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[CPAP] Complete newbie, about to buy my first machine.
Ok guys, Hi! My name is Benjamin, I am 27, overweight, with an AHI of 15.6. I've had two sleep studies. Currently need 8 pressure. My insurance wants to charge me two co pays plus 20 percent of the device for a 13 month rental to own. The copays alone would be a total of 1000 USD. I think I can make out cheaper than all this by just buying the device. I need something compatible with SleepyHead, where to purchase every thing, best prices, useful information, etc. I did like the nasal mask I used. Though I'm open to a full mask. I see a dreamstation cpap machine on Amazon for 470 dollars. I'm completely ignorant of everything CPAP. Please help me.

Thank you so much for your time. I know it is valuable.
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Welcome. I'm new to this board, too, but have been on CPAP for about 12 years. I just got machine #3 this afternoon.

8 cm isn't much, I'm at 7.

In the US - Your insurance copays and deductibles can really make a mess of things. If you go through your doc and insurance, you'll get sent to a local DME (durable medical equipment) supplier. They'll take your prescription, pull out a machine that's capable of meeting that level of treatment, configure it, show you how it works, and send you home. They get to charge a premium for this service. If someone else is paying for it, like insurance, they'll want to make sure you really use it so they they will probably want monthly, quarterly, or annual reports. Almost all CPAPs now have SD cards that record usage info and more detailed data. That SD card can be pulled out of the machine, plugged into your PC or Mac, and Sleepyhead can read it and print detailed reports for you or the basic reports for insurance. Note: Some brands, like Devilbiss, do not always have SD capability, so double-check before you buy.

If you don't want to spend so much, you can go to one of many on-line DMEs. Talk with them over the phone or email, explain the circumstances, send them a copy of your prescription, and ask them to configure it. They'll send it to you and you'll pay well under what the local DME would charge -- and get the machine you want, not the one they want to give you. Go to the top of this page, look at the tab "Supplier List". I use #9.

As far as masks: this is where I think the local DME actually helps. You'll probably try two or three before you find one that works for you. Everyone has different facial structures and sleep habits, so the "best" mask is the one that works for you. Once you find a mask at the local DME, you can always order replacements online as needed. A local DME will be able to fit you, show you how to adjust the mask, and will be able to swap out different masks for you until you find one you can work with. It's more convenient than on-line ordering.

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G'day Benjamin, welcome to Apnea Board. It's good news that you've been diagnosed so young - it means you have saved many years of this insidious disease doing damage to your body.

I agree with KSMatthew's comments above - getting the right mask is the most difficult part of the process and a good DME can be of value there. However, from what you have told us you will be able to get a very substantial saving by using an on-line supplier. There is a link to suppliers at the top of this page. As always, shop around for the best deal. I'd recommend you stick with either Resmed or Philips Respironics machines, as they are the most popular and there is a wealth of knowledge about these machines here on the forum. Philips have recently brought out the Dreamstation, and dealers are offering enormous discounts on the recently superseded model. Apart from the aesthetics, there's not a lot of difference in the functionality of the new v old models.

Ensure you get a fully data capable machine - usually the bottom of the range only offers limited data which is not a lot of use in fine-tuning your therapy. Also consider getting an automatic machine rather than the fixed pressure models. The price difference is not a lot, and the auto machines are far more flexible and will accommodate automatically as your needs change over time. (And they can be used as fixed pressure if that's what you prefer).
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Just to be sure that you understand DB's comments, both Resmed and Philips Respironics have non-data capable machines. You don't want one. Unless you are really sure what you are buying, I'd stick to one of the suppliers in our Supplier List over eBay or Amazon. Supplier #2 usually has very good prices.

Here is a link to guide you in
your decision: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ne_Choices

And I very, very much agree with his suggestion to get an Auto machine, particularly if you are not using a local supplier.
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Hi Newbie welcome to the club. Just to let you know that I did order one of those Dreamstation AutoCpap off of amazon. I was already familiar with a dreamstation cpap from a prior DME when I was on better insurance. But the machine was fine and arrived as pictured. I set the pressure based on my last prescription and will work from there. Ironically I am still able to get masks from a new DME for now. I would not be able to have Cpap therapy if I had had to pay what some providers are wanting so I feel ya. My original DME was not particularly helpful with masks but I got lucky enough to see an Amara View and ask if I could try it because first I knew I wasn't ready to learn how to keep my mouth closed all night and and second I couldn't stand to have a mask across the bridge of my nose so I recognized by looking at the Amara View Mask it was probably the only one I could stand. I had severe bruising with a nasal mask that scared my away from them but many of your peersSleep-well on here do great with them.
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Respironics dx500t11 ( Former Model known as 560HS - REMstar Auto with humidifier and SD card)

Would this be ok to get guys? What else will I need? Just the tube thing and a mask? I can hardly think because of all the fog. Sorry.
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Not familiar with that particular model number - that's going to be a model number on the bottom of the machine, but not the "name".

It will come with a hose and carrying case.

The mask is always a separate item.
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You're a saint KSMatthew! Thank you. In fact, thank all of you. I'm suffering from Chronic Fatigue that comes and goes throughout the day, each day.

Monkeyfeathers, did your dream station off of Amazon come with the tubing that hooks up to your mask? Compatible with SleepyHead? Did you have fatigue before the cpap? How long did it take to resolve, if so? Thanks a bunch for the help.
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It works fine with Sleepyhead. It came with a heated hose only. You would need to have your own mask and transitional hose that comes with the mask. I live in the subtropics so I do not use the heated hose though I may try it this winter(if we even have a winter) Instead I use a 10 foot hose that I loop around and over my headboard, it keeps me from waking up when I move. My first 2 months on CPAP my pressure was a bit too low so I wasn't feelin it yet. At my follow up doc raised my pressure by one and then you can see in Sleepyhead how it improved my numbers. When I switched to the long hose I moved myself up one more on pressure. Sleeping through the night is a new normal that you can get used to very quickly and you may not realize how much APAP is helping you until you have a bad night for some reason or other. Also you will go through adjustment periods almost everytime you change something. Whether its mask, tubing, pressure or flex/epr settings. My biggest fear is that my daughter will take snaps of me asleep and put them on facebook or some other site because my sleep is so much deeper.Laugh-a-lot
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I just looked at the Philips website.

That model number: dx500t11

didn't show.

The DSX500T11 does appear, and is the:

"DreamStation Auto CPAP with humidifier and heated tube"

If this is the one you are getting, it will come with an SD card preinstalled. This is the same one I got last night - minus the humidifier and heated tube.

As long as you have a system with an SD card, Sleepyhead s/w should work.
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