just feel so thank ful right now I couldnt not post. Cheers to all of you.

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Best of luck to you! You've made a good choice with your machine, and I like your attitude, it makes all the difference in how fast one can adapt to the treatment. Curious to hear how you make out.
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Welcome to the family of hose heads. I started my journey 6 months ago. Attitude goes a long way in the success of your treatment.

The members here are a great resource. I've learned a lot lurking.

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Welcome to the forum. You will get a lot of support here. I suggest you download SleepyHead software https://sleepyhead.jedimark.net/

If you are really fortunate everything will go perfectly the first night. But if you need help you can organize and post your data as described in the links below and you will get help with how to optimize your therapy.

Hope you have a great first night
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You listened to us?  Good luck with that!   Oh-jeez
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(04-26-2017, 07:46 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: You listened to us?  Good luck with that!   Oh-jeez

  Laugh-a-lot   Dielaughing
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Hi ninja707,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I hope your first night gose well.
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Night 1

I got everything plugged in and set up and ran a mask fit. It said smiley face...the mask didn't feel too bad or uncomfortable..I knew I could sleep in it. I was really anxious and excited and I went to bed early....that was a mistake....I sat awake for a while just breathing into the machine. It started ramping up (mine is auto, was set at range from 4-20) ...And it felt fine still. I cant see the numbers from my laying down position but as I started relaxing it kept ramping up more and more...and finally the mask started leaking around 14-15 pressure. I notched back the pressure down to 12 max because by that point I didnt feel like messing with the mask in the dark or turning my light on....so I just went with 4-12 for the 1st night.

I went 6.0 hours with it on , and only took my mask off twice......it felt fine...and I got a great night sleep....I awoke feeling like I got a good rest. I had AHI of 14 which is better than I thought I would have and my wife said I didnt snore at all. If I can get the mask adjusted properly and make increase the pressure a little more I think this will really help me.

The only problem I had was at around the 6.0 hour mark, it seemed like the mask kept 'riding up' but maybe i was just so sleepy i couldnt figure out how to adjust it....so i took it off...and slept about 2 more hours and my wife said i started snoring and gasping almost immediately after...

I re-adjusted everything this morning so it fits better, and ran another test...it felt good...so I am ready for tonight!

I now need to download sleepyhead and figure out how to get the data to it! The 'my air' app gave me a 65 score out of a hundred...and according to the chart ii have, 14 AHI is the upper limit of 'mild' sleep apnea, so I can't wait to see if I can bring that number down with some practice and adjustments.

Hopefully I dont have to get another mask...I love the feel of my mask..but it breaks the seal around 15 pressure...

One other thing I did was turn down the humidity to 2 from 4 and lower the temperature from 81 to 79.

Anyway thanks again  it was a pretty successful 1st night. .....I'll keep you posted my progress.
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Hi ninja707,
Did you have a sleep study done?  If yes, do you know your titrated pressure?

I ask, because the pressure on your Apap is set wide open at 4-20.  You range should be set to bracket your titrated pressure, or your 90% pressure reading.

A minimum pressure of 4 will make you feel air starved, especially with a full face mask.

For now, until we can see some data, move your minimum pressure up to 8 and leave the maximum at 20 for now.  The pressure shouldn't rise past what is needed.
You can also set the EPR to 2, that will give you an exhale pressure of 6.
This should be a little more comfortable for you.
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Organize your SleepyHead Charts
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The most important piece of information about that AHI is the breakdown of type (OA, H, CA). A relatively high score is not that unusual during your break-in period, and things settle down pretty quickly. I'm not a fan of 4-20 pressure, and it strikes me as unusual that it was increasing pressure while you were awake. Download and install SleepyHead software. It's going to be your guide.
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