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[CPAP] Contradictory Sleep Study, CPAP Logs and Affect-Where do I go from here?
2007: sleep study and MSLT:
86 respiratory events (0 OSA, 0 mixed, 10 CSA and 76 POA)
AHI 12.3
AHI REM sleep 27.9.
RAI 5.6.
Nocturnal low oxygen saturation 84.6%.
70.6 minutes sleep time oxygen saturations between 80 and 90%.
"Sleep architecture was remarkable for a reduction an absence of Delta sleep and reduced REM sleep. The patient had 111 arousals (75 spontaneous and 36 due to respiratory events)."
slept during all 5 nap opportunities
Sleep onset from 2.5 to 6.5 minutes
Sleep duration 10.5 to 18.0 minutes with an average of 13.3 minutes.
No REM was recorded
(NOTE would have sleep longer - tech always woke me up. I experienced 3 very vivid dreams but was told since they did not accompany REM they were not dreams?)
2007 CPAP titration
Polysomnography: Sleep efficiency 83.7%.
Sleep architecture was remarkable for an absence of Delta sleep, a short REM latency and reduced REM sleep.
The patient had 64 arousals (59 spontaneous and 5 due to respiratory events).
Respiratory Parameters: No snoring
The patient's respiratory events were treated with CPAP. At an optimal pressure of 10 cm H20 the patient- had a total of 2 respiratory events, both partial obstructive apneas.
AHI was 2.1.
Respiratory Arousal Index was O.
Nocturnal oxyhemoglobin saturations low oxygen saturation was 91.0%.


--12/2015 new CPAP
Over night oximeter shows desaturations below 90

New provider-Pulmonologist after reviewing logs and oximeter report orders ASV TITRATION (takes 2 months to get into study)

Polysomnographic Technologist--night of study questions why Doctor ordered study and didn't first change auto cpap settings
because CSA might be induced and OSA not valid?

Morning after --
PT recommendation change settings from AUTO CPAP to STRAIGHT CPAP @ 8-10cm H20 and get a chin strap.
Said I entered all stages of sleep
P at 6 H2O no apneas but were flow restrictions - set P to 10 but to much mask leakage - lowered to 8 --rest of night no apneas or other events of any kind.
SpO2 never below 92
PT opinion my Resp DS set on AUTO is causing the CSAs and doubts that all POA and or OSA events are valid.

Study sent to Board Certified Sleep MD may take up to 10 business days before my pulmonologist receives report.

What is the validity of the Respironics event logs?
Could machine be causing the CSA at 35 days
or 90- logs still report CSAs (still on auto will change to
straight cpap tonight)

Q 3
When sending Sleepy Head reports how do I remove personal info from them?

Q 4
There is a question here but i don't know what it is.
At home I have no problem going and staying asleep.
Sleep Lab-the wires did not bother me and i didn't think the
air handler air noise would bother me until lights off --I did fall asleep
but awoke at least 3 times - so i took the 10mg Lunesta.
I found all distracting and annoying and inhibited sleep onset -- lighted wall call panel, 100 lumen stream of light into room and air noise (35-40 dBA guess) from air vent.

When I decided to take the Lunesta (and insert foam ear plugs) it was that or get up and go home.

PS my apologies rather rambling 1st post- very upset with the
contradictions, sleep lab environment and more
2007 I requested cpap/data logging -denied-not necessary
Docs 1 and 3 another oximeter study not needed
2016 hoping ASV would be the cure - no more hypersomnia
no more Nuvigil @250MG/1.5xday
insurance $6000 DEDUCTIBLE/YEAR

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validity of the Respironics event logs is good, but it cannot tell what caused the event.
Could machine be causing the CSA -yep sure can CPAP induced clear airway apnea's, pressure steps or pressure just too high
I just looked at a screen shot and don't see any personal data. menu view-screenshot F12
Sleep labs bother most people to some degree. I typically got no more than 30 minutes of sleep all night.
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Hi Lrac,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and getting it fine-tuned to meet your needs.
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