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[CPAP] Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
Hi everyone,

I come to the forum for help for my parents, they came to visit me for a month, and they are not us citizen, so it's very hard to have them to have any medical treatment here, but they want to buy a CPAP machine here in the US

they both have slightly apnea issues, and haven't done the sleep study yet, but they believed it's better to have a machine put on them in the night... since one of my father's brother had one, and works well so far... I think they need one to have a peace of mind sooner or later

I want you guys to give me some suggestions on how to choose a good CPAP machine, I know there are some good machines made in the US, but they want one made in Germany, called: WEINMANN Car CPAP/APAP Unit Somno Balance (exactly same model my father have tried from his brother), is there anyone in the States have or had this machine, I know they don't sell in the states, I probably need to buy online and have the machine shipped to me, any similar experience?

to be honest I've no idea about these stuff, and I just start doing my research on these machines, I'm open to any suggestions and ideas about what I should do

Thank you all in advance
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
Hi looksforward,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Here is a link that has great information on which machines to buy and which ones to avoid: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ne_Choices . Your parrents are very fortunate to have you looking out for them.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
Much success to you.
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
In order to purchase a machine online your parents will require a prescription from any physician. Your family doctor is your best bet. While you don't need a sleep study, most doctors will want to take a history and at least agree you have a medical need for CPAP, and not other complications that may require attention. A family doctor may or may not be willing to do this on the basis of exam and discussion. You will need a prescription for an auto CPAP, mask, hose and accessories. Whole masks and machines are regulated to prescription only in the U.S.

An alternative to purchasing online (prescription required), is to buy in the used market. Many people get machines and never use them, or quit after a short time. The trick here is to get a good auto CPAP and not end up with a low end machine. It's also important that it come from a household with no smokers, assuming that your parents are smoke free. Craigslist is the great CPAP resale market, and machines of all types are available, including old outdated models and CPAPs that have no data capability. On the other hand, I have purchased the latest APAP and BiPAP machines at very reasonable cost.

Without a prescription you can buy masks and mask parts from Amazon and Ebay. Again, you have to know what you're doing to get a functional, complete piece of equipment without a prescription. I am not endorsing the purchase and use of equipment without medical supervision, and the fact it takes a lot of knowledge to obtain equipment that is useful for the intended patient is a big part of the reason this stuff isn't sold at Walmart.
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
Yeah, they don't sell in the states. I poked through Google and tried to find out what it did and what they could get from it but couldn't find much. If they live in Germany, it is probably best they stick with a brand they can easily get help with there. Parts and supplies locally vs you getting it to you then get it to them kind of thing. But if they are not in Germany or close to it, then I suggest they stick with a more global brand such as Resmed or Phillips Respironics. Supplies for them can be gotten from several online stores that will ship internationally. Supplies mean hoses (they're not as good as they used to be), filters, and humidifier tubs. I don't think they should go with the brand spankin' new Resmed A10s since the price is a little high still. There's Supplier #2 from our Supplier's List (link at top of every page) who sells used and open box machines.

I would recommend the Resmed S9 Autoset or the PR S1 660. Both are autoPAP and capable of being either straight CPAP (running at a single set pressure) or being an autoPAP (running within a set range of pressure). Both also can have the heated hose which is good if they live in a cold climate and will be using the humidifier.
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
Have a look on line for an Epworth sleep scale questionnaire and get them to complete it. This will at least give an indication whether or not they have sleep issues.
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
On this board, we're not very familiar with the Weinmann machines.

A very BIG advantage to the Philips Respironics PRS1 or ResMed machines I recommend is that there is a free program called SleepyHead that is a very good tool to view the data the machine records every night.

The good current model CPAP machines record data that is a bit like having a mini-sleep test every night. You can see your breathing and every apnea all night long.

The Weinmann machines may have their own data recording and analysis software, but I'm not familiar with it, or how easy it is to get a copy. Many of the manufacturers and doctors do NOT want the patients to see their own data. They want that to be "secret doctor stuff" that you have to pay the godlike doctor to get access to.

Check the useful links in my signature line for more information about the process of getting a CPAP machine and which machines to get, but most of the info there is about dealing with the corrupt USA medical system. The German medical system is probably corrupt in different ways.

You'll be able to get a lot more help here with the right PRS1 or ResMed machine. Help from people on this board has been the difference between success and failure for many people. If you do the the Weinmann, we'd be interested in hearing what you learn about it. You'll also get some help with your Weinmann if you post here.

Good luck.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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RE: Help needed on choosing CPAP machine
(02-02-2015, 04:51 PM)looksforward Wrote: I want you guys to give me some suggestions on how to choose a good CPAP machine, I know there are some good machines made in the US, but they want one made in Germany, ....
I have used 3 ResMed machines: S8 AutoSet, S9 AutoSet and AirSense 10 AutoSet
By far S9 AutoSet is my favorite by a wide margin

Its made in either Australia or Singapore
The first two numbers of the serial number denote country of manufacture:
22 Australia ... 23 Singapore

The 3rd and 4th numbers denote year of manufacture
eg: 14 ... year 2014
[Image: s9-autoset-models.jpg]

As for the "Weinmann", there is good information in this thread by "DOOM_NX"
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