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CPAP Buy out from equipment supplier help
So I need a little help and am hoping someone else out there might have some experience dealing with this issue. I have been using my CPAP for about 6 months and am very used to it and like my machine (Resmed S10 Autoset). I got laid off last week and thus, have lost my insurance. The insurance company I had was great and had paid literally 100% of everything related to my sleep apnea. However, they were "renting to own" the equipment for 13 months. Now that I no longer have insurance, the equipment supplier wants to basically charge me full list price to "buy out" the CPAP. This is almost 2x the cost of what my insurance company would have paid out by the end of the 13 months. They will credit what the insurance company has paid on rental so far but it is still almost as much as a new CPAP on some of the more popular CPAP equipment websites.

This seems absolutely ridiculous to me. Returning the used equipment to the equipment supplier will be almost useless to them as I would guess they would no longer be able to sell this equipment. Why is it so much cheaper for the insurance company and I have to pay list price? What is wrong with our system?

I tried talking to the equipment supplier and I also tried talking to the insurance company. Both were very nice an helpful but overall did not help me get anything resolved.

Does anyone have any experience with this or advice on getting a replacement machine?
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Luckily, I have not had the same experience but I think that you may be stuck. I do not see any way out for you. If it were me, I would just buy from one of the online vendors listed in the site header at the top of each page. Supplier #2 sells lightly used machines at good prices or you might find an open box new machine. You will need a copy of your prescription for the equipment. Sorry to hear about your situation. I did have the same situation but my machine was already paid for.

Another possibility depending on your feelings might be something like Craigs list.

Best Regards,


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Check supplier # 2 on the list at the top of the page. $749 for your machine, new.
You'll need a copy of your prescription. You can just hand your machine back to the greedy supplier you have.

BTW -- we're asking people to at least put their country in their profile. It helps answer questions like this because things are different in other countries. I assume you are in the US.

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Just a thought....
Be sure your supplier didn't have you sign a form early on, that if insurance didn't pay, you would be held liable. A lot of them do this, but I don't know if they can make you pay.

The least they should do is ask you to pay balance of rent that insurance would have paid, but even with that, you should be able to buy cheaper on line.
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Thanks for the quick feedback. Updated my profile to include location.

Does anyone have experience with Supplier #2? The price would save a few bucks and I would be able to return the equipment to the "greedy supplier". It would feel kinda nice. I probably need to check with them first to make sure I don't get stuck with any fees.

If anyone has any experience with Supplier #2 please let me know.

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I bought my current machine from them as an "open box special."
I am very pleased with them.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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(09-02-2016, 09:25 AM)khafer Wrote: If anyone has any experience with Supplier #2 please let me know.

I've only seen positive reviews about this supplier. In fact, I can't remember seeing anything negative about them. . . I guess that's why I used "only" in my first sentence. - Duh!
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Hi khafer,
I'm sorry to hear about your job/CPAP machine situation. I haven't had any experience with Supplier #2 but I have heard great things about them here on the board.
I wish you good luck, let us know how things go.
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sorry to hear about the job loss.

a couple of thoughts ...

1. you may have the right to continue to pay the premiums on your insurance under a federal law called COBRA. Google "health insurance continuation coverage under cobra" and you will see lots of info pop up. Essentially, the COBRA law requires that your employer allow you to continue your health coverage by taking over the premiums for up to 36 months depending on how long you were with the company. Your premiums would be higher than when you were an employee because the company may have subsidized the premiums for employees, and the company is allowed to charge you a small admin fee above the premiums to continue coverage under COBRA.

Kansas law is even more employee friendly ... check this out:
Quote:Kansas Health Insurance Continuation (COBRA): What you need to know
Both Kansas law and the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) permit employees to continue their group health coverage if they leave the group for certain specified reasons. The Kansas law applies where there is no federal coverage. Thus, employees of employers with fewer than 20 employees and employees of any employers who lose coverage for reasons not covered by COBRA are subject to the Kansas requirements. Kansas, unlike COBRA, requires continuation when the employee is terminated for gross misconduct and when group coverage is discontinued in its entirety.
Coverage Continuation requirements in Kansas apply to insured employer-sponsored group plans that provide hospital, major medical, and surgical coverage (KS Stat. Sec. 40-2209(i)). The law applies regardless of the size of an employer's workforce. The insurer must provide 18 months of continuation to employees and their covered dependents who have been covered for three months and who lose coverage for any reason, including termination of employment for gross misconduct. The requirement does not apply to individuals covered by COBRA to the extent that COBRA provides equal or better protection.

2. have a look at the rental agreement you signed with the DME. If you did sign a rental agreement, then typically these rental agreements are between you and the DME, with the DME agreeing to bill the insurance company. If you have a rental agreement between you and the DME for 13 months followed by ownership at a certain rental rate specified, then you may be able to argue that you have a contract and they can't simply change the contract because you no longer have insurance. If the contract was between DME and insurance then you don't have a contract to argue about.

hope this layoff is temporary and you land on your feet with a better position.

good luck,

Saldus Miegas
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I've purchased from Secondwind twice, and had a great experience both times. I bought a humidifier for an S8 Autoset II for $70 in 2012, and a slightly used 60-series System One Auto for $349 last April.
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