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[CPAP] Beginning My Journey and a Big thank you
(05-05-2017, 10:31 PM)TASmart Wrote: You don't need to bother with locking and unlocking, that was a old issue that has been long resolved on the Airsense 10 series.

Oh, that's good to know... As my treatment hasn't started yet, I couldn't have known...
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Hello All,

I have had some ups and downs....some nights are higher AHI, some lower.....I am still trying to work my way down under 5.0 consistently....Its not the easiest thing in the world as the mask headgear stretches and needs adjustment etc....

Here is a typical night for me:

[Image: OplhlYc.png]

I tried to format this image as suggested...I think my biggest issue is that as I am going to sleep, my machine 'detects' events ...but as I am actually asleep I have less events....I do not know if there is any way to correct this....But if anyone has a moment to look at this data, and offer any suggestions for me to try and be under 5.0 AHI, I would be eternally grateful.

I also apologize for not posting more of my progress but my youngest son (18 months old) is sick and keeping me up at night....I will try to check in and post some more of my progress as I get more data. I have had a couple nights as high as 30 AHI but they also coincided with a lot of wakign up and going back to sleep and mask leaks etc...but this was a night where I actually got quite a bit of good sleep. ALso, the clock is wrong on my machine, which i didnt notice until just now LOL...

anyway thank you so much for any advice you may have based on this fairly typical night
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Removing the pie chart and the far right column would be a good idea so that we can see more. See my signature line on how to arrange your Sleepyhead data.

But I cannot see this image at all on my phone and I am not able to enlarge it. If you can post via Imgur, I would take a look at it.
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the image is posted through imgur

here's the link


Having trouble finding how to remove the pie chart.....Computers hate me LOL
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Check out my signature on how to arrange your sleepyhead charts. It explains it step by step. Also, the resolution on your imgur posting is quite low. Can you do a larger size higher resolution image (select LARGE thumbnail)? I can't read it too well right now except to see your AHI number. I have directions in my signature on how to post your imgur image.
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I think this is it, thanks for the help! (the resolution of the image is 1920 x 1080 I believe which is quite big)

[Image: KvgHmOol.png]
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Sorry, I still can't see it. Did you follow the step by step instructions in my signature on how to post an image using IMGUR? I suspect you are missing a step or two. It is an extremely low resolution image and I simply cannot zoom in close enough to read it with my cell phone. My work computer blocks IMGUR images so I am not sure if I would be able to read it on a larger monitor. If someone else can comment if this image is readable... I have had no trouble seeing IMGUR images from others on my phone at all so I know it is possible to post a higher res image.
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I did everything step by step, I believe. Is it possible that the image is so big (1920 x 1080) that it is wanting you to click on it once again to zoom in? On my end , (I have a native 1920 x 1080 monitor) it is an extremely large, hi res image.
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Well, I tested by opening up images that others have posted with IMGUR and the three threads I looked into I had no problems.

If no one else has commented I will try to get online after I get home in about another 4 hours and take a look with my home computer. From what I could make out from the graph, it seemed like you were hitting your maximum pressures quite often. My initial feeling is that perhaps your max setting isn't quite high enough. But without seeing the details I cannot comment further.
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I tried opening with my phone , i had the same issue as you...It wouldnt let me zoom into the full image unless i clicked 'open image with app' and actually used the imgur app to open it....odd...no problem with imgur app or computer...but phone browser wont zoom in...
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