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[CPAP] Embarrassing Problem
It takes a while for your body and mind to get used to CPAP therapy. Have you at least had some mornings where you felt better than you did before CPAP therapy?

What happened to me was that as the weeks and months went by I gradually increased the number of days where I felt better, and decreased the number of days where I felt tired.

The frequent awakenings and toilet trips also gradually declined. I still have nights where I wake up several times, and some of those nights involve trips to the bathroom. But I also have some nights where I sleep through the night. It's been almost two years now.

Congratulations on making it through your first month. You'll have better days (and nights) ahead.
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I haven't had any mornings when I felt really good, but a lot of days where I felt good later in the day.
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(08-25-2013, 07:40 PM)atk1031 Wrote: I haven't had any mornings when I felt really good, but a lot of days where I felt good later in the day.

Thats more than likely because your getting up to go to the toilet a few times a night so still not getting through your proper sleep cycles. Have you spoken to your sleep specialist or GP about sleep aides or tried any over the counter meds? It sounds like you may have other issues, do you have other stresses, it sounds like there could be some anixety in your life.
I like the Koala, I live in Australia, we don't have them in every tree in the suburbs as people may think, but you can occassionally see them in some forests but mostly we see them at the zoo.
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I picked a koala because it's the only creature in the world that sleeps even more than a cat (judging by the ones at the San Francisco Zoo, anyway). Just a case of sleep envy, I guess.
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They look sweet and cuddly but are actually vicious, I suppose it is the same as any wild animal.
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(08-25-2013, 02:19 PM)atk1031 Wrote: ThanksThanks for the feedback. Your pre-CPAP pattern sounds exactly like mine (waking up 6 to 8 times a night). How many weeks were you on CPAP before seeing an improvement?

The change in urine output was almost immediate. But, improvement in sleep and daytime sleepiness took about 1 year. I had to mess around with a bunch of masks during that time so perhaps that was a factor.

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My nocturia went away with the first night of PAP. Was several times a night, now hardly ever get up to urinate. I think it has something to do with the body trying to get rid of fluid retained as a result of all of the stress hormones. I've been told that the cause of the edema I had before PAP was related (getting fluid away from the upper body).

Could be it's just taking longer for yours to straighten out. Could be something else is causing it. A lot of things can cause frequent night-time urination.

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Greetings, and welcome aboard. I'm rather new myself, but I'll say what I think might be useful. I've been doing the cpap thing for seven months now. I think it's almost impossible to really know what's going on in the first month. That was a terrible time for me. I also used to pee a lot. I found out it was a side effect from Ambien! I stopped Ambien and it stopped. I still go once or twice, but not as often as I did. If I had even a teeny bit it felt like a gallon. Have you ever heard of interstitial cystitis? It's a bladder condition I thought I had. I thought I'd mention it so you know because it does cause frequent urination. You could still be getting used to having a mask on your face and once your awake going to the bathroom is kind of natural, at least for me. Maybe that's part of it. I say give it some time but mention it to the doctor too. It takes some of us months to get used to this. I'm still not completely comfortable myself and only now am beginning to actually prefer having the mask on. It does happen. We are here for you. Love, DJ
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(08-25-2013, 10:13 AM)atk1031 Wrote: I'm still waking up as often as every 45 minutes and rarely sleep more than 2 hours at a stretch. I'm also more tired than I've ever been. Don't know if this is related to CPAP, or if something else is going on.

The CPAP data says my breathing has improved a lot (waking up 4 times an hour, rather than 40), but it hasn't made any difference in how I feel.

Hi atk1031, welcome to the forum!

Feel free to share with us CPAP data of what has been your median pressure, 95 percentile pressure and maximum pressure.

Also, it would be helpful to know the breakdown of your Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), which is the average number per hour of all apneas and hypopneas combined. That is, what are the Obstructive Apnea Index (OAI), Central Apnea Index (CAI), Unknown-type Apnea Index (UAI) and Hypopnea Index (HI)?


Your minimum pressure is just 5. It may help to start inching that up closer to your median pressure. If you are not yet using EPR, using EPR can make higher pressures easier to breath against. I suggest discussing these things (raising the minimum pressure and using EPR) with your doctor.

Some folks find they have more restful sleep when their minimum pressure is high enough to stop most or nearly all obstructive events.

Take care,
--- Vaughn

Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment. The Advisory Member group provides advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff on matters concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies - not on matters concerning treatment for Sleep Apnea. I think it is now too late to change the name of the group but I think Voting Member group would perhaps have been a more descriptive name for the group.
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I have had some of the same issues. I have been on CPAP only a 5 weeks or so. As far as getting up to pee at night it's usually once a night now where before it could be 2-5 times.

Hang in their, I'm still learning, fighting the mask, having bad days and some so-so days hoping better days are coming (I think they are). I guess consistant results for me is the hard thing to understand. I do the same things every day and have so-so days and bad days, then when I need to adjust something I do it seems to work then doesn't kind of up and down. I think it's that way for most of us at the beginning...........Were all frustrated.

Thanks to this board we have a place to vent. It's a lot easier when your not alone.
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