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[CPAP] Forgetting to put on my mask.
I keep forgetting to put my mask on before drifting off to sleep. I have no problem sleeping with the mask on ...when I do put it on. I have to get a better night time routine together to remember to put the mask on. I often wake up the next morning and I am so upset with myself for not using the machine. Any suggestions? Sleep-well
Hang it from the headboard so it lays on your pillow. Put it on before you fall asleep rather than wait to drift off.
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Hi Ibprettyle,
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Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy and getting used to it, hang in there for more responses to your post.

Try to get into the habit of masking up before getting into bed. Even if you are just watching TV or reading, have the mask on. Don't wait until you are tired.
I put on my mask, turn off the light, connect the hose, start the machine, and then lie down in bed. Foolproof.
Mine hangs on the bedhead, I take it off in the morning still connected to the hose.

At night I sit on the edge of the bed, disconnect the hose from the mask, put on the mask (it is easier to breathe through it without the hose connected prior to starting the machine), reach down and start the machine which sits on the floor by the bed, then connect the hose once the air starts to blow through.

Then I do any final mask positioning if I need to, turn off my bedlamp and lie down ready to go to sleep.

If you have an auto on setting, you can put on the mask, plug in the hose, breathe a couple times and it'll start right up.
For me, forgetting to put my mask on would be like forgetting to wear pants.
It happens to me also. Just over tired
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