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[CPAP] Hose length may have created major problem
I received a new replacement ResMed10 last week. For a week I have had apnea events of 0.5 per hour using a six foot tubing. This morning I received a replacement eight foot tubing. I took a nap and after two hours I had a reading of 24.0 events per hour. What happened?????
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Nothing "should" have happened. Are you using sleepyhead, if so you can see what was going on
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Hi Tipperaryeddie - Welcome to the forum!

You might need to change the hose setting. Are both hoses Slimlines or full size?
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I agree with PoolQ. If you are using sometype of software, then perhaps it could help you find a reason.. that said. If your AHI has been has been .5 as a routine then your nap results are a fluke.. I think you will find that in the morning that things will be back to normal.. the difference of length of hose will not make any or very little change in one's AHI.
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Hi Tipperaryeddie,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Could have been just a fluke? Hang in there for more responses to your post.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy
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Thanks to all for the support. I also felt that the one hour nap with 20+ apnea events was a fluke. Last night I again used the 8 foot tubing and after three hours had 8 average events per hour. Took off the 8' tubing and went back to the 6' tubing, got up this morning and 8.34 hours (including the 3 hours with the 8 Events per hour) gave me a reading of 3.4 events per hour. Something happening with the longer tubing. I have not yet installed sleepyhead but will do so today and see what it tells me about this strange 'fluke.' The one hour nap with 20+ events was a bit scary .. and I have been using the CPAP this new one replaced for five years but never checked the SD card. Any other ideas about this strange performance with the 8' tubing?ThanksThanks
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Is the tubing the same diameter? There is a setting on your machine for regular v slimline tubes - that may be part of the problem.
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I, without some measurement device, cannot see any difference between the 6' and the 8' tubing. But, really have to think that the tubing made the difference until I learn otherwise. In the meantime, . . . I downloaded and used briefly Res Scan for my Res Med Air Sense 10 Autoset. I also downloaded Sleepyhead but it crashed badly and I uninstalled both programs. I am going to go back and try to install Res Scan and see if it will give me detailed information about the one hour nap with the 20+ apnea events. Help:
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Since all hoses have the standard 22mm ends, it will be very hard to measure the hose ID. A quick check of a supplier's website showed that all 8 & 10 foot hoses were 19mm. The hose that is very common to a Resmed is the 17mm Slimline hose. You didn't mention if you have checked your machine's settings to see if it is set to Slimline or Standard.
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Posting SleepyHead Charts in 5 Easy Steps
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Thanks The comment on the hose tubing size is interesting to say the least. The hose tubing setting on the ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset (not set on Autoset) is for Standard Tubing. I see that Slimline is 15mm and standard is 19mm. When I got the replacement (new) CPAP last week I was told that standard tubing would fit. I am highly confident that I do not have Slimline tubing.
Now: Would the setting of 'standard' for 'standard' 8' tubing really be the cause of this problem. Perhaps I just had a 'bad nap'?? Still, it is interesting that switching from the 8' to the 6' foot in the middle of the night seemed to drastically change the readings.

As I continue to work this I have run into an issue with the Res Scan software that I had previously worked well for seven days of data. Now I cannot download the latest few days (including the problem nap of 20+ events in an hour.) Error message says that the Device Communication Library is not detected and to reinstall the program. I shall do the uninstall and reinstall. Any hints in the meantime as to where I shall find the 'Device Communication Library." I wonder if it is on the SD card or in the Res Scan program. The Res Scan help in the manual did not give any additional information. I have to wonder if the Sleepyhead install conflicted with the Res Scan and has caused a few glitches.

I have attached a readout from the Res Scan for the days prior to the 8' tubing.
In situations like this I always recall a quote from the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales." "Endeavor to Persevere."

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