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[CPAP] CPAP mask sleep deprived
RE: CPAP mask sleep deprived
Supplier #1 on the Board’s supplier list has products that might work for you. The Board’s supplier list is here:


On the supplier’s site, click on CPAP Supplies ... Comfort and Cleaning.

I haven’t myself needed liners, but I do use padded strap covers. Pad-aCheek is my current favorite in that department.
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RE: CPAP mask sleep deprived
I started on Cpap in September 2019 and have tried a couple of different machines, until my sleep doctor found that I also have central apnea's, I shaved off my beard and tried every type of mask, till I settled on the Resmed N30i with the nassal pillows.
I have felt just like you, but I am a stubbin bastard as this is my last chance to get same sleep, so go to your doctor your GP and tell him your problem, and get a perscription for the right sleeping pill, when I feel I need one I cut a Stilnox in half before I go to bed, and sleep like a baby. If I haven't taken one and wake up at 2 or 3 am I take a Temazepam 10mg which will put you off to sleep but only lasts around 4 hours, so you don't have the hungover the next day
You have to really want to be cured, its not pleasent. it separates the men from the boys, and it could take six to tewlve months, giving up is easy, but if I can hang in there, you can as well
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RE: CPAP mask sleep deprived
(11-24-2019, 08:28 PM)pafarrell Wrote: Thanks for the reply. I will try turning up the ramp start pressure and may try the mask liners. I am trying to persevere , but I understand why some people give up.


Hello.  I just joined this board this month.Glad you joined too.  I am a real newbie on this board, so if I am incorrect with anything I say I apologize and I am sure one of the great experienced community members will set me straight.  I am just going to state what I have been experiencing and end with a pep talk.  Bigwink

I started my struggle with sleep apnea treatment over 7 years ago.  I gave up after about a year.  This past two years I realized I needed to try again.  I did not have any help my first go around, but this time I found this board.  I have been very grateful for their assistance.  If it were not for this board I probably would never have been provided the correct medical assistance.  With this board's assistance it has been discovered that I was on the WRONG type of machine for my situation. This is currently being addressed.

Regarding your mask situation, Seven years ago I too was unable to find a mask I was able to tolerate, for many of the same reasons you have stated.  EVERY morning my mask would be on the floor.  I'm not sure if part of the issue back then was that I was on the wrong machine type or not.  When I started this past month on the machine I was given, I encountered issues with the first mask I was provided and switched to a different mask.  Still had issues.  So I probably have been through 10 masks total in my life.  (At the suggestion of this board I turned OFF my ramp after being on the machine a few days, which has helped immensely with some of the mask issues, especially the feeling of suffocation at the start of the night). 

At my BIPAP titration study this past week, we tried the first, (not the first from 7 years ago, the recent journey), mask I was given, and then we tried the second mask. I had been using the second mask for a bit and thought I was doing better on it.  Turns out that on the first mask I got much better numbers than on the second mask.  The tech said I had tons of mask leaks on the second mask.

So now, as I await getting my BIPAP I have gone back to the first mask.  I am hoping that with the correct machine the mask will be more comfortable.  I will probably try to address the feel of the rubber or whatever it is, on my skin with liners.  My husband lifted the hose and hooked it to the wall last night so I no longer have a "rain" effect which was an issue due to my humidity setting.

I guess what I am trying to say, in my long drawn out way, is that there can be many factors that go into finding the best mask for you.  DO NOT GIVE UP!  The answer IS out there.  It may take some time, but not figuring it out is detrimental to your over all health, emotionally and physically.

Best of Luck,
Huhsign  WARNING: It may take a while to sink in...I tend to get befuddled at times.
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RE: CPAP mask sleep deprived
Thanks for the feedback. It has been getting better. I got 7.5 hours in the mask. I am still trying to find the right one. The longest night was with the Swift FX and Nano nasal mask. It worked well but seems to be irritating my nose between the nostrils. It is bad enough I am switching back to full face to let my nose heal. I will post my screenshot from Friday night.


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